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  1. Paula Lambert

    Yesterday in german TV
  2. Cute Cheerleader Girl 2014 + 2015 (getting chubbier)

    A cute double chin is forming too
  3. Oana Lis

    Looks like the pounds are creeping back at Oana
  4. Lil' Kim

    Some more Lil Kim from this event
  5. Lil' Kim

    Nice rolls and extra chin
  6. Paula Lambert

    And its showing in her face pretty good too
  7. Paula Lambert

    Wow ist die fett geworden Video von November 2017, ab 6.40 min. There is an old thread about Paula Lambert
  8. Biggest celebrity gain

    To show the younger guys what a big theme it was here some smugly print articles gloating about Anitas weight gain and some pics of the expanding sexbomb
  9. Biggest celebrity gain

    Best celeb gain ever was Anita Ekberg in the 70s The famous sexbomb of the early 60s got fat rapidly IN the mid 70s and nearly everybody enjoyed It
  10. Liza Tarbuck

    Oh my God, she has become frigging huge. I want to see her reaction when I crawl her doube chin and ask her if it could be possible that she has gained a little bit.
  11. Liza Tarbuck

    Wow, die she become fat
  12. Trisha Yearwood

    NMusst be a Minimum 30lbs gain between 2014 and 2017
  13. Trisha Yearwood

    Becoming fat with Age
  14. Mihaela Borcea

    I can't believe how she has ballooned up. Giant tits, a big Butt, massiv gut, chubby Cheeks and double chin. I dont know what she has done but it took her less than a year to become fat as a howitzer. In Christie Borceas Case I would takeher back.
  15. Mihaela Borcea

    Finally some new Mihaela Borcea pics