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  1. hottyzwazwe

    50s, 60s and 70s bombshells who got fat in later years

    Former greek first lady Mimi Papandreou is a nice and lardy milk tanker now
  2. hottyzwazwe

    Flabby Blonde Outside Bathroom

    Oh no I would like to know her size and pay for it repeating that when she has outgrown the new one.
  3. hottyzwazwe

    Flabby Blonde Outside Bathroom

    Yes, then I woulf like to go with hrr bying a new skirt. 😁
  4. hottyzwazwe

    Flabby Blonde Outside Bathroom

    I would really like to tell her that she's a size up and needs a new skirt 😎
  5. hottyzwazwe

    Christina Aguilera

    We have her like we always wanted her
  6. hottyzwazwe

    Christina Aguilera

    Space for a lot of lbs in it 😁
  7. hottyzwazwe

    Christina Aguilera

    Better to show off in some kind of tents these days. 😎
  8. hottyzwazwe

    Rita Muresan ex-Miss Romania

    Rita now confirmed to have gained 30 kilos in a bit more than a year Cool face gain Rita
  9. hottyzwazwe

    Paula Lambert

    Here are the vids I was talking about
  10. hottyzwazwe

    Dominika Gwit

    Fatter and fatter 😎
  11. hottyzwazwe

    Tia Carrere

    Her face puffed up
  12. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj

    I am not quite sure if it is gloating or somewhat jealous from Rita Ora as she is staring at Nickis boobies there.
  13. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj

    More Nicki Minaj pics spilling out of her corset at the Versace fashion show in Milano, incl. the stunning Rita Ora who can't believe her eyes how big Nickis boobies have become. 😎
  14. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj

    Here at the Versace fashion show Rita Ora seems to think Wow have you gotten fat by looking at Nicki Minaj.
  15. hottyzwazwe

    Nicki Minaj