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  1. Cowboys

    Jessica Simpson

    For those of you who love fat feet:
  2. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    I wonder if they'll want to curtail her weight. Or maybe their intentions are quite the opposite, and they'll make her and Nia Jax a tag team AT A COMBINED WEIGHT OF 600+ POUNDS!
  3. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    And according to her herself, Nia's topped 300 lbs.
  4. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Impact's Rosemary is back! (And thicker than ever, at least I think.)
  5. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Hey, uh, remember what I said about some photos perhaps looking like optical illusions? Because, uh, this is the most beautiful Liv's ever looked:
  6. Cowboys

    Felicia Day

    She did have a child a year or two ago. Anyone got any good pregnant photos of her?
  7. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Alicia Fox, great friends with Rosa Mendes and Paige btw, apparently wants to share stomach sizes with them:
  8. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Mmmmmm, I hope this photo isn't some sort of optical illusion, and that Paige's stomach somehow is this big, or close to it.
  9. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Apparently the 'E is giving her a "different role" in the company. Whether that's off-screen or still on-screen is TBD.
  10. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    They could just re-sign Kimber Lee/Abbey Laith.
  11. Cowboys

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Even if she can't stand the heat, good luck trying to tell HER to 'stay out of the kitchen'.
  12. Cowboys

    Cecily Strong

    Spoiler alert, she looking good on tonight's episode. Currently watching the after Weekend Update sketch, based in a Christmas dinner party, and oh my god her stomach!
  13. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Rosa Mendes, remember her? Currently she's doing one of those challenges, not so much a 'intentionally get fat, then lose it' thing, she's calling it an "indulgence", a 30-day deviation from her typical healthy diet, mostly to see how it affects her energy level and overall mood. She's always been a very thin person (even back when she was pregnant she only grew in the understandable pregnancy areas of the belly/boobs) and even here she's already at day 22 and there's only really a beer gut:
  14. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Ruby Riott looking fuller last night? (Although I'm not sure if that's because of the tan she sported, or her following the Liv Morgan diet plan.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSdGQN0EQ84&t=165s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti1Hhn2EY8I&t=300s
  15. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Liv Is Lovehandles: