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    I like books, horror, comics, anime, video games, larp, practical effects, mixed media art, cooking, baking, swimming, etc. Books: anything by Clive Barker. Though I also love classic literature, and try to read as many of the banned books as possible. Horror: ALL the nightmare on elm streets. Though I admit 2 sucked ass. Evil dead, hellraiser 1&2, return of the living dead 1&3, etc. Comics: Spider-Man, xmen, witchblade, spawn, morbius, I hate fairyland, etc. Larp hasn’t been done in 2 years. Music: alestorm, nekrogoblikon, circus of dead squirrels, ventana , slipknot, nirvana, sublime, billie holiday, dean Martin, screeching weasel, tool, etc

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  1. Looking for a feeder still....

    113 lbs to 392 lbs in three years. 

    Help me reach goal. 






    1. das Hirschlein

      das Hirschlein

      What's that place? A museum of fatness? 

    2. Lilith_the_cenobite