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  1. Residentsteven

    Party Clothes Try-On: Part 2

    Here we are with part 2 and that 2nd dress you tryed on did not fit you at all 😍 I think it even shocked you how it didn't fit at all. The 3rd black dress I thought you had broken the moment you started putting it on, but it did fit you quite well but my favourite has to be the leggings πŸ‘ you should definitely wear that in a future stuffing video. This was a great 2 part vid I hope see more like this, plus I hope you treated yourself to a nice big McDonald's meal after this πŸŸπŸ”πŸ˜‰πŸ·.
  2. Residentsteven

    Party Clothes Try-On: Part 1

    If you want see a 🐷 struggling to get clothes on over her ever expanding beautiful curves then this is the vid for you. This is technically almost an exercise vid, I'm amazed how out of breath you got. My favourite of part 1 was definitely the jeans at the beginning, I love that you have outgrown them in just 3 weeks 😍. Plus that dress you tried on shows off your πŸ‘ a little to well 😊 and nicely shows of your belly too.
  3. Residentsteven

    Ellie Warner

    I can’t bring myself to watch this show, but thanks for screen grabs. I do wonder how much Ellie weighs now? She must be over 13 1/2 stone 😍.
  4. Residentsteven

    Getting Fat for Christmas

    Like everyone else has said so far what a set shar I like that your clothes are not the only thing straining under your 15 stone curves so is your bed making some serious groaning sounds from underneath you πŸ˜‰πŸ·. Love the bloated burping, the constant overeating & shakes have made you so big already. I can only imagine how much bigger you are going be after Xmas you are definitely well on the way to 250 😍.
  5. Residentsteven

    Get Closer With Kitty

    A nice little update from kitty 🐷 here, not only do you get to see her lovely big belly close up but more of her πŸ‘ love that we can see your belly hanging down too while you shake your πŸ‘πŸ˜. Also nice to hear a possible gain goal too, hope to see updates like this has you continue to gain.
  6. Residentsteven

    Chinese Coma

    Wow kitty 🐷 I realised watching this how you have managed to gain so much weight. You really did stuff yourself in this one, and your burps are amazing so loud. Glad you noticed about your double chin it’s definitely bigger. Love the belly play so hot to see wobbling your rolls πŸ˜‰.
  7. Residentsteven

    Slutty Susan Pt 3 **Funnel Special**

    What a hot vid shar I mean Susan 😍 it's been a while since we last saw Susan and she has put on a lot more weight with her constant eating and snacking at the office. We join Susan as she chills out drinking a beer before she moves to the sofa and starts eating a bag of chips, her belly already looking big, looking amazing with her high heels on. Then the funnel feeding starts later she starts to moan as her belly starts to get full but because she is so greedy she keeps going, continuing to burp to let out some of the pressure in her belly. I can just imagine the looks from her co workers on Monday when she walks back into the office looking fatter 🐷 than ever. 5 star vid shar, I like the music too at the start. πŸ‘πŸ»
  8. Residentsteven

    Gaining Goals

    Join shar while she takes a bath, as she waits for some more food πŸ”πŸŸ she tells us about an embarrassing story about her weight gain. I can see what you mean on how much space you take up in the bath now, you look amazing plump sat in the there. Then she mentions what her next gaining goals are, about wanting a bigger butt πŸ‘( just imagine shar with a butt the size of kitty-piggy's that would be amazing) I can't wait to see how you get to 250 but with the help of cakeaway and Christmas on the horizon that should help. Hope someone gave you a hand getting out of the bath it looks like it could have been a struggle with how much you slid about during the vid.😍
  9. Residentsteven

    Pizza over Girlfriends

    5 stars, another great shar update, that black one piece is definitely hanging on for dear life now if you make a 3rd in this series it’s going to be in real trouble. πŸ˜‰ Pizza and burps a great combination, shar was extra thirsty and had to add a 2nd much larger drink by the end. Even the bed at the end made a creaking sound when you sat on it. Stunning 😍.
  10. Residentsteven

    Pizza Piggy

    Join kitty 🐷 as she tucks into her dominos feast. Loved the burps, you were right before when you said you can get very burpy 😍. Love that you talked more about your gain in this vid and where the extra weight is going. Hope you don’t mind me saying you have a great double chin, going on πŸ˜‰. Hope you had the rest of the food for breakfast, pizza for πŸ˜‹breakfast is a great way to start the day.
  11. Residentsteven

    Vacation got Me Fat

    Love your new gs logo at the beginning and end shar, you are looking fatter than ever. It’s great to see you back tucking into some fast food then greedily adding some cheesecakes and cookies which you scoff down getting crumbs everywhere. Burps, belly 😍 love the way you were popping out of your top and the shorts by the end 🐷.
  12. Residentsteven

    Cake Addict 2: Double Stuffed

    Another must have video from kitty-piggy joined by shar. I didn't reliase you had a whole stack of cakes until it started wow 😍 love the way you are stuffing the cakes down taking really big bites while shar looked like she was struggling to keep up with you. Plus the milk dripping down you chin 😍 amazing, plus how your belly is so much bigger than shar's too. She is going to gain so much weight hanging out with you.
  13. Residentsteven

    Ellie Warner

    Wow Ellie must be the same weight as her sister 😍 now, plus her double chin 😁 in the last 2 pictures looks great.
  14. Residentsteven

    Fat Tutor

    Wow what a video and a what a tutor kitty-piggy is going to be for shar 😍 both lady's look amazing in there bikini's as the vid starts with kitty-piggy telling shar she needs to gain more weight. On the table is a lot of food rolls, donuts with cream, crisps, and if that wasn't enough both have a swiss roll each at the end. Love the burps too 😍. The angle changes later on in the vid to show just how bloated shar got especially when she leans back in her chair looking amazingly plump.
  15. Residentsteven

    **Balcony Special** with Shar

    OMG what a video kitty-piggy, I did not realise how big your booty is love the twerking 😍. Shar's belly looks so big in the video but she as a little way to go before she catches up with you. I can see what you meant by messy ice cream belly play, I wasn't expecting that . Very impressive first video together with shar, hopefully the first of many.