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  1. hinari

    Kelly Brook

    Menopause will plump her out
  2. hinari

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Menopause is also round the corner for her so middle age spread will fill her out
  3. hinari

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    She has slimmed down a good bit but she is still curvy and her boobs look massive
  4. hinari


    Her boobs have definitely got bigger over the years but that can be natural rather than weight gain. But she has gained weight as you can see it on her face and waist 100%
  5. hinari

    Bettany Hughes

    Wow that some cleavage she has got. Wonder what size those bad boys are
  6. hinari

    Taylor Swift

    Some women go through like a second puberty in their mid to late 20s where they start to fill out a bit and get more curvy and busty. This could possible be the stage of life Taylor is in.
  7. hinari

    Susanna Reid

    Susanna Reid from Daytime tv show Good morning Britain is a curvy minx amd recently seems chunkier .
  8. hinari

    Natalie Sawyer

    Definitely looks like she has piled the pounds on again. Where is she working now??
  9. hinari

    Celeb weight gain from the menopause

    Thats a good bit of menopausal weight gain
  10. In the UK Carol Voderman has definitely piled on the pounds since menopause and developed a nice big pair of boobs. So what amazing celeb women have gained a gut or bigger boobs in your eyes as they have advanced in age from their 40s to 50s and entered the menopause.
  11. hinari

    Salma Hayek

    Doesnt look like the menopause has caused the middle age spread which can turn a slim woman into a curvy superstar . She looks great for her age tho