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  1. Purtychubby

    Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    I have to disagree with this. I think as a chubby girl w the fetish, its refreshing to hear the OP actually think about the health aspect and what the girl is feeling - because I think about it all the time, and with all the guys that contact me about it obsessing about me getting fatter...It just gets overwhelming sometimes. You can really tell that some guys just see you as a body to feed or a body to get fatter. To me I feel like having this fetish is a blessing and a curse. I didn't gain weight on purpose although I knew it was happening and just didn't really give a shit.. Although I'm into the fetish, I think its more fantasy then reality for me, i think I rather sext about it. I just find that in real life, the pressure to gain from a guy just gets pretty annoying and I cant help asking all the questions that OP does. I love the way I look right now, and because I'm really good at sniffing out bullshit from guys, I know when someone is trying to manipulate me to gain weight. Also, sometimes I like going to the gym because the endorphins make me feel happy. Although I'm not psycho about the gym like I used to be, it makes me feel good, helps me think clearly, and gives me energy, and when someone doesn't want me to do that bc their dick gets limp.....then they can disappear for all I care.
  2. Congrats on that gain😆👍