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  1. Fatal85200

    Is there a thread around for this girl?

    Nope, and there wont be a thread for her. She's from S31, that's frowned upon around these parts.
  2. Fatal85200


  3. Fatal85200

    Paysite Section is Down for how long?

    haha well perhaps business is a bit of a stretch, but someone receives money from the pay site section. So business transactions are taking take place, and from the consumer perspective (the pay site models) they would probably like to have more details on the future of the pay site section....
  4. Fatal85200

    Paysite Section is Down for how long?

    Perhaps it's part the d-bag in me and the other part ignorant d-bag in me, but why would any business owner post such an vague message and then provide no supporting info and then no feed back? My business degree can't make make any sense of the matter
  5. Fatal85200

    "The GAIN....Legend in the making"

    I'm listening... three hahaha hysterical
  6. Fatal85200

    pof problems

    never heard of that, but check out okcupid. there's a lot of girls on there that are of curvage material
  7. Fatal85200

    North Dakota Minnesota area anyone?

    Ah so there are some other people from Minnesota around these parts, I'm currently living in the southern metro area
  8. Fatal85200


    it certainly looks like her (judging from the neck down), but as far as I was aware she had never shown her face. how do you know it's her?
  9. Fatal85200

    Whoa! Who is this?