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  1. Finally out on the mountain bike today being fit fat or trying to be anyway. Soooo much more fun than road cycling! Only bad thing was the place I stop in after words to get a 1/2lb burger and beer is closed on Mondays so Mexican it was to get those calories back I burned. :D


  2. This morning is actually very exciting! I finally hit the 190 club! I don't pay too much attention to weight as I don't have a goal there other than having a big belly, but I think 200 would be pretty sweet! Over the course of 4 months (not consecutive but since October, took a week off here and there in Dec/Jan/Feb) I've gained 34 lbs. I guess I really am gonna be a fat mountain biker this spring :D The goal now this spring/summer is to get to 200 with more muscle and belly fat.


  3. The bigger my belly gets the friskier it makes me and the bigger I want my belly to get. It's a double edged sword. Hi, I'm MotoBelly and I have a fat belly addiction. "Hiiii MotoBelly!" Yea. I'm screwed lol




  4. Is cycling good for losing belly fat?

    Not only does it get your heart rate up, but it burns a significant number of calories. ... An hour of vigorous cycling can burn between 590 and 930 calories. The high calorie burn will help you start burning off fat stores all over your body, including your belly fat, provided you are eating sensibly.

    Yeeaaaaa, so heeeeey, bout those last 5 words.... nawwwwt gonna happen bruh hahahah
    I already ate double the calories burned since I got home heeheeeeee

  5. When your empty belly is fat enough that it's higher than your chest when laying down. OMG. Super turn on!


  6. I'm maxed out. Again :D


  7. Good morning little empty fat belly! :D:D:D






  8. So my morning was awesome!!! I was a fat bellied snowboarder :D





  9. I like trees!

  10. I like trees!

    I do! Really, no joke! But I like a lot of other things too. I am very outdoors oriented but have a love affair with bellies including my own. I love being active and actively gaining. I like long walks on the beach.... okay okay.... short walks as long as it leads to food, beer and belly rubs heheh. Motorcycles are a HUGE part of my life. Really though I'd love to find someone to enjoy them, my craziness with, outdoors, some mutual gaining, and whatever else we get into!
  11. I'm stuffed!!! :D:D:D



  12. Rather be outtie than innie

    So yea, I'd rather be outside than trapped inside Of course I love stuffing myself senseless, smoking (not often though I just enjoy it), motorcycles, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, cycling, kitesurfing, kayaking, hunting, taking doggy to the dog park, and really most anything outdoors. Picture was from two weeks ago as I fatten myself up to blow up that jacket
  13. Interesting page! Really dig the website layout too!

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