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  1. Ok so I am curious...

    What is it that YOU like to see?  What do you like to watch? I have so many ideas but want to know what is going to make you all the happiest ;)


    Going grocery shopping now... hopefully my husband is prepared for the amount of food I am about to throw in the cart 😂


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    2. regbill


      I would like to see you model some tights,leggings or maybe some old swimsuits.


    3. Sneakysnake


      I would love to see stuffing videos and see your belly bloated. I would also love to see before and after pictures of how stuffed you have made your belly. Also interested in seeing weight gain progress pictures! 

    4. ChubbyGainerWife


      I can definitely do some swimsuits and leggings!  Im planning on doing a stuffing video tonight ;)