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  1. Bobbygirshiv

    Too Tight Clothes

    One of the best videos I’ve ever purchased on Curvage. Recommend it to everyone, it’s well worth the money. Candi, you’re looking bigger and better than ever! You look sexier with every additional pound you put on! ! Please keep eating, gaining, and growing for us!
  2. Bobbygirshiv

    Tight pork pyjama

    I can’t wait to see that beautiful belly of yours get bigger. It’ll be so hot when you can’t zip up those sexy piggy 🐷 pyjamas anymore
  3. Bobbygirshiv

    Pizza and soda dinner

    By far your best video yet! Every video you make seems to get better and better. So sexy
  4. Bobbygirshiv

    Lauraˋs amazing forced stuffing

    Best video yet!
  5. Bobbygirshiv

    2nd weighting

    Getting fat and looking beautiful! Keep up the good work piggy!
  6. Bobbygirshiv

    2nd weighting

    Amazing video!
  7. Bobbygirshiv

    New weight

    I love this video! Everyone should buy it to help the amazing Laura Fatty get a lot Fatter!
  8. Bobbygirshiv

    A good workout ends bad

    Awesome video!
  9. Bobbygirshiv

    Eating hotdogs and belly massage

    Fantastic video! I recommend to everyone on here. Laura, please keep up this amazing work! You have so much potential. I want to see you get huge!