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  1. engordador

    Combat Sports/Martial Arts

    Go Jose aldo !!!
  2. engordador

    Do you like football (soccer) ?

    Olimpiadas 2012 Futebol Brasil 3×2 Egito 26 07 2012
  3. engordador

    Do you like football (soccer) ?

    best off neymar, very cool !
  4. engordador

    Do you like football (soccer) ?

    Talking about football in Brazil, is taken very seriously ... We are more than 100 million fans. I introduce the team of Santos, where he played the king Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento). I give my life for the Santos. LIBERTADORES OF AMERICA Neymar won the prize for best goal in the world last year and this year will compete with these two amazing goals against major international Fc, first goal 00 at 2:07, second goal 02:07 at end of vídeo. this show is one of the saints, I was there watching the famous VILLAGE BELMIRO (Vila belmiro) Santos 8x0 Bolivar "Show de Neymar" Copa Libertadores 2012 If you root for any team, he shows, talk shows and a few flights of the best players, I love to know more about football.
  5. engordador

    Mariesther Venegas

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nice !!!!!
  6. engordador

    Trisha Paytas

    i love this girl, so hot
  7. engordador

    Welcome back friends.

    the best forum is back