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    plump bikini babe carries her weight well

    That picture does show off her sexy belly. I love the curve of that sweet tummy.
  2. BilledMeUp

    Jessica Simpson

    Even considering she is knocked up, she looks huge.
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I haven't been on this thread recently. Lucy has gotten a lot wider.
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    The Cyclists

    The Cyclists This story is pure fiction, but inspired by GainedACouple (https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11861-crapi-gained-some-weight/) GainedACouple was a fit mountain biker who got married, took a desk job and went from fit to fat. (Full disclosure: I don’t know anything about mountain biking, so sorry if I got that part wrong…please just go with it.) Part 1: Danny and Jake Danny and Jake were best friends practically from birth. Their parents were next door neighbors and Danny was born just two weeks after Jake. Thanks hey started playing together as toddlers and were inseparable throughout grade school and high school. Although Jake’s Dad and Mom were good friend with Danny’s parents, the two sets of parents were quite different. Jake’s Dad and Mom were health conscious and definitely into family fitness. Jake’s Mom was a dietician at the local hospital and worked as a part time fitness instructor. Jake’s Dad was a lawyer and through his firm had a membership at a tennis club. On weekends and evenings in the summer he enjoyed maintain biking and would often be gone for hours on long rides around town and into the local hills. Danny’s parents enjoyed good food, craft beers and fine wines and rarely exercised. Danny’s Mom was an excellent cook and kept his Dad well fed. While pregnant with Jake, his Mom, Janine, gained the recommended 25-30 pounds and within six weeks after his birth she was back in the gym and back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 115 pounds on a 5’ 5” frame. Jake’s Dad, Jacob, Senior, worked out and rode his bike all through Janine’s pregnancy and maintained his firm abs, and 160 lb., 6’ 0” physique. Danny’s Mom, Francia, on the other hand, gained over 50 pounds during her pregnancy, and held onto at least 30 after the baby was born. By the time Danny entered kindergarten, her weight had swelled from 120 pounds on her wedding day to close to 200 pounds eight years later, making her quite plump for her petite height of 5’ 3”. Likewise, Francia’s good cooking and maybe some sympathy weight during his wife pregnancy added to her husband Frank’s girth. Eight years into his marriage, his 32” waist had swelled to over 40” with a sizable belly pushing out over his belt. His weight had climbed from about 165 lbs. on his wedding day to over 235. Still, they were happy and content and loved spending time with their growing young son. Jake, Sr. had his son on his Bike as soon as he could and had Junior riding his own bicycle by the time he was three. Because they were so close, Danny begged his parents for a bicycle as soon as Danny started riding. They were soon a cycling twosome tagging along behind Jake, Sr. through the hills around town. As Danny and Jake grew so did their bikes. By the time they were in high school they each had both a high end mountain bike and an advanced light-weight street racing bike. On weekends, Jake’s dad would take them to events were they could race competitively. Although it was Jake’s Dad who got them into bike racing it was Danny that really excelled and almost always came home with a medal. By the end of junior year of high school, Danny and Jake had just turned 17 years of age. They were both lean sinewy athletic machines with muscular legs and very low body fat. Danny was the slighter of the two, at just 5’ 9” he weighed in at a scant 130 lbs. Part 2: The Incident Just then something happened that would change the course of their summer. The day after school ended for summer break, Danny and Jake went on a long bike ride in the local mountains. After a couple of hours, they were coming down the mountain. Danny was leading at a break neck speed when he came around a bend and the trail was blocked by a small rock slide. His front wheel hit to rocks and he went over the handle bars. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, so no damage to the head or face, but his right hand and foot broke the fall, resulting in sprains to both wrist and ankle. Danny would be laid up for at least six and probably more like eight weeks with braces on both his wrist and ankle. This would take him through June and most of July. He hoped that in August he could get back into shape and be ready for cycling again when senior year started in September. Like all mothers, Danny’s Mom always worried that her son was too skinny and was not getting enough to eat. To be honest, Danny never worried about food or nutrition. He ate what he wanted when he wanted until he was full, and then burned it all off on his bicycle. Although Janine hated seeing her son in any pain, she secretly enjoyed have him around the house all day and waited on him hand and foot. Janine worked as a bookkeeper and did most of her work from home, so she would always be there to take care him. The day always started with a hearty American breakfast, typically with eggs, potatoes, bacon or sausage and toast or a bagel. Sometimes it would include pancakes or French toast. Around 10 AM, a mid-morning snack would be a danish or a donut or two. Lunch would usually involve soup, a sandwich, a bag of chips, a cola, and maybe an apple, a cookie or a cupcake for dessert. Another cookie or a brownie made a nice mid-afternoon snack. By late afternoon, the house would be filled with the savory aroma of Mom’s home cooking. Pasta was her favorite dish and she made her own sweet tasting sauce to go with spaghetti and meatballs or a cheesy, meaty, pan of lasagna. That coupled with fresh bread and butter and a fresh salad was a mouth watering delight. By 5 PM, those mouth watering aromas would have Danny’s appetite peaked to a fevered pitch. By 6 PM, dinner time, his stomach would be grumbling and ready for a feast. If it was lasagna, it would usually be three large squares, or if spaghetti, two big helpings and three large meatballs. Breakfast and lunch would be taken at his usual perch on a recliner in the living room with his foot propped up. For dinner he would hobble to the dining room and afterwords lumber back to his recliner stuffed to the gills. The day would typically be capped off with bedtime snack of milk and cookies. As the days of June marched on to the first day of summer and then into early July, this onslaught calories was definitely taking its toll on Danny’s waistline. It wasn’t just Danny. There was a carryover effect on Jake as well. On most days during this period, Jake would have a healthy breakfast with his family; typically something like granola. Then, when his parents went off to work, he would go out cycling until lunch time. At lunch time, he would head over to spend the afternoon with Danny. That would mean lunch from Danny’s Mom, afternoon snack, and often he would get invited to dinner. Compared to the health food his Mom served, this was a luscious treat. It wasn’t long before Jake noticed that Danny was putting on weight. At the same time he seemed clueless about any changes his own body may have been experiencing. About two weeks into Danny’s recovery, Jake noticed that Danny’s size small shirts were fitting snugger around the middle. A few days later, through the t-shirt, he could see that his shorts were unbuttoned. At first he didn’t make any comments, but one day he finished his cycling early and stopped by when Danny was enjoying his mid-morning snack. Danny was sitting with a half empty box of donuts and was munching on a donut as Jake walked in. Danny had gotten into the habit of going a few days between shaves, and his facial stubble was laced with with powdered sugar and crumbs. More crumbs had made their way down and settled on the tight shirt that barely covered his expanding paunch. “Wow, do you ever stop eating?,” was Jake’s greeting. Danny just looked up and said, “Wanna donut? There’s two left.” “Um, yeah, OK. They do look good.” A few weeks later, Danny’s Mom had made a large pan of double cheese lasagna for dinner, with lots of fresh bread and butter. Frank was away on business and Francia only had one square for herself. That left the rest of the pan for the two “growing” boys. An unspoken contest emerged as the two young men tried outdo each other, eating square by square until the entire pan was empty and every bit of lasagna and all the bread was eaten. Everything was washed down with large glasses of milk. Once the gorging was over they pushed themselves up from the table with some difficulty and waddled into the living room. Danny was first to reach his seat and plopped down in his recliner. Danny’s Mom had noticed that he was having some difficulty fitting into his old wardrobe, and bought him some loose fitting gym shorts and larger t-shirts, which became his standard uniform. With his belly so bloated, he pushed town the waist band, pulled up his t-shirt and began stroking and scratching his belly with two hands. Jake stood for a moment watching this spectacle. Then he poked him in the gut and said, “Ugh, put that away. You look seven months pregnant.” “Yeh, I know,” Danny replied. “Just take a look at this bad boy. I just can’t seem to lay off Mom’s good cooking.” He gave his round belly a big shake with both hands. “But what about that?” Jake was standing right next to him and he gave his buddy’s bloated gut a poke with his finger. “What…I am just full from that big dinner.” Jake instantly stood up straight and sucked in his belly as much as he could. “I’m not the one who has been sitting there stuffing his face all day long.” “Maybe not, but haven’t seen you turn away any of Mom’s cooking.” “OK, maybe I’ve gained a few.” Jake looked down and patted his belly. “Well, I think it’s more than a few,” Danny replied. “But, we’ve got a scale if you want the truth.” “Not now when I am stuffed to the gills.” “OK, how about this, come by tomorrow morning. We’ll get you on the scale and you can stay for breakfast.” “Uhm…alright but you have to get on first and we’ll see who’s the fatty.” “Deal.” With that Jake plopped onto the couch and there was a loud pop as the snap on his jeans gave out and popped open. Jake look over at Danny to see if he heard. They looked at each other for a moment and then started laughing uproariously. “OK, I admit it. I’m a fatty.” Jake pulled down his zipper all the way. “Oh, that feel much better, let’s play some X-Box.” An hour later, Danny’s Mom brought out a plate of cookies and a pitcher of milk. By the time Jake left for the evening, both were empty. The next morning was the moment of truth. Jake probably would have stayed away except for the allure of one of Francia’s breakfast compared to his Mom’s health food. Danny was still in his pajamas when Jake arrived. They made their way into the bathroom, closed the door, and pulled out the scale. Danny decided to make a show of it. He unbuttoned his pajama top and pulled his waist band to just above his private parts. He turned sideways to the mirror and stuck out and stroked his bare belly. As he prepared to step on the scale, he cautioned that the braces on his wrist and ankle each weighed a couple of pounds. Jake agreed to give him a five pound allowance. Finally, Danny stepped on the scale. The two best friends watched as the digital display flickered. Danny had to bend over to see it past his belly. The flickering stopped and a number appeared…164. “OK, subtracting five pounds, that’s 159. How much did you weigh before?” “At the doctor’s office I weighed 132.” “So you gained 27 pounds in about six weeks. Not surprising when I look at that gut.” Danny’s BMI had gone up from 19.5 to 23.5…from the lower end of the normal range to the upper end. “OK, now it’s your turn,” Danny said as Jake proceeded to strip down to his boxers. His boxers had slid down to below his belly exposing a substantially flabby paunch that had once been rock hard abs. The scale read 161, a gain of 17 pounds on his formerly lean 5’ 11” frame. “Looks like we’ve got a long way to go to get back into shape when those braces come off,” Jake said as he patted his belly one last time before getting dressed. Two weeks later, it was the day before the braces were to come off and the boys decided to have one last day of stuffing themselves silly. It started with a big breakfast and ended with a pile of donuts, with pretty much non-stop eating in between. Danny’s Mom was still happily feeding the boys. In her family, the motto was, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The full round belly on Danny’s Dad was ample evidence of that. Jake’s Mom was a different story. Janine was becoming increasingly concerned about her son’s expanding waistline. Jake had taken to wearing loose fitting t-shirts to help hide his girth. A light rain was falling on that last night of stuffing, and by the time Jake walked home in the rain his shirt was soaked. Janine was just heading to bed when Jake walked through the door with his wet shirt clinging to his overly bloated belly. She had to comment, “Oh, honey, what are you doing to yourself? You look like you swallowed a basketball?’ “Oh, Mom. I know.” He patted his belly. “We’re going to start getting back into shape tomorrow.” Janine just shook her head. Back at Danny’s house, he was in his room getting ready for bed. After getting undressed, he was reaching down to get his pajamas out of his dresser drawer, causing his swollen belly to bulge out even farther, when he caught his naked profile in the mirror. He stood up to get a better look and said to himself, “Holy crap, I am a fat pig.” Standing naked in front of the mirror he began sticking out his belly, sucking it in, and just standing natural…looking at it from all angles. Although his belly was stuffed from eating all day, the layer of flab was pliable and jiggled when he slapped it. As he massaged his belly, an erotic current seemed to course through his body, and very quickly he was fully erect. A touch to his penis sent off another wave of pleasure. A few stokes while watching in the mirror and he quickly reached an intense orgasm. Fully spent he flopped on the bed and wiped the load off his belly. After a few minutes, he was overcome by the desire for more food. He slid on his pajama pants to just belly his belly and pulled on his top, leaving it unbuttoned with his belly fully exposed. He poked his head out the door of his room to make sure his parents were asleep. The house was dark as he crept down to the kitchen. There he found a bag with a half dozen donuts, a large slice of chocolate layer cake and a carton of milk. All of which he scooped up and took to his room. Once there he opened up his computer and began some research while munching on donuts and drinking milk. What was this forbidden erotic attraction to eating and getting fat? A few minutes of searching led him to the Curvage and Fantasy Feeder sites…pictures, videos, stories, forums…wow. By the time he was fully spent, it was almost sunrise and he had pleasured himself four more times. The next day at the doctor’s office, the braces came off and Danny got weighed one final time. The nurse who weighed him blinked at the numbers on the scale and looked back and forth between the scale and the numbers on her chart. “It says here that you weighed 132 two months ago and now the scale says 166. So…you’ve gained 34 pounds. Would you step off and on again?” Danny did and this time the the scale read 167. Danny just patted his belly and said, “Mom’s good cooking. Danny was cleared to begin physical therapy and light cycling. It was hard at first, but two weeks later, Danny and Jake were spending their days cycling up and down the hills around town. By mid-fall they were back down two within five pounds of their original weights. Neither one ever lost those last five pounds. Part 3: Going Separate Ways When it came time to apply for college, Danny and Jake both sought out schools with bike racing as a sport. Danny had the better grades and the racing medals and so not only got into the college of his choice, but was awarded a full athletic scholarship. Jake got accepted at a lesser school but without a scholarship. However, fate intervened in the name of a lovely Italian-American girl name Maria. Jake and Maria had flirted with each other all throughout high school, but during senior year it became more serious. They dated steady through senior year and after graduation decided to get married. Maria’s family had deep traditions, and it was clear, if he wanted to be with Maria, it was going to have to be through marriage. Maria’s father had emigrated from Italy to the States with his parents as a boy. He owned and operated the family olive oil business. Shortly after Jake and Maria married, a long term plan was hatched. Jake would on be day take over the family business. To that he would have to spend three years in the old country learning the business of tending the olive trees, harvesting the olives and producing, bottling and shipping the oil. So, the day came at the end of the summer when the best buddies, who had been nearly inseparable for eighteen years, had to say goodbye, at least for the foreseeable future. Jake and Maria flew off to Italy and Danny packed up his bicycles and went off to college. They kept in touch by phone, text, email, and social media but didn’t see each other in person for nearly three years. Jake was able to come home for vacations during the summers, but Danny was always off at some cycling event. Danny came home for holidays, but they were always busy times in the olive oil business. During this time, there was on consistent message from Jake: the food in Italy is great! Maria is a great cook. They ate at a great restaurant. They got all fresh food at the local market. They get fresh bread everyday from a bakery downstairs. On and on it went. Danny’s messages to Jake were more like the following. I came in second at the latest bike race. My professor is great. My professor is and asshole. My professor doesn’t know what she is doing. Part 4: The Reunion -- Coming Soon --
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    Flabby Blonde

    Hot girl, love the outfit. I have noticed that when a lot of girls get on their phones, they tend to forget about posture or holding in their belly.
  6. BilledMeUp

    Pots and Pans

    Thanks, enjoyed Ch 3. I'll have to poke around my computer, I think I started my story.
  7. BilledMeUp

    Pots and Pans

    Great stuff. I am hoping more will be coming. It’s amazing that it is so similar to a story I have written in my head a hundred times but never put fingers to keyboard. In my story, the girl comes home at Christmas with the freshman 15. Her super fit Mom tells her she should really take care of herself and not let the pounds creep on. When she gets back to school she enrolls in a fitness class and studies nutrition and gets very fit losing most of the 15 pounds but replacing some with toned muscle. She comes home for summer vacation proud to show off her new fit body. Instead, she is shocked to see her once fit mother coming down the hallway at least 50 pounds heavier. In fact, her sister, Dad, best friend, and boyfriend have all gotten fat. She discovers that her family has hired an old German grandmother-type as a cook and maid to help around the house. She has turned the whole family onto heavy German food and beer. She cooks huge breakfasts and makes pastries, etc. Of course, our hero is appalled and vows that she is going to continue with her fitness regime and not turn into a fat cow like the rest of them. But...over the summer she and her friend end up sitting around the pool stuffing themselves and washing it all down with beer from the kegerator that has been installed by the barbecue near the pool.
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    Taylor Swift

    That is definitely a belly.
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    soft blonde coed in bikini

    Great set, thanks for posting.
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    Friend getting fat

    Cute girl with a sexy little belly roll. Thanks for posting.
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Wow, I haven't been on this thread for a while. Lucy has gotten really fat.
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    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    Wow, she has gotten really plump.
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    picture perfect blonde in bikini

    Great find. Thanks for posting.
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    Chubby Couple On Vacation

    Just came accross this one and it is a complete turn-on for me:
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    Mindy Kaling

    Love Mindy. Thanks for posting, freckle.