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  1. Dodgecummins

    Nicole Hampton - bikini model

    That conversation was beyond cringy. Dude she actually responded to you?! That blows my mind lol. If you “had” to say something just tell her you have found her to be very beautiful and you leave it at that. That already indicates that you find her softness beautiful and you don’t even have to say it. Anyhow next time just try not to message anyone.
  2. Dodgecummins

    Amelia Stubbs

    So beautiful! Looks like she has gained a couple of pounds!
  3. Dodgecummins

    Chubby Couple On Vacation

    Looks like they were fit at one point? 😳🤔
  4. Dodgecummins

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    She got big FAST it makes me wounder what was going on in life. Did she just get older and her metabolism slowed down. Or did she just completely loose control of her cravings 😳
  5. Dodgecummins

    Friend getting fat

    That belly shot is beyond hot lol