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  1. Its actually something I could never explain why I became attracted to thick curvy girls I guess its like someone who is gay its out of our control it just happens. For a long time I was made to feel ashamed about it or different from my friends I had at the time because they where into very skinny girls which does nothing for me was even to ashamed to date the girls I was attracted to for some time because of the shit I got about it from them. I think its because of this messed up society of only having one small image of beauty which has created so much pressure for women and men that don't fit into it. Im not into feeding or that kind of stuff just want to make girls of all sizes to be comfortable and proud of who they are, to let them know that they are beautiful to!! Anyway Im proud now of who I am I can't be anything other than myself Everyone one deserves to be loved regardless of race or body size Much love to all you bigger girls in the world 😊!!!
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    omg!! you are just sooo gorgeous thank you for your uploads!! 😍