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  1. I've started a thread in the Women of Curvage forum! There are a few new pictures there if you would like to check them out, thank you for everyone who is being so supportive with all the likes and comments 😘 ❤️

    Red Rapunzel xo


  2. Birthday cake all for ME


    Have you seen my first ever video? My boyfriend buys me a lovely chocolate cake all for me and a can of cream as well of course :wub:

    If you have bought it, please leave a review for me, I love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! 

    Should I keep making videos? ;)

    Red Rapunzel xo 

    1. fattony20


      I just watched it...good work! You looked really full and stuffed by the end of the video.  I don't have any criticisms I just hope your capacity grows as you put on the weight.  

      Please keep making vids, this was a good first effort. 

      If I can throw in a request, I'd love to see a force feeding if your down for it.

  3. Version 1.0.0

    My feeder bought me a lovely chocolate cake for my birthday, all for me! My favourite foods are chocolate cake and cream, watch me stuff my face with both! What do you think of my little outfit? Hope you enjoy the video love, Red Rapunzel xo ps this is my first video so please be kind and sorry, the focus isn't great at times during the video.


  4. I definitely feel more comfortable on curvage after everyone was so lovely and encouraging since I started! So comfortable that I've stopped cropping my face out of my photos 😁 if you want to have a look, I posted 25 pictures on curvage clips 😘

    Thank you for helping eat and grow and love my body ❤️ 

    Red Rapunzel xo



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    2. Red Rapunzel

      Red Rapunzel

      @riptoryx thanks for the advice! I'm still new to Curvage so I don't know how everything works but I think starting a thread would be a good idea 😊 

    3. riptoryx
    4. virgoseyes


      love your pics! would you be interested in a morph?

  5. Version 1.0.0

    So my birthday weekend was so much fun... and so fattening! My boyfriend made sure I never went hungry and constantly gave me chocolates and cream to snack on the first few pictures are right after I wake up in the morning, I love playing with my belly and looking at all of the new soft rolls. After that, I show you what I look like after my all-you-can-eat breakfast and you can see my jeans straining a bit over my belly and love handles! Finally, I show you some sneak peek pics of my upcoming video. I'm wearing my favourite little outfit so I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! If you like these pictures and would want to see more, leave a review and let me know what else you want this little piggy princess to do! <3 ps, I show my face in these pictures xo


  6. Hotel food is so fattening, just back from an all you can eat breakfast... Think I might gain a few pounds over this weekend alone 😉


  7. I'm going away for the weekend with my boyfriend/feeder to celebrate my birthday with a lot of cream and fattening treats! Expect a lot of pictures and videos of me eating ;) until then, here's the dress I wore to my party... I wonder if anyone noticed that my belly and love handles were sticking out the whole time :D xo (I know they're not the best quality, I had to crop my family and friends out of the pictures which reduced the quality)FullSizeRender.thumb.jpg.32726547e24e5eeb6fbc530fb5f380c9.jpgIMG_3255.thumb.PNG.3bc1dd340471cc037622146eb2cd16e2.PNGIMG_3256.thumb.PNG.be6b198364326a4d93a949c444ea5d6e.PNGIMG_3260.thumb.PNG.3bf741da7e836cbafdfe042a989da119.PNG

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    2. virgoseyes


      it's possible - but more likely, they were distracted by those boobs!

    3. lovecurvefat


      You're really beautiful too

  8. large.IMG_3234.JPG.da33cec21e727a3247e56b03255e4b33.JPGHave you seen my latest picture? Let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of 😘

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    2. adecourv


      Hot booty

    3. SapphicCurves




      You are absolutely lovely :wub:

  9. Version 1.0.0

    My birthday is next week so I thought it would be fun to try on the outfit I wore for my birthday two years ago... my jeans were so tight around my thighs 🙈 What do you think I should wear for my birthday this year? Should I post pictures of my new outfit? 😉