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  1. Version 1

    Hi Here is me eating delicious sloppy joes, and showing off my gains baby!


  2. Version 1

    Here I am in a very tight t shirt AND pants


  3. Version 1

    This is my very first video so it's just an introduction and a bit of belly tease.


  4. Miss Curvyton

    Getting verified to model

    Thank you
  5. Miss Curvyton

    Getting verified to model

    Hello, can someone help me with the this. I'm trying to do the verication application for modeling on the clips n pics for sale section. So I take a pic of my drivers licence, I got that. Im confused about the tax form. So do I just make a paper copy of that pdf tax page and then what? Is there a place for me to sign it? Sorry in advance for my stupidity, any help to walk me through this would be appreciated.