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  1. Holy dead thread. So, I do have updates, I'll give you guys the 411 on that new addition to my stable. So a few years back, I met a lady with an old Cressida up at the grocery store by my house. Since then, I have been the only person to turn a wrench on it. She has a nice Jaguar and a Land Rover, but prefers this old Cressida! Another car of hers, is an '84 Supra she bought new fresh out of college. It got sidelined in 2011 due to a clutch issue. Last week she called me up to fix a radio issue in the Cressida, and mentioned needing to make space in her driveway. She also mentioned that she would like to see the Supra go to me. She mentioned that she would like to see it go to me, and would $500 be a fair price? Within the hour, the GMC RV towpig was three blocks from my house, loading a Supra in a U-Haul car transporter. It took me five minutes to pull the Cressida radio, and fix a plug issue, if you were wondering. The back glass was broken, about 15 years ago. Back then, it was cheaper replace the entire hatch, so a rusty Celica hatch went on the car. Fast forward to today, it has some sizable rust holes in it. Same in the sunroof. It was left half open all this time, which luckily did not cause the floors to rust out. Last week, I was down San Diego I put my surfboard racks on my little Toyota Celica, went to the junkyard, and pulled a rust-free hatch from an '85 Celica. I found a correct Supra spoiler for it, and on the top of my little Celica it went! I was having a serious idle issue, and the car would instantly stall out after it started up. I replaced the air flow meter on Friday as soon as I got back up here from San Diego. Car ran like a champ after that. The next issue I tackled, was the stuck sunroof the tracks were full of rust and grime and it would not even move. That same 85 Celica that gave me the hatch, also donated a sunroof, and sunroof track assembly. I took the sunroof track assembly to work with me this past week, ran it through my parts washer, and then used some lithium grease on the cables. I installed the sunroof and the track assembly this morning, and it moved by hand! I was just the marking to Melinda a few weeks back about how the next hot rod is going to have air conditioning, power windows, and cruise control. This Supra checks all those boxes. I have looked at a 1970 Chrysler a few months back, and passed on it for the reason that it didn't have power windows or cruise control. This car is everything that I wished the Celica was, (NOT getting rid of my Kyusha road warrior!) Refined, smooth, quiet, and damn fast! Future plans include repainting the hatch and sunroof, installing new tires, fixing and recharging the AC system, and driving the crap out of it!
  2. Beach day?



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    2. Mike Rotch

      Mike Rotch

      Indeed; the Mk II seldom gets the respect it deserves.  Because the Mk III was so bloated and floaty, people seem to think that all Supras prior to the Mk IV were terrible, when in fact the Mk II was a very well-balanced car.

    3. Mike Rotch

      Mike Rotch

      By the way, is it actually an MA61 (JDM/European model), or an MA67?  All Mk IIs regardless of market have MA61 stamped on the firewall, but the VIN on an original US-market car should end with MA67.

    4. KFD


      It's an MA67. I tell people that, and they get all confused!

  3. Got to bang gears in the newest rustbucket yesterday. It's fast!


  4. Erica Lauren

    Yeah, Erica Lauren.
  5. Good morning, denizens of Curvage. It's that a-hole moderator who likes fast cars, and griping into his cheap Burboun about potato-assed whiners. 

    There is a certain amount of degeneracy that comes with a website like this. Everyone has their own taste, and that's perfectly acceptable. What really gets my ire, however, is when I have to modify separate two posts containing underage content before I had my coffee!


    That includes children nursing their mother, or that high school senior who just gained 2 pounds from her sophomore year. Don't care if that teenager is a legal adult, that is too close to call for us, and we are not in the business of dealing child porn.

    1. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      @KFD Yeah...most of society sees us as weird and creepy enough, as is.  We don't need to be delving into those territories that could land @SJ707 in the slammer.

  6. The freshman photos she was clearly underage. So no dude. Don't post high school girls. Wait six months until she's out, @hhh
  7. @hhh, I'm a little floored I have to tell you posting high schoolers won't fly here... I'll ask you nicely to refrain from repeating that action only once.
  8. My videos(not sure if this goes here)

    Got your six, @Jabba Desilijic Tiure
  9. My videos(not sure if this goes here)

    How about the hobbies section, @Jabba Desilijic Tiure? This is fine here with me, but if this is your photography, hobbies would fit...
  10. Erica Lauren

    What a beautiful specimen of future ex wife. A famous Ben Franklin aphorism is "Beer is proof God loves us." I think we can substitute beer for a curvy, Amazonian vixen.
  11. Come on let's cruise, we've got nothing to lose. Hey baby come on, put yourself in gear, Still Cruisin after all of these years...


    1. taco434343


      RA40 on watanabes hnnnnnnng. Is this yours?

    2. taco434343


      @KFD what other Toyota forums are you a part of? I'm a pretty huge Toyota enthusiast myself been building a JZX100 for a while 

    3. KFD


      @taco434343, yes it is. I'm on most of the big Toyota forums, with the same KFD handle. There's a lot more photos of this thing on Instagram, @_kfd_, with the #bestdamnra43celicaintown hashtag. Did you see the MA61 I just got?!

      JZX100s are rad cars. Wish we had them here in the states.

  12. This is me we're talking about, so you should expect nothing less. But I happen to pick up a new toy this weekend!


    1. KFD


      *Happened. Fuck you, speech-to-text.

    2. taco434343


      I love me some A60 celicas. Been thinking about picking up an 85 notchback gts and doing a beams swap.

  13. To necropost, or not to necropost...

    Lolwut? I'll suspend your posting privileges to make you rethink your rethinking.
  14. It's been nine years since I put up my right hand, and took an oath to defend all enemies, foreign and domestic. I've had lots of adventures, and forged some great friendships. I'm about to embark on a new chapter in life, and I can't wait!!


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    2. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      You're a braver man than I, Kelly.  I'm thankful that I'll never be eligible for a draft, but exponentially more thankful towards those who voluntarily put their lives on the line to protect us.  #respect

    3. prince of fools

      prince of fools

      You were a Seabee?

    4. KFD


      @prince of fools, still am.

      @Jabba Desilijic Tiure: thanks dude!

      @riptoryx: purple, man. Purple.