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  1. Local news and weather babes with more padding

    Daniella Guzman KTLA Los Angeles
  2. Kelly Brook

    I love the outline of the deep belly button in the brown dress. I always love seeing the indentation of a woman's belly button through a tight dress.
  3. Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I haven't checked this thread in a while. Lucy has gotten huge. What is that girl eating? She must be gaining like 3 or 4 pounds every week.
  4. Kate Upton

    Looks like she skinnied down for the SI photo shoot. Probably with some help from Photoshop.
  5. Amy Schumer

    I'm a fan. I'll watch the movie.
  6. French anchors

    Great thread. They are both hot but I especially like Kelly. I thought French girls could eat all that rich French cuisine and not gain weight.
  7. Tia Carrere

    One of my favs. She turned 51 in January and was in a Oviedo called Palm Swings in 2017. I think it may have been a Lifetime TV movie.
  8. Honeymoon Rolls

    This was one of my favorite stories from the old Dimensions library. I like the update. Very nice job.
  9. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    What movie or show is this from?
  10. Bebe Rexha

    I never heard of her before, but wow, that Meant to Be video is amazing. She was looking very curvy tonight at the Grammy's tonight, Jan 28, 2018.
  11. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" TV show

    Scene in the park is S3, E9 and the belly shots are from E10, she is giving herself hormone injections.
  12. Hello my friend which picture with painful pink pants do you mean?

  13. Danish celebrities “my fat trainer”

    The video with the translation is serious boner bait. I wish someone would bring the show to US TV.
  14. Carrie Ann Inaba

    I am in love with Carrie Ann. For a while she hosted 1 vs 100 on GSN. I used to watch just for her tight dresses. On some shows her belly w very round. Can't find too much on YouTube. This isn't the best but gives some idea:
  15. Kelly Clarkson

    It seems to me that her body has been about this plump for quite a few years, but recently she ha gotten a real fat lady face.