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  1. hottyzwazwe

    Beauty with Wide Thighs

    There is a nice fat storage under her tongue now 😁
  2. hottyzwazwe

    Samhita Mukhopadhyay - Journalist and Activist

    She is quite a load for the chair in the last pic. 😂 Looks like Somebody exploded
  3. hottyzwazwe

    Demi Lovato

    We need pics and not blabla, it is told that Demi gained 22kg but no pics so far. Thr nationalenquirer link doesn't work outside the US
  4. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj

    From facebook telling herself she is thicker than peanut butter 😁
  5. hottyzwazwe

    Patricia Arquette

    They made her too ugly in this series. I liked her most in CSI Cyber
  6. hottyzwazwe

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Looks like belly overtakes boobs soon 😁
  7. hottyzwazwe

    Demi Lovato

    coke bloat?
  8. hottyzwazwe

    2018 chubby & cute Bikini girls

    Girl 3 is perfect, a fat paunch and some boobs sinking faster than the Titanic
  9. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj

    MTV Europe Music Award 2018, Bilbao, Spain
  10. hottyzwazwe

    Kristen Johnston

    So it's real that we can say Kristen is fat as fuck?
  11. hottyzwazwe

    Kristen Johnston

    Want to know that too. I k ow she gained a good amount of weight after 3rd rock of the sun. But I know too that she lost it all. So it would be a pleasure if it is real.
  12. hottyzwazwe

    Kylie Jenner

    The brewery horse gen is waiting for the breakthrough
  13. hottyzwazwe

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

  14. hottyzwazwe

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Wow, that's quite a difference already. Has she noticed herself?
  15. hottyzwazwe

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Good time for packing on some pounds