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  1. I wanna take a long bath and be pampered while I'm in it

  2. I love when I get the cooking bug. Last nights supper was maple syrup glazed bacon chunks on top of eggs on a bed of diced fried potatoes!


    1. S77


      Well that looks tasty 😋 

    2. Gainermomma18


      I was surprised how good it was! The syrup harden making the bacon like candy! I ate mine so fast and was so sad when it was all gone. :(

  3. Ugh today's stress is making me want to pig out and not stop.

  4. I ran out of candy 😢😢😥

  5. Yay new hair!



    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Looks great! That fade is really well made, props to your stylist. :D 

    2. Gainermomma18


      I told her to do whatever she wanted lol


  6. Today the big mac turns 50! I guess any orders of big macs come with a special coin so guess who is getting two!?

  7. love my charcoal bath bomb20180709_201932.thumb.jpg.c44551b2b65b86e469c1b12121a47469.jpg

    1. regbill


      That's a nice view you have there.:)

    2. Gainermomma18


      You should see the pictures for sale lol

  8. So I ate 4 cones, started supper which is gonna be crock-pot hash brown casserole! I'm so excited!! I'm glad it take only 2-3 hours to make ❤️ 

  9. Such a long day :( I need like 5 ice cream cones to make me feel better

  10. Gainermomma18

    Bubble Bath Beauty

    Version 1.0.0

    Had some fun in the bubble bath and decided maybe I should share the joy I had If you like the pictures let me know if I should do more like these!


  11. Well bubble bath soon and maybe even do a face mask, do I want the charcoal or the hyaluronic mask hmm🤔 Momma needs a break and some pamper. I wish I had enough money to go wild and get my hair fun colors!

  12. Off to go work on a break line then back to town for some shopping!

  13. Gainermomma18

    Stuffed Silly

    So today I had a huge strawberry bubble tea, big dish of french fries, alligator on a stick, coconut shrimp on a stick, a whole bag of cotton candy, a maple syrup root beer, tons of chicken nuggets and fries for supper and 3 ice cream cones! I am still so hungry! I may have to hunt down something else to make before bed... maybe more ice cream or pasta? Hmm guess I should go raid the fridge!! Part of me wants to make myself a drink but I am way too weird when I get drunk 😂My husband and I had fun making my first video for this site and soon we can make another! maybe this time I will just stay in bed for lol! Felt good wearing a bikini top all day, first time in a long time I felt sexy!
  14. I'm thinking of taking a long bubble bath tomorrow but do I use the sea breeze bubbles or the milk and honey bubbles?🤷‍♀️🤔 No matter which one I use I will be jamming to My Chemical Romance and getting some must needed me time!

    1. Chevalier


      Milk and honey 😊

    2. Gainermomma18


      That's what I was thinking

  15. Gainermomma18

    Great day for Laundry!

    Version 1.0.0

    I decided to do laundry after stuffing myself at the fair, I tried my best on making the video, I hope you all like what you see


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