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    I'm a feedee finding my footing in the world of gaining!!

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  1. Version 1.0.0

    Showing off my body, talking about my favourite bits, and my humiliating fantasy of being disgustingly fat!! I have some new stretch marks that I couldn't wait to show off, as well as just wanting to share my amazing jiggly body with everyone!


  2. Version 1.0.0

    This is my first of hopefully many videos updating on my gaining journey!! I talk about my gaining so far, my current weight, and show off my belly and thighs!! Enjoy! Love, Lily xxx


  3. IMG_0736.thumb.JPG.6fac189588a88862128ae25b3a68e6ad.JPGIMG_0741.thumb.JPG.c62be86cdde75fc19c3fc2b4c0680261.JPG

    My thighs and tummy are getting so big!! But I'm not big enough, not yet. Off to bed, finishing the day with ice cream (and maybe a take out) 

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    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Gorgeous now, but I would agree you'd look even more amazing with some added fluff! How big would you like to get?

    3. Bootymann77
    4. billow


      I'm speechless....  :wub: