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  1. maltesefalcon

    Chubby Girls of Brazil

    Pretty sure this is the first time actual hookers have been posted on this site lol.
  2. maltesefalcon

    Potentially pregnant Traffic Woman

    Didn't this start in October, ie three months ago?
  3. maltesefalcon

    Helena Bonham Carter <3

    On film, she gets dressed and made up to the nines. In public, she is often just this side of "Crazy Cat Lady" Halloween costume.
  4. maltesefalcon

    Potentially pregnant Traffic Woman

    Agreed! (But probably safe to say she is not pregnant at this point.)
  5. maltesefalcon

    Pencil portraits

    Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Demi Lovato in this one?
  6. maltesefalcon

    Need Help Writing A Story

    I wondered why this sounded familiar...LOL. Not a perfect match to your plot line but should give you some ideas? https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/24243-fat-like-me-reposted/
  7. maltesefalcon

    Demi Lovato

    Worked for me and I am in not in USA.
  8. maltesefalcon

    Nicki Minaj

    If we are going to name names....
  9. maltesefalcon

    Jessica Simpson

    Centaur Claus? Guess he could pull his own damn sleigh then...
  10. maltesefalcon

    Laura Heywood

    She needs to marry a guy with the last name Jablome.
  11. maltesefalcon

    Patricia Arquette

    She is in a new TV series Escape at Dannemora. She added 40 pounds to her already plump figure for the role. (And it shows if you've been watching!) This pic is the only one I could find so far. As the series progresses I'll try to get more.
  12. maltesefalcon

    Kirsten Dunst

    She gained some for Fargo couple years back. Plus she got married and had a baby. Add the fact she is getting older and you have the perfect formula for gain.
  13. maltesefalcon

    Good long female wg stories?

    I have a few fairly long stories posted in the stories subforum. Does not meet all your preferences however with regard to sound effects LOL. Whether they are actually "good" or not is up to one's individual opinion.
  14. maltesefalcon

    Ashley Graham

    A very well done homage to earlier eras-constantly reminded of a young Sophia Loren.
  15. maltesefalcon

    Joice Hasselmann

    Is it my imagination or do these Brazilian themed posts with Instagram links take a long time to load?