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  1. I’ve got some new content for y’all! This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. Enjoy ;) 


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      where can I see down load it at

  2. my first mini shoot is in the clip store! It includes an exclusive pic of me before I started gaining 




  3. Vizurant

    Chubby modeling shots

    Version 1.0.0

    I recreate some poses from my modeling days with an extra 70 lbs on my frame. Shots are tasteful but show off my huge boobs and tummy. I’ve also included an exclusive “before” photo from my skinny days!


  4. Thanks for welcoming me to the site! Premium content coming soon. Comment with what you’d like to see. ;) 9596BE42-B6A0-4B1C-98B6-E7E9910239AA.thumb.jpeg.74dc37741d154cb38672fbf3d069730e.jpegBDB1F59B-6F76-40D1-911B-69D3D58F41C8.thumb.jpeg.03abedd75bf2cbbb15dcb4beeb188e2d.jpeg

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      your gorgeous belly and love handles please c