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  1. Told my on and off gf my fetish..

    And still hot
  2. The Expansion of Emily

    Your description of your plot was as exciting as the story itself.
  3. Girlfriend How To Gain Weight?

    From my experience, she will probably be more likely to overeat if you join her in the process.
  4. Wanting To Fatten Girlfriend

    assuming you're being genuine, I wholeheartedly encourage you to open up and you might be surprised about the outcome of the conversation
  5. Wanting To Fatten Girlfriend

    A really crazy idea would be maybe um talking to her about it?
  6. Girlfriend How To Gain Weight?

    liquid calories are the most easily consumed
  7. Do YOU like to be fat?

    Try to put a little more detail in your posts next time
  8. How can I get my GF to gain a little weight

    Don't forget the hummus 😉
  9. Don't you ever get tired of winning the day? Some people never learn to share LOL

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      Ha ha I've not won one in 2 days 🙁

    2. monhall


      All she does is win, win, win, no matter what...

  10. This story souds familiar lol...

    Fantasy feeder. .. the kidnapping

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      Omg! It actually does! I love this story tho ☺️