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  1. Version 1.0.0

    You have force fed me all day and now I am a bloated mess in my chair! Covered in chocolate sauce, I am your piggy needing more food as I rub in the sauce and lick it off my blubbery, doughy belly. My overhang is ridiculous over my shorts, my hefty fat stomach stretching with the extra padding! This whale is going to burst if you feed her anymore, my corpulent, rotund spare tire is growing thanks to you every day. I will forever be your hog, thanks for making me fatter.


  2. Version 1.0.0

    My fatter friend, Blondepond, does not think I am gaining quick enough. She ties me to a chair and feeds me until I am a stuffed piggy. She covers me in fattening foods and forces them into my mouth, watching my blubbery gut grow. She feels the doughy cellulite between her fingers as her hand sinks into my burgeoning belly. Soon I will be as big as her and my fat will pour over the sides of the chair, my arse is already putting a lot of pressure on the chair! Just over 7 minutes of myself being forced to gorge and grow by my tubby buddy!


  3. Version 1

    All my friends are graduating, and I need a dress to wear to look sexy next to them. All theirs look so slimming and gorgeous so I need to put the effort in! I try on my blue dress from my profile picture and it is so much tighter then before and makes me look pregnant! I decide to try two others on, making sure they have enough room to expand by pre- eating hoping they can deal with my bloated blubber. The ceremony has an all you can eat buffet and I do not want to burst out my clothes embarrassing myself while I stuff my face. Two of my older dresses make a reappearance, as well as a new button up one. The fabric is so tight on my butterball belly, it seems I am gaining more then I realised as I take another bite into a cake and feel the dress get tighter on my doughy, soft stomach. $9.99 for tight clothes, some strained buttons and me gorging my face FOR NEARLY 20 MINUTES! xx


  4. Version 1.0.0

    MISS PIGGY THE FAT TEACHER A weeks holiday has done wonders for my body, and the students have noticed! Everything is tight, and I am being called Miss Piggy! Every time I stand up from behind my desk I feel all the eyes on my straining buttons and bursting boobs. I waddled past one student who poked my overhanging belly and slapped my arse! I show you my growing body in a teacher who has gained weight roleplay, as I get home after a tough first day back and eat my sadness away! See me, Miss Piggy, from all angles as I try and figure out why I am being told to wear less revealing clothing tomorrow. Just under 15 minutes of me roleplaying and talking you through my new found nickname Miss Piggy, popping buttons and slowly drifting into a food coma to rest for tomorrow and another fattening day at school!


  5. Acrossthepond

    Fatty In The Shower

    Version 1.0.0

    Watch this whale in water! This fatty gets into the shower and soaks her cellulite and doughy belly! I start by showing you my dry belly, stuffed with Pancakes and Chinese food, before getting into the shower. I soak my newly grown boobs, bum and belly (the 3 B's) and soap them all up, making my blubber all slippery. The wobbles are spectacular as this piggy/ whale/ fat girl gets drenched and rubs her body all over! The water bounces off my protruding stomach as I do my best not too look like a Whale too much as I soak and rinse. I wear my bikini from a few sets back to begin with, and it was too tight then! Imagine what it looks like now, only one way to find out.... My boobs are bigger and the cords dig into my thighs and waist. In the end I settle for something a little more revealing for the actual shower! Just over 10 minutes of wet, jiggly action for $9.99 that will go straight back into my belly through the fatty foods I buy with it. I can't help myself, I am addicted to food!


  6. Acrossthepond

    What're you listening to?

  7. Acrossthepond

    Stuffed Slow Motion

    Version 1.0.0

    Stuffed Slow Motion I wanted to watch my fat body wobble in slow motion to see how much the cellulite moves! Firstly, I show you my pre stuffing waist measurement, then before the slow motion show off my fat, stuffed belly that has grown a few inches, I even measured it again so you can see how much I was filled to the brim! The slow motion shows my belly from two angles so you see every inch of my blubber travel in waves across my large gut. Then there are views of my substantial arse and thighs as they have recently grown bigger with my weight gain. I finish by eating another doughnut of course as I need to pack on more pounds!


  8. Acrossthepond

    Chubby Camping Trip

    Version 1.0.0

    Chubby Camping Trip I have been invited camping with friends to a small resort so need to try on some clothing, mainly my camping camo trousers and swimsuit. Well the trousers were a struggle to put on as my fat thighs and flabby arse kept getting in the way, and before I knew it RIP! The seams on the trousers split on the thighs letting my milky fat pour out! I then tried on my swimsuit, its not too old but wow it was tight! I ate a cake to fill the remaining room left and stretched the suit good! My boobs practically popped out the whole time so I had to cheekily release them in my hands for a bit! $9.99 to watch a struggling fatty from all angles for 15 Minutes and 30 Seconds!


  9. Acrossthepond

    Fatty Can't Exercise

    Version 1.0.0

    Fatty Can't Exercise! I need to get to the gym more, my belly is far too big and my thighs rub against each other as I walk. I realise this while eating a Tiramisu portion for six of course! I try on my old gym clothes but I am sure they feel tighter then they used to be, what happened? Everything just squeezes in but I cannot help but eat more Tiramisu as I then change into a sports bra and try some exercises. Star jumps, jogging on the spot, push ups, pull ups and some stretches. They do not go as I planned! In the end I gave up and ate more dessert, who needs a trim body when you can have growing blubber like me! Nearly 15 minutes of footage! All for $9.99!


  10. Acrossthepond

    Beach Body Ready!

    Thank You xx
  11. Acrossthepond

    Photo Bundle

    Version 1.0.0

    A selection of photos taken from various sets including: My Chinese Stuffing, From Club 2 Chub, Fattened by my Friend and Fat Schoolgirl. Photos taken from 2 months ago to recently. If you like blubber and fat on me from all angles, being groped by others and in tight clothing you will love these photos! Who knew that this blubber would be sexy from lots of angles?


  12. Version 1.0.0

    A combo of three of my slightly older and most popular videos, joined into one! 1. Fat Schoolgirl- Need I say more? I eat chocolate spread out of the pot and fill it with whipped cream after and then eat that! Just look at the picture! 2.. From Club 2 Chub- My old clubbing dress that used to fit! I surely cannot wear it out anymore, it fits like a 2nd skin! 3. Fattened By My Friend- The first and other video to feature my fatter friend Blondepond feeding me and rubbing my stuffed belly! All this for $4.99. That is over 10 minutes of footage! Do not miss this!


  13. Acrossthepond

    Do YOU hear YANNY or LAUREL?

    I heard Yanny 😮
  14. Version 1.0.0

    NEW VIDEO! Fatty Tries On Summer Clothes! Last summer these clothes fit, what happened! Now they are tight as my belly struggles to fit inside my buttoned up top and dress (yes, the blue dress from my profile picture, and it is tighter!) This video features me popping more than one button, tight shorts, a tight button top, my old bikini and my blue dress! I drink a thick shake too! I have been stuffing myself for two days to make myself huge for this video, and I do not plan on stopping any time soon! Comment and rate if you like! Much love, ATPond x -Apologies for the video going slightly smaller for a minute mid way through (it does not affect the actual video content or viewing). I had some camera issues.


  15. Version 1.0.0

    A slightly older video for you to compare to my newer ones to see my growth! The first half I feel all my fat, every inch of cellulite but mainly my massive thighs and fatty arse! I jiggle, poke and wobble! The second half I eat some really fatty dessert, a mixture of ice cream, whipped cream, waffles and chocolate until I am stuffed like a beach ball!