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  1. BilledMeUp

    Taylor Swift

    That is definitely a belly.
  2. BilledMeUp

    soft blonde coed in bikini

    Great set, thanks for posting.
  3. BilledMeUp

    Friend getting fat

    Cute girl with a sexy little belly roll. Thanks for posting.
  4. BilledMeUp

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Wow, I haven't been on this thread for a while. Lucy has gotten really fat.
  5. BilledMeUp

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    Wow, she has gotten really plump.
  6. BilledMeUp

    picture perfect blonde in bikini

    Great find. Thanks for posting.
  7. BilledMeUp

    Chubby Couple On Vacation

    Just came accross this one and it is a complete turn-on for me:
  8. BilledMeUp

    Mindy Kaling

    Love Mindy. Thanks for posting, freckle.
  9. BilledMeUp

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Haven't checked in on Lucy in a while. She is really turning into a tub.
  10. BilledMeUp

    Bebe Rexha

    She looks really thick in that Ellen video, but I think the song stinks.
  11. BilledMeUp

    Charlize Theron

    I saw Tully today. It's a quirky movie that won't be for everybody but the 50 pounds she gained are on display in every scene. She dresses like a frumpy housewife but there are lots of belly scenes.
  12. BilledMeUp

    Alexandra Bortich (Russian Actress) + 20kg

    In this one, the two stars go on a talk show to promote the movie. She appears to have lost most of the weight and he appears to be fatter. At around the 10 minute mark they have some kind of weighing game where other people get weighed and they have to eat disgusting high calorie food items.
  13. BilledMeUp

    Alexandra Bortich (Russian Actress) + 20kg

    This is kind of an extended trailer with voice over (in Russian) and some behind the scenes shots.
  14. BilledMeUp

    Alexandra Bortich (Russian Actress) + 20kg

    Would love to see it if it is released in a dubbed or subtitled version.
  15. BilledMeUp

    Nicole Hampton - bikini model

    Not sure who won in those contests, but my vote is for Nicole. In the one labeled TBA, she is sandwiched between two really skinny girls.