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Found 162 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is 9st.. her waist is tiny, her arms are skin n bone, her small titties are barely visible in her low cut leotard and her legs are like pencils!! Shar walks up and down the field trying to show off her curves but she doesn't have many.. she touches her rake thin body and shakes her tiny waist, she scoffs her face and gives ya a sexy lil dance. Keep watching cos Shar suddenly transforms 3st heavier!! **DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THIS CLIP OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REWIND TO WATCH THIS TRANSFORMATION** Shar swings her thicker legs side to side, looks down at her bigger body and jumps off the kitchen side, Shar lands heavier than ever.. Note - No screenshots have been taken from the first 3 minutes of this clip! GS x X


  2. Version 1.0.0

    I use to be a gym junky!! I usually went 5 days a week for one to two hours each day. I use to do 500 sit ups a day and also jogged daily. My personal trainer had me on program that they use to give to volleyball athletes. I loved it, it also gave me the opportunity to b e able to attend these Blood, sweat, and tears classes that were mainly for men. It was extremely hard, but I was use to pushing myself. I use to out last the men as they would always give up and I was always the last left standing. They use to call me the pocket rocket. lol Now instead of my jogging shoes I have high heals. Instead of exercising I have getting off the couch and walking to the shop. lol Lucky for me my gym shirt has a lot of stretch, well you can see how I go trying on my gym clothing. lol People change, but I am happy with who I am now.


  3. Version 1.0.0

    How do I feel about my new figure? After christmas dinner with my family, did they say anything about my recent gains? I eat lots of pure butter shortbread and finish a candy bar as I show you all my new plump curves, my NEW STRETCHMARKS (first video with them!) and how jiggly my belly is after this winter of relaxation and lots of good food. Lots of different angles and close up shots!


  4. Version 1.0.0

    New Year, even bigger Reina! I've gained a pretty good bit around the middle since my last weigh in. To celebrate the New Year, I take all my measurements: neck, upper arm, bust, underbust, waist, belly, hips, thighs and weigh myself - then I compare my measurements with my measurements from last december and CALCULATE EXACTLY HOW MANY INCHES I've gained in the calendar year! It's suprisingly satisfying to see how what you expected my biggest gain would be might not always be true, and see in numbers exactly how much bigger I am now than I was this time of year~


  5. Version 1.0.0

    Moody college drop-out of Mrs. Claus loves binging on christmas cookies all year long, and she gets plumper and plumper every year! This album showcases a great mix tight and wide angle shots so you can appreciate her round, soft body in every way~


  6. Version 1.0.0

    Shar's a little drunk.. She has just returned home from a night out on the town.. Shar's night hasn't gone so well though and she's about to fill you in on what happened.. Shar scoffs down 5 McDonald's burgers she picked up on her way home and helps herself to her dads beer from the fridge.. she starts to talk about her so-called friends leaving her behind as she went to the toilets to go over her make-up.. Shar isn't happy and starts to really bitch about her so-called friends, mentioning how if it wasn't for her they wouldn't be as pretty as they are now. Shar was always the prettiest one out of all her friends and she totally knows this.. Shar gets up to get another drink from the fridge but stupidly underestimates her weight and falls back on the sofa.. Shar blames this on her too tight clothes and starts to gulp more beer.. Shar tries to button her jeans back up but her big belly gets in the way and she's unable to fasten them.. she starts to wonder if she really is too fat to hang around with her friends anymore.. Shar looks and feels like she's about to burst and finally decides to call it night.. GS x X


  7. sweater weather

    Version 1.0.0

    It has been so snowy and chilly these past few days I decided to get a little warmed up. In this video I put on a very cute bubblegum pink pair of bra and panties that happen to be very snug on all of my curves. I start off in a tight hoodie but pretty soon I'm getting caught up showing off and squeezing my soft belly. I love sharing the experience of jiggling and playing with all of my sexy fat. After showing off all of my rolls and pinchable bits for you I squeeze into an even smaller sweater, I struggle with zipping it up over my huge belly and breasts. I hope I can warm you up when you feel chilly.


  8. Version 1

    Watch as Becclescake prepares a midnight snack just to try to keep her belly full. She is so hungry for the food to be ready.... Can she resist eating any whilst preparing her midnight snack or will her hunger & greed get too much. Watch a hungry Becclescake who has the munchies try to resist temptation as she is preparing her food.


  9. Morning Glory

    Version 1

    It's early morning and I'm full of glory!! I've woken up fat and hungry **shock**.. I seriously don't have time to fuck about with my hair and make-up right now, I just need breakfast!!!! 3 large bacon barms and 500ml of full fat milk.. yes!!!! yes!! yes!!! heaven!!!!! I scoff down my most important meal of the day and show you my fat chubby belly and ass from all different angles.. Gs X x


  10. Important notice! Fake accounts! Not me!

    Just a short message - there's been a lot of fake accounts getting set up on other sites in which some are impersonating to be me. This is NOT me guys! Please don't give your details out to these people or even entertain it. Just to let you all know,curvage and ff are the only two places I upload to!! Gs X x
  11. Version 1.0.0

    ** It's Christmas & I am so happy :-)))so I have set this HD $14.99 worthy clip at a lower price** :-)))) What's Christmas without a cream special ?! Just like my other cream specials, I consume large amounts of cream.. only this time I am bigger than ever!!! I manage almost 4 cans of cream and myyyy goddddd I am one stuffed happy fat girl!!! I sit around the Christmas tree, squirting more and more cream into my mouth but there's glitter everywhere and it's all sticking to my fat heavy ass. I wobble my fat ass and thighs and show you more forming cellulite. Finding it really hard to control my greedy appetite.. I suddenly remember my sister had hidden her Christmas chocolates under the tree earlier on in the day.. she must of thought I didn't see her hide them..oh but I DID.. And i just can't help myself but crawl into the living room on my hands and knees and steal her chocolates from under the tree.. this is payback from that deadly workout she made me do 2 weeks ago!!!! WOW!! I am STUFFED!!!! GS x X


  12. KFC Binge

    Version 1.0.0

    This is probably my biggest stuffing ever!! Filmed from 3 different angles, I stuff a family size meal from KFC!! I talk about my recent weight gain and reveal how much I've actually gained in just this last month. I pretty much finish off this family size meal and can barely move afterwards.. I chug a can of soda and let out some beastie **BURPS** Wearing my size 12 jeans, I stand up and show you my stuffed belly.. I try to fasten them and show you how tight they have become. GS X x


  13. Version 1.0.0

    I know what would be a good snack - pudding!! I have 12 cups, a total of 1040 calories - and they're ALL for me. Watch me devour all twelve cups in one sitting with no cuts, enjoying my squishy chubby tummy as I devour each cup one by one (er, sometimes two at a time). By the time I reach the final two cups, my belly is so big, round and firm at the top yet still soft and squishy! I love how all this pudding feels in my belly, but maybe 12 wasn't enough... it left me wanting even more!


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Omg these clothes are too tight. It's taken me forever struggling to get them on and over my butt. No chance they will go over my belly. Watch me as I struggle to get these jeans on, I'm so out of breath. Ps There's a little topless surprise at the end for you


  15. Version 1.0.0

    Its 11.30AM and Shar's having breakfast and messing about on her phone, Shar stuffs 2 sausage and bean pasties from the local fresh bakeries! Shar's really enjoying her breakfast but can hear her family quietly talking about her in the next room.. their talking about her lazy ways and sudden love for food.. Shar chooses to ignore what she can hear and carries on stuffing.. Several minutes later Shar's sister walks in and throws her old running medals at her.. 'what you throwing them at me for'? Shar says to her. Shar's sister replies with 'do a workout fatty' An hour passes and Shar finally gives in and tries a lil workout.. Shar knows her family are in the room next door so she loudly counts out her sit-ups.. but Shar's lying and loudly counts out more sit ups than what she is seen doing.. this isn't going well for Shar as her sister comes back to tell her to stop doing sit ups on her bed and to get ouside and do it the proper way!! Shar makes her way to the park.. Shar tries to work out the proper way.. but Shar's embarrassed and she knows her evil sister is stood at the top of the hill taking snaps of her as she struggles to carry her fat out of shape body up the hill.. she touches her belly, cheekily smiles, looks up at the top of the hill and instantly starts to star jump.. her motivation to get fit just isn't there for her anymore!! Shar tries but massively fails!! Shar tiredly makes her way home throwing a bag of nuts in her mouth.. Shar is never gonna try and workout AGAIN!!!!! GS xX


  16. Version 1.0.0

    Curvage Exclusive! Cozy up with me on a sunny day and let me show you how my plump curvy body is practically busting out of my old work out clothes! Slowly I leave less and less to your imagination.. You'll just have to get the set to see for yourself! Don't forget to leave a rating if you enjoy this peek into my new chubby lifestyle~


  17. Version 1.0.0

    I'm all dressed and dolled up, I'm hitting the town tonight with some friends! I couldn't decide what to wear tho.. I mean, I must of pulled over 20 outfits out my wardrobe and just left them lying on my bedroom floor like the stressed out chubby girl I am. My jeans don't really fit me properly anymore and I couldn't think of anything more worse than a drunken chubby girl not being able to unbutton her stupidly tight jeans just so she can breathe.. so I took a pass on the jeans and went for the safer option.. a silver tight little dress!!! I have to eat before heading out tho.. I stuff a plate of pasta and two bags of crisps.. I show you what my dress looks like stood up from all angles.. I talk about how sexy I look in my tight little dress and that guys are probably gonna try n hit on me .. I finally step on the scales before heading out.. GS x X


  18. Kitchen Pig

    Version 1.0.0

    I've been away from home for two days.. all I've done is eat, eat and EAT!! I've arrived home to realise I ate out my fridge before I left.. FUCK, it looks like its another take- out night.. but my belly is still a lil swollen from two days of stuffing myself silly. I mean, I stuffed so much that even a stranger commented on my swollen, pregnant looking belly.. ' has your abdomen always been this swollen?' he asked..I didn't even know where to put my face!!!! ** My EX has unfriended me on Fb.. I think he's caught a glimpse of this belly and presumed I must be preggo or summet.. little does he know its just a giant fuck off food baby I've got forming **BURPPP** I scoff these chicken mayo wraps effortlessly and cant help but rub my fat growing belly.. I tuck into some seasoned chicken wings but these are soooo spicy I can barely breathe when finishing these.. I jump down from my kitchen side, grab my fat swollen belly and waddle off like the pig I am! GS x X


  19. Freshman 50

    Version 1.0.0

    VLOG 1: At the start of my freshman year I'm a curvy but slim 125 pounds! I show off my flat stomach as I describe all the new temptations that come with college like an unlimited buffet at my dorm, lots of parties and the pressure to impress all my friends with my drinking skills - I love to have a good time! VLOG 2: How did I end up 145 pounds.. all the stuffing myself between classes and partying every night has rewarded me with a substantial little beer gut! Halfway through the fall semester, I've noticed my pants have gotten a lot tighter and produce a cute little muffin top that I don't mind showing off every now and then. I'm starting to get a little notoriety with my beer drinking skills and my belly grows more and more while I carelessly indulge myself.. At least a lot of the weight made my tits three cup sizes bigger! VLOG 3: 175 pounds happened FAST. How did I manage to put on 50 pounds in one semester? My body loves being thicc I guess, and lucky me found a new boyfriend who goes wild for my round beer gut and big jugs. I'm the keg stand queen, and my big belly "tank" is a fan favorite at all the fraternity parties every week. I'm *that* hot chubby girl, and I love showing guys up when it comes to drinking. Come pregame with me, watch me chug 2 pints of beer with ease and burp so loud and rude as my belly bloats up with the fizzy stout. Mmm, beer is the best! No wonder my gut is this big, good thing I don't care! Don't forget to rate this clip if you choose to indulge! *Special CurvageClips Price!!*


  20. Version 1.0.0

    Monday night... I can't stop thinking about getting fat for Vicki... we work in the office together, she's shorter and slimmer than me and recently she's taken an interest in me, or shall I say my ballooning waistline. It all started with a little flirtation, dropping off snacks at my cubicle. Then suddenly she confessed that she's in love with my body and wants me to get fatter for her! I was always attracted to her and I can't resist, getting fat for Vicki has become an obsession that drives me to stuff my face every chance I get! As I binge, letting my belly hang out of my tight jeans I tell you ALL about my steamy office romance and confess my darkest desires. I stuff my face with candy bars, donuts and soda~ Tuesday morning... The next morning, I can't squeeze into my work pants! She's really doing this to me, and I love it.. I POP THE BUTTON off my favorite work pants and my belly explodes out.. I don't have time to change again before work, so I'm just going to roll my busted pants up under my belly and hope nobody but Vicki notices. She'll think it's so hot, especially because my favorite button down shirt is straining around my belly and little slivers of soft skin can be seen peeking out from between the buttons. Time for more donuts and Doritos before work to hold me over.. Tuesday night... Today was the worst! My boss made me change out of my work pants, thankfully Vicki had some extra leggings I could wear. She must be a sadist, because when I put on the leggings they were stretched SEE THROUGH over my fat ass and everyone could see my panties. Like that's more appropriate than ripped pants, right? But secretly I was so turned on my everyone noticing my abundance of chub underneath my tight top and leggings, it just makes me want to eat even more! I stuff myself in Vicki's leggings, she wishes she could be here right now and see how big of a piggie I'm acting, eating so much for her to squeeze and squish my hot potbelly.


  21. Chubby modeling shots

    Version 1.0.0

    I recreate some poses from my modeling days with an extra 70 lbs on my frame. Shots are tasteful but show off my huge boobs and tummy. I’ve also included an exclusive “before” photo from my skinny days!


  22. Version 1.0.0

    I start by taking some measurements.. its been a while since I took measurements and I'm shocked to see how much I have actually grown! I jot my measurements down and then have some lunch! Mid way though I let out the loudest burp ever .. OMG this was so accidental so please forgive me. I then show you how much I've gained recently by filming all angles of myself, I've formed so many stretch marks recently and I show you.. I bend over and tense my arse cheeks, cellulite is so visible and I'm shocked at how big I actually look! I finish this clip with 4 minutes of talk about the reactions I've had from my friends and family, the disaster I had in the sunbed shop busting my jeans and how my mum is now telling me to slow down on my weight gain. GS x X


  23. Version 1.0.0

    I've been filming myself a lot over this past week or 2.. mainly to keep track of my gain but to also get plenty of snapshots to keep you updated throughout the week! My snapshots are usually snapped from short clips. However, these clips haven't really done much apart from take up storage.. it would be an absolute shame to delete these so I have decided to come up with a 'Just Shar' clip part 1! This ONE clip contains several short clips .. from me trying on clothes from my very first **Cream Special** to booty jiggles.. to stuffed belly jiggles..to me trying on my favourite red leotard you seen me wear so many times before! In part of this clip I get a lil out of breath just running from one room to another.. I also stand and jump off a storage step so you can see how chubby my belly really is! **Please note** some of these short clips were filmed morning.. some were filmed evening so lighting may vary!!! GS x X


  24. Version 1.0.0

    Here it is! your very own personal video! You've been working away for some time now, you've left me instructions to get bigger and softer for when you arrive home.. I've been so busy eating at the moment I haven't really had much time to keep you updated as much as I wanted too.. I mean, carrying all this extra weight around really does take it out of me but I want you to kno that I'm still eating like crazy jus for u bby.. Afterall, you are working extremely hard to bring more pennies in just to keep me well fed ;-) I'm so excited to show and tell you how much I've gained recently and how much more fatter I wanna get for you.. I'm even having two suppers a night now jus like you instructed.. I've made you a sexy vid jus like u asked.. this is jus for you bby.. I hope you like it ;-) P.s I'm sorry it's late.. GS X x


  25. Hiya! I’m BecclesCake. I’m a Gainer (and Mum) from SW England. I have lots of cake weight & wobbly bits! I love to chat to people on here (and on KiK – message me to swap details). I will always try to get back as soon as time allows. If I can’t get back to you straight away rest assured only life (or eating) has got in the way! What are my current measurements? Weight 290lbs BMI 46.8 Bra Size 46J Bust 55” Waist 49.5” Hips 56” Tummy 57” Thigh 29.5” Why do I want to gain? I love food. For years I tried to stick to society’s pressure and be thin but I can’t stop coming back to food. I am now beginning to realize the BBW I am and started to embrace my size. Now I’m just looking to expand! Have I always been big? I was once at my lowest weight around 129lbs but for most of my adult life I was probably around 200-230lbs. Recently however I have struggled to lose weight and have found it all too easy & enjoyable to gain weight! How much am I hoping to gain? Current target is 300lbs & then to get to a BMI of 50. My eventual weight target is flexible but currently the skies the limit! Thanks for looking! Please do ask me more - let's get to know each other on this wonderful journey!