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  1. Well I certainly wouldn't call my girlfriend "mean", but she was definitely hot and popular in high school. Then, well, food happened. Does that count?
  2. gggg

    Weakness and weightgain

    Agreed. There's a part of me that feels slightly evil for it, but a while ago I realized the more I bring her food and drinks so she doesn't have to get up, the more she asks for them and the less she gets up herself. I can't think of the last time she actually got up off the couch to get something. I don't blame her - For a girl that still has the slim, weak limbs of her former 110 lb. self, it's probably exhausting to haul around this heavy new beer belly all day. This is a common sight: falling asleep on the couch at a party, after a long day of watching TV, drinking, and eating snacks. This is how many of her friends first discovered she wasn't the slim high school bikini model she used to be...
  3. gggg

    Weakness and weightgain

    I do enjoy how my fiancée used to humble-brag about her good mile-run times in high school... and now after climbing the one short flight of stairs to our apartment, she breathlessly plops down on the couch to watch TV and eat a double helping of dinner as if she just ran a mile. 😂
  4. gggg

    Doctor Who Companions

    Check out the Jenna Coleman thread from not too long ago. Pictured: Clara in silk pajamas on the Orient Express
  5. I don't generally bring it up... I want her to keep on eating the way she's eating without worrying too much about the consequences haha. But her friends are definitely noticing... let's just say, when they all hang out together wearing crop tops, she stands out a bit now.
  6. Comparing my girl with others can definitely be a turn on. In my case, her friend group consists of slim, toned, "traditionally hot" girls, which she used to be herself. But lately when they hang out, it's becoming apparent that her body no longer quite "fits in" with theirs, that she's the only one beginning to show a beer belly. It's hot to me that she could easily still have that same slim body, but she's the only one that's let herself go. (Pic for reference - my girl on the left)
  7. gggg

    Weakness and weightgain

    Sounds like you know my fiancée, haha! One of the hottest and fittest girls in high school, plus a few years of overeating junk food and heavy drinking in college, equals a much slower, lazier girl... 😁
  8. If my fiancée is anything to go by, they often start wearing crop tops when they're thin in high school, then as the pounds pile on in college, the thought never occurs to them that they should stop.
  9. Here's an observation from yesterday morning I found pretty "delectable"... She has this pair of nylon tights with a really tight waistband that she sometimes wears, usually under a professional or business casual outfit. She always used to pull them up to her belly button to keep them tight, but this morning when she was getting dressed she was complaining - "I can't get them over my belly! These fit perfectly just a month or two ago... I guess I'll just leave them under my belly for now..."
  10. gggg

    Jenna Coleman

    Okay... back to matter at hand please? 😉
  11. gggg

    Jenna Coleman

    Hey, I looked and looked and noticed nobody had posted one of my favorite Jenna Coleman scenes, the silk pajamas, so I posted it. That's very much alive-posting!
  12. gggg

    Jenna Coleman

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but goddamn, it's been this long since we've talked about Jenna Coleman? I know she slimmed down a lot during her time at Doctor Who, but it's not like she's a stick now. Anyone notice her in silk pajamas in the Mummy on the Orient Express episode? The dress she was wearing before made her look pretty slim, but it's tough to hide dat ass in silk pajamas.
  13. gggg

    Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

    That's true, she's got a surprisingly good body. But it's hard not to look at the face too, and Melissa's is undeniably more attractive. Chelsea's probably bigger most of the time, but for these few episodes, Melissa really stands out as having some extra fat on her frame. I've passed those episodes now and it's sad that she slimmed down again... but hey, we can still look back and enjoy!
  14. gggg

    Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

    Doesn't make the extra weight any less appealing! Glad she wasn't afraid to show it off.
  15. Never thought I'd be posting about Melissa Fumero here (Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine), as she always seemed like the "traditionally hot" type who would keep herself strictly in shape. But I did catch a few episodes in a row where she's wearing form-fitting dresses, and uh... Looks like she let herself get a little thick around season 4. (Especially compared to her stick-thin co-star Stephanie Beatriz. Great side-by-side comparisons.)