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    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    In a world of piggies, there arises one bear to rule them all 🐖🐖🐖😨🐻
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    Black girl weight gains

    Look up "Apetamin weight gain" on YouTube and you'll find all of what you seek! I stumbled on that gold mine months ago and am nowhere close to the bottom.
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    Iskra Lawrence

    Dude! Who's she face-timing tho? 😮😀
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    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Candace begins to teach Cody how to "bulk." Chapter Twenty-One One (relatively) uneventful plane flight later, we were back home. Within a matter of hours, we’d fallen back into the groove of working, working-out, and eating. So seamless was the transition, I wondered if our time in LA was a dream. However, slight changes to our routine proved that it was reality. The first day we returned to work, we made our typical trip to the bar and grill where we always ate lunch. Candace scooted herself into place at the table, practically bubbling with excitement. “You’ve been pretty hyper today,” I nodded. “It’s the pre-workout,” she drummed her hands lightly against the table. “I can work out so much more now that I’m eating like a normal human being again.” “So no salad this time?” I raised an eyebrow. “Hell no! Also, I did squats today and that makes me way hungrier than normal, so…” Hannah walked up, eyes shining. “Hey you two! How was the trip?” “There was an earthquake,” I shrugged. “So the bikini contest was cancelled.” “I heard,” Hannah nodded sympathetically. “I’m so sorry about that.” “Thanks Hannah,” Candace smiled softly. “I’m okay, though.” “What do you want?” Hannah rubbed Candace’s shoulder. “I’ll get you two whatever you want – it’s on me.” “You sure?” I asked. “We’re bulking together now, so that might be a lot of food…” Hannah flicked her wrist dismissively. “You guys come every day; it’s no big deal.” “Well…” my eyes darted between Candace and Hannah. “Candace here says I need to eat more, so for starters… oh! How about you get us shrimp and pasta? One plate for each of us?” “Sure thing!” Hannah beamed. “I’ll be right back…” “Hannah,” Candace looked miffed. “You weren’t going to ask me about what I wanted?” “Oh… well, is shrimp and pasta what you wanted?” “Oh, yes, shrimp and pasta is fine,” Candace gave me a quizzical look. “For now. I’ll be ordering next.” “Of course!” Hannah nodded and turned to leave. “And Hannah?” “Yes?” “Did you go to the gym while I was gone? Your butt looks a little big today.” Hannah pursed her lips in embarrassment. “Um… yes. I’ve been working out like you told me… lots of squats,” she laughed nervously. “Your goal is to get toned, right? Never mind. You’re pretty toned already. If you want to start bulking…” “I… um…” “Hey, chill out Hannah; it’s alright. It’s actually more convenient if you do because if you haven’t noticed, I’m bulking too.” “Okay…” Hannah nodded hesitantly. “Great! We’ll talk about a new diet plan for you tomorrow, alright? And thanks for the food!” As Hannah hustled back into the kitchen, I smiled at Candace. “Were you picking on her?” “A little,” she smirked. “She just needs some encouragement to work out.” I leaned closer. “So you know why I got you this food? It’s the first meal you made me eat.” She put her hand to her chest. “Aw, you remembered? That’s so sweet!” “You thought I’d forget our anniversary meal?” I replied, feeling clever. Candace laughed. “I wondered why you ordered my food! By the way, warn me before you do that again.” “Sure.” Hannah brought the food a few minutes later, which tasted excellent. Funny enough, it was surprisingly easy to finish eating the whole dish. Candace, of course, finished eating several minutes before I did, so before I could even be tempted into ordering the next course, she called Hannah over with a single raised finger. “French onion soup and… chocolate cake for dessert. That should do it.” “Chocolate cake,” Hannah frowned as she wrote notes. “Didn’t you tell me I shouldn’t have any?” “That was when you were getting toned,” Candace cocked her head with a sympathetic smile. “But it’s bulking season now. It’s not a big deal.” “Huh,” Hannah shook her head with a smile. “It’s just… I’ve never seen this side of you!” “You’ve only been working out with me for two months,” Candace raised an eyebrow. “Don’t worry; I’ll teach you everything tomorrow over dinner, alright?” Hannah nodded. “I’ll be right back…” By the way, French onion soup is the best soup known to man. Sure, it looks like a few strips of onion floating in a brown broth, but that broth is thick and absolutely delicious! Especially the soup Hannah put in front of me – it had cheese stretched taught over the rim of the bowl, which is extra fancy. Oh yes, chocolate cake tastes good too, but everyone knows that. All things considered, I didn’t mind much when Candace finished her food before I did because I was enjoying it so much. What I did mind was her fork hovering over my cake slice. “Candace!” I yelped between mouthfuls. She stared at me like a cat trying to push a cup off a table. “What?” “That’s mine,” I held my finger up, finishing my soup. She smiled mischievously. “No it isn’t. I’m buying.” “Candace –” I was too late. She sank her fork into the big end of the cake (the good part with extra icing) and tore a huge bite up and into her smiling mouth. In desperation, I stabbed my cake slice with my own fork and ate as big a bite as I could manage. She stared confidently at me, arms folded. “You’ll need to chew faster,” she smirked. “I guess it depends on how bad you want this cake…” “Now hold on!” I said as I swallowed half my mouthful. “It’s hard enough measuring nutrients and calories… just let me eat my cake.” Candace’s eyebrows jumped mockingly at me. “At the rate you’re going, it’s gonna be an easy measurement. Looks like…” she stabbed the cake again. “You’ll get half…” I counter-struck with a well-aimed jab with my own fork. Our silverware clashed within the sumptuous food, jostling for position. I looked up at my foe and our gaze connected. I could see the fire in her soul through those hazel eyes, and I knew how hard this battle could be. I heard our forks scrape against the plate, skidding wildly. With a sudden surprising force, Candace rose to a squatting position. Eyes burning with determination, she twisted her arm and scooped the largest portion of cake left – straight into her mouth. “Fuck!” I sprang forward and grabbed the entire plate. Dropping my fork, I raised the plate to my lips and poured the remnants of my food into my mouth – a pitiful scattering of crumbs. The skirmish was over as quickly as it had begun. My eyes darted left and right, and I caught a couple people staring before they could avert their gazes. When I looked back at Candace, she was bracing herself against the table with outstretched arms, body quivering with contained laughter as she chewed with her eyes closed. “Damn you,” I muttered quietly. She only quivered harder at that.
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    FA in the Wild, and by wild I mean Starbucks

    Did she actually buy any of the food? I was at Starbucks and thought of getting a muffin, but it was, like $4,75. There are better places to buy lots of food. Then again, maybe your friend's super hot idk
  6. Digital art? Any of your work on deviantart?
  7. >_< 0_0

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    I absolutely love girls who outgrow their clothes! Candace tends to wear stretchy sports clothes all the time, and it's a mixed blessing. On one hand, she doesn't notice her body changing as much; on the other hand, there aren't many chances to see her grow out of old clothes. It's a tactical trade-off, I think. I wonder what she'll do when some of her clothes don't fit anymore?
  8. The source of my writing prowess 🤗


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      Striking similarity to Hemingway not only in the writing I see 😉

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      Striking similarity to Hemingway not only in the writing I see 😉

      ernest hemingway GIF by US National Archives

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      So that's Hemingway.

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    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Ever read something that turns you on unexpectedly and you gain a new fetish? Chapter Twenty With no hope of getting back sooner than Wednesday, we made the best of traveling around LA and enjoying ourselves. We watched a few movies at the theatre, took a tour through Hollywood, ran around the tops of nearby hills, and even walked around the beach (to give Candace an excuse to wear her bikini). Of course, between each activity, we were eating at the best restaurants we could find, and that was what I enjoyed the most. Candace would nip at her food in typical ladylike fashion, yet somehow, as I casually ate my own food, I would look up and suddenly she was almost done. She was like a tractor harvesting corn, except it was an electric-powered tractor that didn’t make much noise… or maybe a chipmunk. Her stomach had no limits, and I always wondered why her stomach wasn’t way bigger than it already was. It made all the logical sense of my Skyrim character somehow carrying three hundred pounds with no visible evidence of such. Still, I did my best to keep her stuffed to the absolute limit at all times. She wandered the city holding my arm, a dreamy expression on her face similar to a woman who’s pregnant. One day, we returned to our hotel room, the television replaced, and got back to watching random channels. About three hours in, she curled herself into a ball and rested her head on my lap. When I moved my arms to rub her back, I noticed her slow, steady breathing and realized that she was sleeping. I forgot whatever was happening on the TV as I marvelled at the cat-like creature warming herself against me. I brushed stray hair off her face and stroked it into place behind her shoulder. She was completely at peace; there was no hint of any stress on her angelic features. As my attention trailed down her graceful form, I noticed how soft her body was becoming. Petting her arm, I smiled at the squishing sensation against my fingers. The thin layer of fat over her triceps and biceps was like smooth velvet, and warm to the touch. Further down, I eyed the steadily-expanding ball that was her ass. Legs curled as they were, it only stuck out further. She was still wearing her white shorts, and still loved walking around with them unzipped, but I doubted she could zip them up anymore. What if she did? Her hips had widened at least an inch or two… would she have love handles? Candace’s body swelled with a deep, inhaled breath. She was probably waking up, but instead of getting up, she rubbed her head deeper into my lap. I smiled and turned my attention back to the commercials running on TV. Wasn’t I the luckiest man on Earth? There was nothing I would change about my life… that is, nothing I wouldn’t change that was already changing slowly but surely. “So our plane takes off tomorrow morning,” I noted. “Yep,” Candace sighed, peeling out of her clothes. I glanced across the hotel room towards Candace, her body silhouetted against the sunset in the window. Her arms struggled to unlatch the back-hook of her bra, the last item of clothing on her wonderful body. “Looks like it leaves at 9:52am,” I noted, glancing at my phone before pulling off my shirt. “I set the alarm for 6:00am, so we don’t have to start sleeping early. Fully naked, Candace leered over her shoulder at me. “Did you think I was going to let you sleep now?” “What do you have in mind…?” My question trailed off when she bent low, reaching below the bed for something. When she resurfaced, she flipped around and bounced onto the bed with her elbows. Something that looked like soap dispenser was in her hand. “Is that soap?” I asked stupidly. “This is oil,” Candace smiled, biting her lip seductively. “I bought this for the contest. You know, so I could make my whole body all smooth and shiny… but I guess this is as good a time to use it as any other.” “So…” I had trouble talking with Candace naked in broad daylight. She crept across the bed towards me, breasts swaying with each move. They looked like they were rapidly approaching C-cup size now, or maybe it was because gravity was pulling them down. Either way, what was I going to ask her again? “The oil… is it going to mess the bed?” “Oh, who cares!” she slumped flat across the bed’s middle. “Just start oiling me already.” “Sure,” I grinned as I grabbed the oil with a shaky hand. I straddled myself over her, sitting on her butt. I could feel her body fidget with anticipation as I squeezed the first bit of oil out and rubbed it between my hands. “Are you starting soon?” Candace mocked me as she pulled her hair off her own back. “You think this is my first time?” I leaned forward. “Please. You didn’t know what the oil was when you saw it.” “You got me there,” I shrugged. “But I still know what I’m doing…” I started with her shoulders, rubbing with my palms before digging in with my fingers. Tense muscles relaxed and my firm hands rocked her back and forth. “Mm… you sure you know what you’re doing?” her voice was muffled by the mattress. “I just have to do what you do to me, right? Lift your arms up…” I rubbed my hands down her arms, leaning low over her to reach her fingertips. I noted that in spite of her impressive strength, muscles were less defined now, coated lightly in a smooth sheen of squishable goodness. With her arms glistening, I scooted off her ass and rubbed her back, making her whole body rock with the force of each press. Now came the good stuff. Candace’s ass cheeks rose before me like dark, doughy eggs. To my delight, they had grown more than any other part of her. They had greatly surpassed her thighs, and even creased at the bottom. I lathered my hands with another dab of oil. “You ready or what?” Candace’s head turned impatiently. “This part will take a lot of time and attention,” I replied smoothly. “It better,” she said. I could tell that she was turned on, even though she was pretending to be irritable. “Try not to break it.” I lay my hands on her waist, sweeping down and around to the creases below. Her ass was a magnificent thing to handle. For over a month, I had watched it ripen from a tight, firm thing into a rounded, pliable double-mound. With a hold on each crease, I pushed her ass up, admiring its heft. I couldn’t help myself from squeezing every last inch of each cheek, pressing them against each other, then apart, up and down, round in circles. What impressive progress this ass of hers had made! Like rising dough, I would care for it, knead it, keep it happy, as it swelled and grew within my grasp… “Don’t forget the rest of me,” Candace cooed. “I’d like you to finish my front while I’m still awake…” Right. I made quick work of her legs. I would’ve taken longer, but didn’t want to miss out on what I realized was an opportunity of a lifetime: rubbing Candace’s belly. With her whole back glistening, I grabbed under one of her arms and flipped her over. She stared down her naked front at me, boobs jiggling. I rubbed my way up the front of her thighs, shifting up her body on my knees. When I reached her stomach, I sat back on her legs and paused to dab my hands with more oil. Her abs quivered as she giggled at me. My hands caressed the skin around her navel, rubbing up and down, squeezing experimentally as I discreetly searched for softness. The fat on her hips was spreading up her sides, adding breadth to itself. Meanwhile, her abs were still rock solid, but perhaps… yes, the line that used to cut from her pecs down towards her groin only reached her navel now. The slightest hint of micro-pudge had found its way below her belly button! Yes! It was starting! She lifted herself up to a sitting position, talking me by surprise. Her pert breasts jutted forward, nipples brushing against me. “But I’m not done yet,” I said as she held onto my arms. I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts – my unfinished handiwork. “You took too long,” she grinned as she plucked the oil from my hand. She poured a small bit over my own chest, rubbing enthusiastically. When her hands reached my stomach, she paused, breathing deeply. “You have abs now.” “I always had abs.” She stared back at me and rolled her eyes. Her hands, though, lingered. After a moment’s silence, she shook her head. “It’s too soon.” “What? Having abs?” “Your fat percentage should be just high enough to hide them. That makes it easier for you to put on more muscle.” “Is that so?” I reached for her breasts with my oiled hands and gave them a hearty squeeze. “Then you should take me out to eat more often.” She wrapped her arms around me and pulled close. “Let’s figure out how to get oiled before thinking about other problems.” She leaned me back further and further, until I lost my balance and was on my back. I stared up into her eyes, her breasts swaying at the edge of my vision. “I guess you’re going to try oiling me without using your hands?” Slowly, she leaned down, laying her body atop mine. She never answered my question.
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    Butt Gains?

    Ever heard of Mulher Melancia? She's an absolute Brazilian babe.
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    A Matter of Time

    This is one of my favourite stories on this site ❤️
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    RIP tumblr

  13. >_< 0_0

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    That’s such high praise 😖😁 I’ll try to keep it from getting to my head! I just love this story so much
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    So the weight went to her lips.
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    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    I really, really want to draw more for this story, but I got two roommates and I need to protect my secret identity... Chapter Nineteen Safely back in our dishevelled room, Candace began a string of calls on the room’s landline with the contest’s staff to try and get an idea of what to do next. Meanwhile, I connected to the hotel’s WiFi and immediately started getting notifications of texts asking if I was alright and several emails – one of which made me pause before opening it. It was from our airline. “Hey… Candace?” I looked towards her as she interrogated whoever was on the other end of her call. Behind her was the window, where I could see plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky. “One second… what is it Cody? I’m in the middle of an important call.” “Our flight’s been delayed by three days.” “What?” “The whole airport’s delayed by three days…” “What the hell… excuse me, sir, I’m going to have to call you back…” Candace ended the call and immediately began dialling again. “Cody, why is this happening to me?” “They’re probably using the airport for emergency supplies,” I shrugged. “That’s not what I mean. Hold on… hey Boss? It’s me. Yeah, you saw the news? Yeah… that’s exactly what happened…” I suddenly realized that I had to call my own boss, but couldn’t because cell service was so bad. I resorted to using the WiFi to text him. It went over better than I thought; he was actually worried that I had died! Once that was out of the way, I texted a string of friends and relations to explain my situation. With that out of the way, I surfed the internet reading a live feed of the unfolding disaster. The fire looked pretty bad, but it couldn’t be that hard containing it in the city. Meanwhile, Candace called all her clients one by one. About ten minutes into her calls, she mentioned a name that made my ears perk. “Hannah,” she said softly. “I’m so sorry, but I’m stuck in LA… oh, don’t worry about that… haha! Yeah, I miss you too… hit legs today while I’m gone, okay? Okay… bye.” “How’s she doing?” I asked curiously. “She’s alright. She says she’ll miss our lunch visits at her restaurant, by the way.” I walked up and gave her a hug. “It could’ve been so much worse… you mentioned lunch? Why don’t we go out and find something to eat?” She squeezed me harder, breasts squishing against my chest. “I’d like that. Anything to get my mind off of this. Just let me make two more calls and we can get out of this half-destroyed room.” About an hour later, an Uber dropped us off at Red Lobster. It was only after we had entered the place and were seated that I realized she had let me pick where to eat for the first time… ever. Maybe that meant something, maybe not. In the meantime, I browsed the menu while ignoring the cracked windows and faint scent of smoke in the air. Candace buried her face into her own menu, until all I could see were her furrowed eyebrows and glowering, hazel eyes. “I’m so sorry about what happened,” I told her as she stared intently at the menu. “I know you were really looking forward to winning that contest.” She rolled her eyes and looked at me, expression softening. “It’s okay. I’m fine.” “I mean, you prepared for so long…” She closed her eyes and shook her head with a faint smile. “I hated it.” I blinked. “What? What do you mean?” “I was cutting way too long. It was fucking up my training regimen and… see, your body’s not supposed to cut for so long. I told you having washboard abs isn’t natural, right?” “I think so? You mentioned you’re at your peak when you bulk.” “Something like that, yeah. I mean, it’s not that I wasn’t healthy cutting for so long, but I had less energy, couldn’t work out as hard as I wanted, and just felt like ass.” She looked as if she wanted to say something more, but the waitress arrived, interrupting her train of thought. “How is everything?” the waitress asked cheerfully. “Can I get you anything to drink?” “Yeah, I’d like a water… actually, I’m ready to order. Can I have a lobster?” “Our lobster tank broke in the earthquake, but if you don’t mind eating it if it’s from the freezer…” “Sure,” I nodded, looking at Candace to show her I was done ordering. With a deep breath, Candace unfolded her menu and pointed at an item. “I’d like the Admiral’s Feast, and… get me this cocktail?” “Alright,” the waitress took notes. “Is that everything?” I glanced from Candace to the waitress, confused. “Uh, can you add a second cocktail for me?” “Sure. Anything else?” “That’s it,” Candace grinned. “For now.” The moment the waitress left, I leaned into the table towards Candace, eyes wide with disbelief. “What was that?” “What, Cody?” Candace leaned confidently back against her seat, arms folded. “You know I hate salad. Remember? My family is still making fun of me.” “I’m just not used to you eating so much!” “I’m a gym freak,” Candace shrugged boisterously, arms outstretched. “I lift, eat, and sleep. I usually eat a ton.” “Really? You keep track of what you eat so much that I never would’ve guessed that.” “I’m just balancing my food groups. You really thought I’d be a leaf-eater forever? Just you wait. Cutting season is over. Time to celebrate! You’re about to see the real Candace.” “Hulk Candace?” I asked coyly. She laughed. “I bet I can finish eating before you.” I could only shake my head in disbelief. “I’ll take that bet!” This was too good to be true! First an earthquake-orgasm and now this? Was I dreaming? The food came a few minutes after that. If you don’t know, the Admiral’s Feast is a gigantic dish of fried shrimp, fried chicken, French fries, broccoli, sauce, and a split potato filled with butter and gravy. It was easily enough calories to fulfil a day’s worth of Candace’s diet when she was cutting – not that my lobster wasn’t that much smaller. I stared at her through the steam wafting over our food. “Are you ready?” She began devouring her feast with ravenous passion. Shit, I was falling behind! I immediately began trying to pry apart my lobster’s shell to start eating and ended up making a clumsy mess. Distant memories of my last attempt to eat a lobster came to mind, and I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to win the race. I did discover clever ways to pull meat out of the legs without breaking them, but by that time, she was leaning her head over crossed fingers, elbows on the table. Her plate was picked clean – even the shrimp-tails had vanished. “Almost done with that?” she asked dreamily. “Give me a few minutes,” I struggled prying open one of the claws. “Holy shit, Candace. Just when I think I know you…” “You know you lost bigtime,” she interrupted. “Yeah?” “That means you buy.” “…yeah.” “And I want dessert.” “Me too. Uh…” my brain froze trying to calculate how much money all this seafood cost. “Any idea what they have here?” “I’ll order while you put that lobster away,” Candace plucked the dessert menu from the table’s corner. “We can share one.” Scrambling my feeder-brain’s wits, I prodded her further. “I didn’t have as much food as you; can you just get two? I’ll have whatever you have.” “Sure,” she said to my delight. “You have no idea how hungry I am right now.” “Really hungry?” “No idea. You’ve never cut before, so you’ve never felt constant pangs from your stomach like I am right now. Last time I stopped cutting I ate 5,000 calories in one day.” “Oh my God,” I laughed. “You’ve cut for over a month now; you think you’ll break that record today?” “It’s been too long,” she shook her head. “My stomach shrank too much to… hey, waiter? Can you get us two of these cheesecake slices? Thank you so much!” Two cheesecake slices and two cocktails later, we were finally finished. The joy of watching Candace gorge herself was almost good enough to make me overlook the eighty-three-dollar check I signed (tipped to ninety dollars despite my better judgement). Oh well, it’s not like I was poor. We left the restaurant in high spirits, Candace’s stomach bulging noticeably under her shirt. “What now?” she asked, wrapping her arm around my own. “We got time to kill. Ever seen the Hollywood letters?” Hours later, we were behind letter “y.” The city sprawled endlessly before us, smoke wafting from a small area in its centre. Haze shrouded the horizon, though I doubted we’d be able to see the edge of the city without it. Earthquake or not, it was breath-taking. I couldn’t help but hug Candace close to me as we looked on. “The bikini contest wasn’t even my idea,” Candace blurted. A moment passed before I prying my gaze away from the cityscape and looked her in the eyes. “You didn’t tell me that either.” “It was my boss,” she shrugged. “Honestly, I made fun of the little stick-figures that go to shows like that, but I was cutting anyway, I’m the best trainer we got, and – you know – I’d represent our gym better than anyone else. So… yeah. I mean, I’m upset I won’t be hauling a trophy back with us, but at least it’s over.” I kissed the top of her head, rubbing her shoulder. “I’m glad it’s over too. Eating a huge amount while you don’t is kind of awkward, you know. It’s weird to keep eating while you’re already done. Does that make sense?” She leaned her head into the side of my chest. “Well, we’re both bulking now, so that’s over. I’ll show you how it’s done.” “Yeah,” I blushed. “Who knows? Maybe there’s another contest out there for you.” “Whatever it is, I’m on it.”
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