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  1. Filburt89


    Not sure, though I'm definitely curious. His girlfriend was in the midst of an amazing gain.
  2. Filburt89

    Etae's honest opinion

    I don't mind anyone speaking their conscience, but it seems like this guy just parachuted in to the end of the thread and didn't realize that she has mostly taken over posting for herself. Totally a consenting (and enthusiastic) party.
  3. Filburt89

    Actress Lana Condor

    You can tell she has pretty big tits too.
  4. Filburt89

    Beanie Feldstein

    She's got a nice look. Although she has also lost a significant amount of weight recently just from performing on Broadway multiple times a week.
  5. Filburt89

    Is bigcutie margot preggers?

    Yes, she's definitely pregnant. I'm usually someone who avoids that speculation when it's just based on gaining, because that's misleading. But her nipples have gotten considerably darker over the past few months (compare an earlier set to a recent one). That doesn't just happen on its own. They've gotten darker and larger, a symptom of pregnancy. She's also started to develop the line from her pussy to her belly button that pregnant women get. Those are more objective signs than just weight gain. My question is if she'll disappear once she has the baby or if she'll be able to keep up the posting schedule.
  6. It's from her current clips4sale store: http://clips4sale.com/studio/81981. Apparently new videos are coming in the near future.
  7. Filburt89

    Penis against Boobies.

    I assume the OP has some very definite thoughts on ethics in video game journalism.
  8. Filburt89

    Thin face, fat body

    And just to clarify, she did have a surprisingly thin face for someone that fat.
  9. Filburt89

    Thin face, fat body

    I'm trying to find a video someone posted a while ago. I don't remember many of the details from it, but I think it was a webcam recording or something like that, and the girl was white and possibly blonde. When she tried to excite the viewer she advertised that she had a thin face but a fat body, which I found surprising that she was that explicit on that selling point. Based on my vague description, does anybody happen to remember this particular video or the name of the model?
  10. Filburt89

    Fast gains & stretch marks

    I saw something on WebMD about stretch marks in regards to pregnancy, and the conclusion was that there's nothing you can do to stop them when it comes to creams and what not. Slowing your gain might be successful, though, since the stretch marks develop because you're growing faster than your skin is able to grow. But maybe they'll be less distressing after having them for a bit.
  11. Filburt89

    Stuffing is painful? Help with new feedee

    As with all things, you should probably have a discussion with her about her goals, your goals, and whether or not they align well enough. Tell her you're worried that she always seems miserable post-stuffing (even if she changes her mind later). If she always ends up writhing in pain, she may just develop a bunch of negative associations with stuffing and not be that interested in it anymore. Some way of signaling that she's really done eating would be a good idea, but it might be preferable to figure out how much she thinks she wants to eat in advance and give her the opportunity to change her mind at any point. So take an active approach to consent, as opposed to passive. I know that's not how lots of people choose to do it, but that will allow both of you to have greater agency and equality. But what do I know?
  12. Filburt89

    Re: AmateurArt Azismiss [a Curvage digression]

    Correct. The Romans called it Saturnalia.
  13. Filburt89

    Recent blond poster

    Are you thinking of Tara? If so, the thread still exists, although there hasn't been any activity for a while. http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?topic=6222.0