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  1. Getting good at funneling! Gotta go bigger next time
  2. Aksel P

    Forced stuffing II

    Improved on the first! Sound is still a bit of an issue. Otherwise great work! Next step is force funneling!
  3. Aksel P

    Forced stuffing II

    Amazing. Next up, forced funneling!
    Damn, let the poor girl breathe! 😂 Amazing, can't wait for round two... Only criticism is the music; it overwhelms at times all the good sounds. Maybe add a soundtrack in post, or get a lapel-mic?
    Sweet and short, however the sound quality wasn't great (couldn't hear much drinking noise). Reasonable price for it. Now she just needs to do three or four of those in a row!
    A good start. Clean sound. Time for some more
  4. Aksel P

    Cream Funnel

    Good set up, nice editing, clean footage. When's the three funnel one coming out? Would echo though what's been said here already, the music overwhelms the more... Interesting audio 😜