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  1. hottyzwazwe


    Rihanna the Michelin woman
  2. hottyzwazwe

    Dominika Gwit

  3. hottyzwazwe

    Anna Netrebko

    That means she will become fat soon?
  4. hottyzwazwe

    Anna Netrebko

    Nice face gain visible now
  5. hottyzwazwe

    Celeb weight gain from the menopause

    Joanna.Kurowska. polish actress, turned 50 and pfffffft......
  6. hottyzwazwe

    Smriti Irani- Indian actress turned politician

    A nice fat storage under her tongue there
  7. hottyzwazwe

    Celeb weight gain from the menopause

    Pics in weighty order
  8. hottyzwazwe

    Celeb weight gain from the menopause

    Mihaela Tatu, TV anchor from Romania. At age 40 she started slowly gaining weight, a few years later and 10kg heavier she got axed from her daily TV show. Then she was sitting lazy on her ass at home and gained another 20kg in only 8 month. Meanwhile she lost most of the added pounds. She has a thread here on board.
  9. hottyzwazwe

    Lil' Kim

    That ass is getting wide
  10. hottyzwazwe

    Paula Lambert

    Yesterday in german TV
  11. hottyzwazwe

    Cute Cheerleader Girl 2014 + 2015 (getting chubbier)

    A cute double chin is forming too
  12. hottyzwazwe

    Oana Lis

    Looks like the pounds are creeping back at Oana
  13. hottyzwazwe

    Lil' Kim

    Some more Lil Kim from this event
  14. hottyzwazwe

    Lil' Kim

    Nice rolls and extra chin
  15. hottyzwazwe

    Paula Lambert

    And its showing in her face pretty good too