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  1. $12.99

    Fat Christmas Piggy

    I've been such an extra greedy pig over Christmas, and I cant wait to show it off! In this clip I show off all my extra festive pounds in some brand new red lingerie. Jiggling my belly, and showing you just how wide i'm getting, and how my belly is hanging lower and lower! Even though i'm so stuffed, i just can't help myself and just have to stuff some more chocolate in my chubby face. I am so close to being 200lbs, i'm definitely a fat Christmas porker! 

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  2. $5.99

    Belly play in tight lingerie

    In this clip I play with all my soft jiggly fat, showing you all my new rolls and how much fatter i'm getting. I show off my thick thighs and wide ass for you too. This lingerie set is just getting tighter and tighter, I just can't stop growing! 

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  3. $20.00

    Stuffing in my tight Red dress

    Watch me eat greasy pizza and mozzarella sticks as I stuff my belly full in this 28 minute long clip! I rub my belly while I eat in a dress which is two sizes too small, burping and washing it down with coke. Once I've finally eaten everything I show off just how greedy I've been, from all angles, playing with and jiggling my swollen belly. 

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