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  1. sanduskyfalls

    Voice actresses

    Matilda Smedius
  2. sanduskyfalls

    Heavy cream alternatives?

    BOOST VHC + Ice cream of your choice = amazing, very high calorie shake. If you don't feel like blending, just mix some Boost w/ root beer and it tastes like a root beer float
  3. sanduskyfalls

    Kim Director: Shay from "The Deuce"

    Noticed in one of the most recent episodes of The Deuce, the girl who plays Shay gained quite a bit of weight from season 1 to season 2. Last 4 are from screenshots from episode 5
  4. sanduskyfalls


    I mean, its most of her stuff. Just not a lot of her earlier pics
  5. sanduskyfalls

    College Gainer Brooke BBW

    From her new try on video. What a goddess ❤️
  6. sanduskyfalls

    My Clothes Don't Fit. BBW tries on clothes in public.

    #1 Fan. Awesome video I love how your fat squeezes out of those tight clothes.
  7. sanduskyfalls

    My Clothes Don't Fit. BBW tries on clothes in public.

    Amazing video. Your body is incredible. So soft and squeezable ❤️
  8. sanduskyfalls

    Takeaway Tummy

    Her heaviest if I recall correctly. Anyone have any others?
  9. sanduskyfalls

    2nd weighting

    Amazing! Love seeing you in those tight clothes. Your muffin top is amazing. Keep growing ❤️