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  1. Gainermomma18

    Big Belly Shots

    Version 1.0.0

    Adding a few pictures from my private collection!


  2. Gainermomma18

    Bubble Bath Beauty

    Version 1.0.0

    Had some fun in the bubble bath and decided maybe I should share the joy I had If you like the pictures let me know if I should do more like these!


  3. Gainermomma18

    Stuffed Silly

    So today I had a huge strawberry bubble tea, big dish of french fries, alligator on a stick, coconut shrimp on a stick, a whole bag of cotton candy, a maple syrup root beer, tons of chicken nuggets and fries for supper and 3 ice cream cones! I am still so hungry! I may have to hunt down something else to make before bed... maybe more ice cream or pasta? Hmm guess I should go raid the fridge!! Part of me wants to make myself a drink but I am way too weird when I get drunk 😂My husband and I had fun making my first video for this site and soon we can make another! maybe this time I will just stay in bed for lol! Felt good wearing a bikini top all day, first time in a long time I felt sexy!
  4. Gainermomma18

    Great day for Laundry!

    Version 1.0.0

    I decided to do laundry after stuffing myself at the fair, I tried my best on making the video, I hope you all like what you see


  5. Gainermomma18


    Recently had my son in May lol so that is where some are from. Most of them I had most of my life though! I would be more than happy to share more pictures! Sadly I think this site dulls the pictures a little bit.
  6. Gainermomma18

    Long Day

    Had such a long and lonely day today but on the plus side I get to go to the fair tomorrow and stuff myself with noms!!!
  7. Gainermomma18


    I hope so too
  8. Gainermomma18


    Thank you regbill! Hope I do!
  9. Gainermomma18


    Hi there! I'm new to this site and looking forward to making new friends!
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