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  1. Hey bois and gurls! I'm trying to think of what to do next as clip, leave suggestions below~!

    1. SeanRodz


      You could make a video complaining about the things you have to deal with being fat now then when you were thin 

  2. I kinda wanna make a group of feeders friends that just like to hang and game with me. Hang talk about how fat I need to be and pushing me to eat. Maybe hit me up here and I can add you on discord and we can talk about other things too!

    Gif because I love this view of my belly ~

    1. Ramman25


      What’s your discord channel?

    2. Melli


      hit me up in dms first Ramman

    3. Ramman25
  3. Version 1

    Hey! 'm running a 24 hour sale as this clip just released get it now before it goes back up! After a long day of being lazy and laying around, it's time for Melli's daily stuffing, aka dinner. Ordering Subway 2 foot longs and a few cookies, Melli sets to work on eating the food away and down into her stomach. Struggling to get through the meal. Watch every bite with this clip!


  4. Version 1.0.0

    Melli get's a bit excited when opening up a box of chocolates. Jiggling and playing with her belly makes her excited.