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  1. Version 1.0.0

    Laura is taking too serious the idea of do some exercise and as the huge pig that she is... the sports clothes are something that she doesn’t have, so today she is trying some XL clothes; leggings, sports bra, jackets and pants, that are really tight and works very well to show us her huge muffin top, legs and her enormous belly


  2. Hello wonderful curvage family!!!… 

    This weekend is gonna be really good, I will upload many pictures that I took at the beach and also a really good video is coming... 💋








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    2. regbill


      Looking gorgeous,young lady!!!❤️ 

    3. renatobrazil


      You are a goddess!!! Looking very beautiful and curvy. :) 

    4. Bag1980


      Loving how Big your getting! Dream of rubbing lotion on such a Curvy Beauty!

  3. Version 1.0.0

    This is a classic burping video where Laura used 1.5 litres of soda to inflate her belly and produce a lot of burps. There’s nothing more sexy than saw how her belly grows during the video and how she show us that her jeans can’t contain her fat belly anymore.


  4. Version 1.0.0

    It's January, and Laura goes to her annual medical checking, where you are the doctor, with a hidden love for fat women. Since the beginning, you can appreciate that Laura is really different, totally a hot pig with a huge muffin top and an enormous belly. You start an interview where you are going to listen to a really good fat talk and where she told you all the problems that she has as a fat woman and how people reacts in front of her, during all the interview you note that in Laura’s mind she is in a perfectly content with her weight, and that turns you on, even more. She shows you her stretch marks and now you are wishing to know the Laura’s weight, so you convinced her to go to the scale, where Laura and you are gonna know the reality of her big fat body.


  5. Heeey... good night!!!



    .me after a good Mexican dinner 😘💋


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    2. degek2001


      Wow, beautiful belly! ❤️ Henk

    3. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      You seem to be happy to be fat. 😍

    4. Chimaira10


      Hello there beautifull? Your belly is looking amazing as always and you still growing 😍😍😘

  6. Version 1.0.0

    Many angles of her big belly and a enormous pig stuffing her self... Laura is looking for her keys when she found a cake ... in her intent of mantain her diet, Laura decided that maybe just a little bit of that cake is not gonna be a problem, but the reality is that the problem is the zero control that she has. ‘After the first bit, Laura decided to cut another pice of cake and drink some milk... then she try’s to stop but is impossible, Laura is a Pig and once that she started to stuffing herself nothing can stopped her.


  7. Version 1.0.0

    Hi, it’s me, Laura... I’m pretty sure that you are gonna be extremely happy with this video... You are gonna watch me trying and modeling the clothes that I wore on my first video and others that are part of my beginning here as a Curvage model... the changes are notorious, everything is super tight and looks really small. Almost 6 months ago that clothes was perfect on me but now... well you will watch how different I am.


  8. Version 1.0.0

    A lot of stuffing videos, pizzas, hamburgers and beers has been the diet of Laura during the past November and now she’s wondering if she, maintain or gain weight?… In this video you will watched the Christmas outfits that Laura is planing to wear and she is also gonna share you some changes that she has been noted in her body, how clothes is a problem and at the end you will watch the weight of Laura...


  9. acdc34434

    Laura’s bath time

    Version 1.0.0

    Is bath time and Laura wants that you be there to show you how small looks her bathtub with she inside... She enjoys her bath playing with her bellyand stuffing herself with protein... just to maintain her big and fat shape that definitely is bigger!!. Laura massage her huge body and shows you how big is her butt, breast, legs and arms. The change in Laura’s body has been amazing and this time you will see that she is the good example of how a good pig looks.


  10. Version 1.0.0

    The story started a day ago, when Laura recibe a weird gift but really useful, a Huge mirror that she will use to check her entire body, but what she doesn’t know is that her fabulous gift is a fake mirror, a mirror that we are going to use to spying her, to view all the time her big body. Today, Laura is getting ready for a date and her routine is always started with make up and then a massage for her entire body with body lotion and as all the women she use this moment to inspect her fat body. She started with a bad feeling from the mirror but ... wherever... first she massage her chubby feet and the demonstration of how hard is that for she is more than hot, moaning she moves to massage her legs, and watching her self at the mirror she plays and check how jiggly are... Then she massage her butt... yes the first thing that she notes are her cellulitis... again that bad feeling, but she ignore it when she started to play with her belly... At the end we are going to watch that beautiful green dress that is extremely tight on her enormous body... also, we are gonna watch another demonstration of how her belly is a problem when she is trying to reach her feet.


  11. Version 1.0.0

    You are Laura’s boyfriend and you has been making that she gain weight as crazy, but in secret and now she is a big fat pork. This time you convinced Laura that you have a “remedy’”... a proteins shake to lose weight!!, but you know that she will only gain more and more lbs. Laura is ready to follow your advice and drink the proteins. She started showing you how big is her body. Is notorious that her belly is immense and her jeans are super tight... you are front of Laura and you are encouraging she to end a bottle of protein and then another one. Her clothes are tighter so, she put out her jeans and shirt, and stay on her sexy tight underwear. You can’t believe how a pig is she and how hot she looks when she massage her belly with oil... Laura, after a month of been drinking the proteins, she is ready to check how much weight she lost... the true is that she is bigger than ever, but does she suspected about your plan, or not?


  12. acdc34434

    Trying new clothes

    Version 1.0.0

    Laura is getting bigger, that’s why she needs new clothes and a new bigger size, so she is ready to try many different jeans and t-shirts. You need to be aware that Laura, is still thinking that her size is XL, so she is gonna have a surprise when she try to put all that extra fat in that XL (or even L) size jeans. Her muffin top is immense, her legs are definitely bigger, and her belly is rounded, huge and soft.


  13. acdc34434

    Burping pork

    Version 1.0.0

    Laura insists on wearing that tight piggy pyjamas ... and actually, she enjoys how her huge belly try’s to fit ... anyway... That big body is obviously thanks to all the stuffings but also to beers, oh She loves beers. She started trying to wear her pyjamas, then she eats a bunch of Chinese food with delicious beers... after a beer, Laura knows that the pyjamas are super tight so she put her belly out of the pyjamas and continue feeding her belly and burping again and again. Belly, breast, butt... all her fat is gonna be played by she. Delicious, right?


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Laura Fatty, always stuffing with no cutscenes. You are in front of Laura, and she is ready to turn you on with a huge and amazing stuffing... yes!, hamburgers, sodas, nuggets, french fries... all the pack that you was waiting. She started tasting a little bit of french fries, then to eat as much she can... eating as the big sexy woman that she is, biting the hamburgers is totally hot, and once that she knows that her belly is bigger she plays with her sexy fat, breast and belly bottom... that pig is hot. Playing with you, she decided to strips and continue eating. At this point you can see that her belly is enormous, and heavy... she can’t even move herself self very well but Laura wants that you definitely turn on so she try’s hard to play with her fat, eat even more and show you how fat she can be.


  15. Version 1.0.0

    Laura is you delicious feedee and today she is gonna eat just for you a lot of ice cream, with her particular style to do a little mess... obviously, because she is a pork. She started showing you how big is her body and how round is her belly... then, with that huge eyes, seduced you to stay watching how she eat that ice cream. She add some whipped cream to her feast and chocolate sauce. She loves to massage her fat belly and she use whipped cream to do it. Once that she is full, she shows you how her immense belly grows...


  16. Version 1.0.0

    Laura is a beautiful pork and just because you love how she looks covered by chocolate ... she decided make your wishes come true. Laura’s body is huge and she eats as a real pork 12 grassy donuts for you, and covered her body with chocolate milk ... her belly looks round and beautiful, the ways she played with all her fat are delicious and her big beautiful eyes are all the time inviting you to enjoy her sexy stuffing... Be a good feeder and enjoy the mess.


  17. Version 1.0.0

    19 min for only 14.99… enjoy me!! 💋 ”I know that you love watch me eat as the pig that I am, that is why today you will enjoy watching me eat almost 2 kilograms of pasta and 2.500 litres of protein. During our dinner I will talk with you about how my clothes are tighter, I will play with my delicious fat and I will talk about some experiences that I have been living as a fat pig. Also, you will watched how my belly grown during the diner, how round and heavy is, plus how I can’t continue. Ready for our dinner?”


  18. Version 1.0.0

    Your girlfriend, Laura, is getting ready for your date, but when you enter to her room and saw how sexy and tight she looks, you can’t control your self and you only wants to feed that delicious body. You won that Laura play with her fat and eat 2 cans of whipped cream before to go out... Laura plays with her belly, and boobs...she looks so hot when she eat the cream with her fingers and do eyes contact with you... the jeans was tight but now, now she cant wear it, so she put it outs and then.... she shows you how jiggly is her belly. Once that she ends the cream, she just wanted to show you how she is gonna look for your date, so she tried her favourite blue T-shirt, yes, that one that you know is too small for she. But she is decided to probed that you are wrong... And wear it for your date.


  19. Version 1

    Laura’s feeder has the best surprise for Laura... a forced stuffing. And as I said, is a surprise. She wakes up with a band covering her eyes and completely moored. She don’t know what is going on but then he’s feeder start to play with her belly and showing how big is his pork, for sure, you are part of this and he knows... that’s why he shows you how round and soft is Laura’s belly. Then, her feeder star to feed Laura, a huge container of pasta and 4 cans of beer are the feast. But Laura don’t want to eat, because she knows that is going to be until she can’t any more... well, she is a pig and she needs to eat as a pig so, her feeder continues with more and more pasta, more beers and more belly play. Once that Laura ends all the food and beers, the feeder allows Laura to be free of play with her immense belly and her huge body and as a good pork, after that feast, she goes to take a nap... fortunately, her feeder is there to show you how her delicious body looks during her nap.


  20. Version 1

    If you has been waiting for a good belly play and many burps from Laura, this is your video. Laura shares with you the reason why her belly is really big, yes, beers. Definitely is a huge fan of beers and easily you can watch how her belly tours bigger and bigger with every can. Since the beginning she started to burping; long burps, small ones and noisy burps, and how can’t she burp a lot if she is a big pig gaining a lot weight.


  21. Version 1

    ... just after Laura stopped to eat pizza, she is little afraid of her weight, so she decided to check if that meal made a change on her weight. Obviously Laura is shocked by the number and she massage her belly thinking about it... but she decided to be a happy pork and enjoy her big body. She celebrated her curves with ice cream.


  22. Version 1.0.0

    You and Laura knows that her body looks gigantic, that her size changed a long time ago, and her weight has been a mystery for more than 2 months. Well, today that big pig, is ready to check her progress, and, as always, she wants to share this with you. Does she finally reached her goal?… Are you ready for that new number? After both of you know the huge number... Laura is going to give you a nice fat talk, a trying clothes, and a nice belly play...


  23. Version 1

    “Your wishes are orders”!!… You’re gonna watch my first public stuffing!!, It was recorded in a public park and it was really exiting... this is just the first part, literally, “to be continued” Watch it and enjoy as much I am 🐽✨


  24. Version 1.0.0

    Finally my first video and I’m so exciting!! If you really wanna know who is Laura Fatty, this is your video.


  25. acdc34434

    Trying new clothes

    For sure 😉😉😉