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  1. maltesefalcon

    Joice Hasselmann

    Is it my imagination or do these Brazilian themed posts with Instagram links take a long time to load?
  2. Do we have two threads for the same person?
  3. maltesefalcon

    Kirsten Dunst

    My takeaway on this. Ms Dunst has aged well and the extra baby weight has helped fill her out to MILF proportions. Mr Plemons is actually six years younger than her but has aged badly. You'd think a TV star would be able to find a tux that fits too...
  4. maltesefalcon

    Christina Aguilera

    I love the reaction of the chick in the leather pants. She stares right at her tits and goes gaga. The guy in the last pic is licking his lips too.
  5. maltesefalcon

    Tiff Stevenson

    Nice chestickles!
  6. maltesefalcon

    50s, 60s and 70s bombshells who got fat in later years

    She's aged worse than Burt Reynolds.
  7. maltesefalcon

    The Sara Saga (3-D Images)

    I'm a little swamped with work stuff right now, but I think we need to work on something together soon. In the meantime why don't you scope out some of the stories I've submitted in the Stories section and see if there is a fit.
  8. maltesefalcon

    The Sara Saga (3-D Images)

    Been a fan of your art for some time. I always wondered if I should have collaborated with someone with your talents to illustrate some of my stories, especially The Fat and the Furious.
  9. maltesefalcon

    Fine pictorical arts morphed

    Nice one! If memory serves there was a similar concept on the old Dimensions site back in the day.
  10. maltesefalcon

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Welcome to Giraffic Park!
  11. maltesefalcon

    Kirsty Alley

    I was replying to the comment of gaining 45 pounds in one summer. I was assuming it was this summer, not 1993.
  12. maltesefalcon

    Kirsty Alley

    The fact that she's 67 years old might have something to do with it. Comes with age...
  13. If I could weigh in on this so to speak.... As you may be aware I've been a frequent contributor to the story forum. I was a member of the old forum and have been a member of this one since the beginning. If memory serves it took me 8 years to get 700 likes on this forum for my writing. It took me 3 weeks to get 300 more for my pics. I'm not doing it for the likes, but the feedback is obviously skewed in favour of photos vs prose. So why not cater to the demand? And once again the caveat-no likey no lookey. 😎
  14. maltesefalcon

    Amy Adams

    I noticed how fat her face looked and hoped she was really filling out. But there have been several shots of her in bra/panties and she looks a little fuller but not much. Unless they used a body double....
  15. maltesefalcon

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    There's a general video forum as well as this thread...
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