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  1. biggirlsok

    Who was your gateway into this fettish?

    I dont remember how, but Cherries and Jigglypuff showed up in my Myspace not long before my freshman year of high school. Not long after I stumbled across Fantasy Feeder, ** and here. And speaking of ** found out about that site thanks to a video someone posted of Sherly in like a little sailor suit thing chugging down soda till buttons popped.
  2. biggirlsok

    Deepest, darkest, sickest fantasies

    So me and my GF are getting an apartment in the next few months, and part of me wants to sabotage her carnation instant breakfast and slim fast.
  3. biggirlsok


    Anyone happen to have a collection of Trixiekays stuff?
  4. Not popular but ran into a coworker who I hadn't seen in about 6 years about 3 weeks ago and she blew up quite a bit, guess working as a paralegal had some benefits.
  5. biggirlsok

    Has anyone stumbled across someone they knew in real life?

    No the "My daughter is a lazy, and a moocher" although I think there's been like 12 episodes with that title. Had a chance to date her after a mutual acquaintance tried to set us up, although after seeing her on tv feel like I dodged a bullet.
  6. biggirlsok

    Has anyone stumbled across someone they knew in real life?

    Knew a girl from high school who ended up on some Dr.Phil thread here. (Not the crazy "pregnant with Jesus 2" chick)
  7. biggirlsok

    Trxiekay/ Trxie Mcbimbo

    Damn, probably shouldn't post half drunk. But thank you for the info though. Could have sworn that was Trxie in the second video though
  8. biggirlsok

    Trxiekay/ Trxie Mcbimbo

    So for the longest time I thought Trxie was gone, having disappeared into the ether of the internet. Then I discovered 2 videos (reuploads)) of her being downright massive compared to the last time I saw anything from her. I'm just wondering where I can find her stuff https://youtu.be/Bz81ZO0qfvI https://youtu.be/lNMgcknWBK0
  9. biggirlsok

    Who is this?

    Did you try looking in the comments, seems like your question was answered awhile ago.
  10. biggirlsok

    25 and looking for nerd

    24 from Florida, but if your ever looking for someone to chat with I pretty much never sleep (guess thats one benefit to Insomnia)
  11. biggirlsok


    Oh God MGS 5 is so good.
  12. biggirlsok

    Where is this from???

    That looks really familiar, i almost want to say its from Duckman (awesome underrated show btw)
  13. biggirlsok

    Favorite Fast Food?

    There's a nice local bakery that makes awesome breakfast sandwiches (made all the better on a everything bagel or onion roll) and some great subs
  14. biggirlsok

    hello gents!

    No one yet, (I've just gotten into act 2) although I'm leaning towards Sera
  15. biggirlsok

    hello gents!

    Agree, I''ve never played the first two so I'm a bit lost on the lore of everything, but good Lord is there so much stuff to see and do.