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  1. Soja

    Mini-Eggs (new chapter added 9/12/14)

    I second that, this is one of my favorite WG stories ever
  2. Soja

    Lettin' it hang out?

    VBO is the new VPL. Plus it's the sign of a good healthy diet.
  3. Soja

    A new comic from me

    Kastemel's comics are the kind of fantasy you can actually get off to, because it could theoretically happen, it just won't. Anything that involves pills that make you grow 200 pounds in an afternoon, or involves sci fi scenarios, or involves fictional characters (women that are impossible to pretend are real, because they just aren't a priori to any boner you might get), any comics/stories that are totally made up untethered from any reality b.s. (which is sadly the majority of them) are completely impossible for me to get lost in or aroused by. Basically saying that I'm a big Kastemel fan. Even when they dip for too long into the "emotional" stuff, I still forgive him because who else is doing anything approaching this level of quality? No one, that's who.
  4. Soja

    Audio Pron

    Is there anywhere I could find mp3 files that are similar to the sort of fat girl content you get from videos and stories? (stuffing, clothes trying on, etc.) I'd love something done by a girl with a sexy voice, whether she's reading a story or acting out a scenario, so that I could picture it in my head. Is this a thing? I checked out Literotica and couldn't find anything fat fetish related.