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  1. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    No, would never ever bring that up. To be honest with you, she just mentioned that she had been on Zyprexa for years, I'm not sure if she's even aware that it was the drug causing it. She genuinely may have thought it was just her depression/bipolar causing her to stress eat. She seems like she's leading a happy life with her family. She probably accepted she's going to be a plumper a long time ago.
  2. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    Yeah, 100lbs, around 5'3" - maybe less honestly when she was anorexic. Regarding losing weight, losing is frickin' hard in general for anyone. Exercise is grueling on your joints at that weight. Being in a caloric deficit for months on end makes you grumpy, tired, throws your hormones off. And the work it would take to lose 250lbs is just excruciating. About Zyprexa, it works on dopamine, which controls reward-motivated behavior. Particularly if you're on it for years, because of the intense hunger cravings, it creates new intense dopamine connections to food. So when you go off, you naturally already probably have bad ingrained buying/eating habits that are naturally hard to break. But then you also have this new actual addiction within the rewards center of your brain that makes it exceedingly difficult to break your focus from food even when the appetite returns to normal levels - particularly when stressed. One thing that she used to do all the time, and you could tell it was the drug, was that she would have a 'wish' about a certain food. And it would always be some super random odd food. "You know what sounds really good? Tuna Helper! I don't know why, I haven't eaten it in years. Just sounds amazing right now." You would chuckle it off...but then she kept on bringing it up throughout the night...repeatedly. And then it may be 7hrs later at 2am we're driving home after she's pigged out at the diner and she'd be dozing off and then "oh shit, here pull off at the grocery store, I have to get something." Really? Annoying, we're all tired, assuming she needs tampons or something. And then here she comes out with 3 fucking boxes of tuna helper with this shit eating grin on her face – WTF.
  3. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    Totally changed up her style. Stopped tanning, not nearly as much makeup, started wearing thick rim glasses. Went from bleach blonde to brunette. Typical BBW fashion: long hanging shawls and loose outfits that attempt to obscure her belly, always wore leggings, etc. She was not curvy when thin. A true stick figure, little butt. It's hard to describe her figure after. "Built like a fuckin' tank." Not necessarily super "curvy" – just amazingly thick and fat. It's almost hard to believe someone's thighs could humanly grow that big and thick from a skinny frame where you could practically wrap your hands around them. Giant thick neck and double chin. Hard to describe. That often happens with girls that had little curves to begin with. Again, it's too bad I wasn't into feederism back then. I remember after we would hit the bars we would go to this diner for a couple hours for coffee to sober up and chat. Nobody ordered food.... except her. And she would stuff her face silly the entire time, ordering 2 large appetizers to herself and whatever else. I remember how almost awkward it was for us; she's the only obese girl in the group and she's just fucking putting it away, talking with her mouth full. Just being a drunken total pig. I would find it so hot now, lol! The other memories I have about her is whenever there was an opportunity to buy food, she would. If the bar had appetizers she would order one. If we were walking somewhere and we passed a food cart, she'd order something. If there was a donut shop on the way to another bar, she had to get one. And she always excitedly asked us if we wanted one like it was going to be a cool "group thing" – but nobody ever did, she'd be the only one. Endlessly eating throughout the night. It was my first picture into how someone becomes and maintains such a weight like that.
  4. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    She was deemed bipolar. Zyprexa is one of the more popular drugs treating bipolar disorder. And she was pretty open about her struggles. She was abused as a child. But instead of receiving proper therapy, they basically through some pills at her. You could tell she was a far less confident woman, atleast those first couple years after the weight gain - led to her drinking quite heavily when we went out which you would identify her confidence returning when intoxicated. She then went out less and less with her skinny party girl friends and became a homebody - which led to more weight gain. Now that she's been heavy for almost a couple decades, she maybe has a very different outlook on herself – not certain as living in different states, we're not very close any more. The crazy thing is I was not into this fetish at the time and she came on to me a couple times when drunk. I played the "you don't want to do this" good friend. Man, if I knew myself then like I know now, the luvvvin' I would have showed her!
  5. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    Oh yes, very thin. She battled an eating disorder on-and-off - at times looked anorexic. Though I love big women, she was an absolute scorcher when she was thin and tan. She was a raver in high school and always wore super provocative clothing showing off her toned tan stomach and thongs. Perfect silky blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes. She gained 125lbs in a year and half, was around 225 when I moved for college. I thought she looked like a blimp then. So a little over a year later when I came home for Christmas, I was blown away that she just kept gaining and was well over 300lbs! Straight up unrecognizable and morbidly obese. We went out drinking and the amount she drank and ate was insane – I noticed she breathed very heavy. I was frankly concerned about her health and mental well being. She was at this weight for a while, then got married and then pregnant. She posted no photos on Facebook other than her child for a few years during this time, so I think she probably even got larger. She then started posting things about Zumba and trying to lose weight. Once she posted photos again she has hovered around 250 for many years, still very attractive but very plump. Now she looks like a pale, brunette, comfortable tubby housewife... still a 10/10 bang, lol.
  6. BindsThatTie

    Input on my girlfriend

    Keep her in pants that fit. Keep her comfortable. The moment she has a super uncomfortable day in her jeans or has to think about spending more money on new clothes, motivation for a diet can spring out of nowhere. Obviously keep the house stocked but offer to run out for food at night – think of reasons why you need to run out for yourself so it seems like no big deal. If you need to pump gas, make sure you always bring up that you're stopping at the gas station and can easily pick up snacks/fast food. You'll get into the habit of holding off on your errand runs until night so you can support her binge eating. Girls love surprises/gifts. Coming home with surprise sushi or whatever when I return from running to the store at night melts my wife's heart. Make sure you start putting it in words for her to identify; ie. referring to "your snack tonight" – it then "becomes a thing". It'll become ingrained that she always "snacks at night" or has another meal/treat at night – it's something you both should be "planning for". Something will seem off when she finally doesn't have it. Make this become a normal weekly thing and pretty soon she'll be greedily asking you to run out for whatever is delighting her fancy in the moment. The next step when nightly fast food runs and takeout becomes a thing is always adding something extra to the order that she didn't ask for. An extra side of garlic bread, guac & chips, an extra chicken nugget an extra sushi roll. At first you can say you wanted to share it/pick at it. If she loves it, buy that item next time and simply let her eat it all. As her belly expands, she'll just adopt that as part of her normal order. And you can just keep that process going as your babe grows. Always reinforce that going through hoops to feed her is no big deal. She deserves this after her long day. Make her feel like a spoiled princess and that it's your pleasure to enjoy meals with her!
  7. Went to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night, Chuy's. And there was this young couple next to us - girl was around 275-300lbs. Massive - with a ultra-low cut top, her boobs were literally resting on the table. 10" of cleavage on display. All dolled up - bright red lipstick and dark mascara. Her boyfriend was chubby, too. And they're asking the waitress all of these questions regarding the size of the burritos and if it's enough to get them full. You can tell it was awkward for the skinny waitress because she has no frickin' clue what it takes to get this hefty pair "full". Over the dinner, this girl ate a queso appetizer, creamy jalapeño salsa with 6 baskets, yes 6 baskets of fried chips, a large fajita dinner (probably had 7-8 tortillas) and 5 (!) large refills of Pepsi. When they brought out the burrito to her boyfriend, he turned to my wife and gleefully points at this massive thing and tells us "now that's what I'm talking about! That's my size burrito, man!!". We start laughing and I'll never forget the girlfriend just staring wide eyed, grinning from ear to ear staring at his burrito. So we all get stuffed and we're paying for our bill. And then the couple starts putting in another huge order of food. Another burrito, etc. I nudge my wife to check it out and she says "oh, they're probably bringing back dinner for a roommate." As we're walking out we hear the boyfriend tell her "It'll be like 10 more minutes on your snack". They actually were ordering a whole other dinner to eat later on – it was already 9 o'clock at this point!! Amazing.
  8. BindsThatTie

    How does one overcome the 'social stigma' aspect

    So much is tied to your personal environment. My wife just changed jobs and she used to work on a team with some 300lb coworkers. They would drag her out to lunch – tons of encouragement to overeat and snack. They were all gaining faster than her. Everything was care free – gave her the corporate card to bring in donuts every week. She always felt great about her figure. If her weight gain ever came up she would often remark "you should see Brandy, Carol and Rob! They have gotten absolutely massive!" Now she's on a team with all young stick women. She feels like a total blimp and now is the only obligatory "fat girl" in the department. She sometimes feels the pressure that they look at her as a "lazy" worker or someone who just "doesn't have it together". She ate her Wendy's in her car because she didn't want to bring it back and pig out in front of them. Sad times, y'all. : /
  9. BindsThatTie

    Weakness and weightgain

    You've described my wife to a T. She was a track star that set two records at her high school. Couple of kids, now she's setting records on number of pants sizes bought in a year.
  10. BindsThatTie

    Weakness and weightgain

    Pretty much plays into the whole 'girl turning into captivating lazy goddess' theme, that doesn't have to be actively more because she's served and worshipped, hand and foot.
  11. BindsThatTie

    What can Zyprexa do to a girl?

    Prednisone is a very common one. But it gives you horrible mood swings and bad insomnia. Wife was on it dealing with an injury - appetite gets out of control. The other horrible thing about Zyprexa and other antipsychotics is they eviscerate your sex drive.
  12. BindsThatTie

    How does one overcome the 'social stigma' aspect

    This. There's a reason half the online gainers here randomly disappear and delete their accounts/photos. And these girls were confident about sharing their weight and we're receiving massive amounts of encouragement. Imagine the struggles of just a normal girl. My wife deals with it well, but there are those moments where she feels like she doesn't recognize herself, usually when seeing photos with her girlfriends or skinny coworkers – she's now the one and only massive blimp in the photo. Depending on her mood, those can make her confidence go sideways.
  13. BindsThatTie

    Are fit and fat mutually exclusive?

    Most grossly obese folks are actually malnourished due to their diet and have very little muscle – this is often shocking to most men once they lose all their weight. Their frames are generally emaciated from no activity and poor diet.
  14. BindsThatTie

    Joys of Incremental Eating

    Still 10. I like adding more heavy fried stuffer foods - more calories. Bdubs had this MASSIVE family size queso fried chicken nachos promo over the summer - could easily feed 5 people! I've never seen her more stuffed after those. She craved them, too. Was a sad time last week seeing those off the menu - greatest stuffer app ever! The greatest is when she can't take one more bite, concedes..... and she glances over and notices she has her 20oz of beer waiting - time to stretch that belly!