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Found 67 results

  1. Samaria Regalado

    Samaria Regalado is a 24-years old US lingerie model, who has always had somewhat wide hips. She looked like this in 2014
  2. Kristi Coleman

    Kristi Coleman is a news anchor on Fox 8 WVUE in New Orleans.
  3. Version 1.0.0

    Trying on my skinny shorts !! It's great to be back on Curvage, I've taken time off to get my head together and a well earned rest. Do I look bigger? Watch me struggle getting these small shorts on my over sized body. Tight fit, tight struggles, feeling great so here's me showing off. I think I need new shorts. lol


  4. Thought this would be an interesting thread, here's my favorite advertisement!
  5. Version 1.0.0

    One day you come home to your sexy girlfriend, Delilah - she's dressed in a cute black two-piece, showing off her sexy chubby body. She confesses that she's been through your browser history and has discovered your fetishes, but she's not mad. She's flattered that you're into girls with sexy round bellies and big asses and very intrigued with your inflation fetish. So much so that she's invested in not one, but TWO pumps and allows you to inflate her as big as you desire. Silly girl, she doesn't realize just how hectic two pumps can get.


  6. Just realized yesterday, that there is a TV-Show running in the Germany's Next Topmodel style just with plus-size models. It started 3 weeks ago, teh first 3 episodes are available for online viewing here: http://www.tvnow.de/rtl2/curvy-supermodel/list/aktuell I recommend episode 1 ("Folge 1"), a lot of very pretty girls in different shapes from normal/average body type to chubby and even some bbw, and all of them are forced to show up in swimwear (even though some are shy and don't like that). http://www.tvnow.de/rtl2/curvy-supermodel/bademoden-shooting/player Tonight the 4th Episode is gonna air. Warning: The Episodes are only online for 30 days, so the 1st one will be deleted in about a week. Afaik there is no way to download the videos (except Screen Capture). There's also some short clips available on youtube, here's a presentation of the Top Ten selevtion (7 of them are still in the game as of today) an overview of the Top Ten is also here: http://www.rtl2.de/sendung/curvy-supermodel/personen
  7. Good enough to eat

    eat too many cakes and you might just turn into one
  8. Dreamy and Her Fishnets

    Version 1.0.0

    Hey all I took lots of pictures of my new fishnet stockings with my new shirt, sexy gown, and lacy black panties. Here's a wonderful collection of big belly pics, big booty pics, and delicious boobs to add to your own collection. There's a ton of pictures of the biggest belly I've ever had, 164 pounds of yummy!


  9. Sensual Domination

    Version 1.0.0

    You've entered My Perfect Fantasy Realm, where I reign. Here, you don't have to worry about the mundane. All you have to do is worship me. Listen to my instructions, as I reveal to you how to worship my plump body in sexy red lingerie. I want all the pleasure. You can make me feel so good. I want you to cover my body with kisses, starting with my cute feet, up to my fat ass, chubby pussy, round belly, plump breasts, and finally my sensitive neck. Make me moan with pleasure. After you've covered me with your lips and tongue I'm so aroused that I demand to see you cum, telling you to stroke to my delicious chubby body.


  10. Running a glamorous career as internationally famous supermodel in worktime while beating supervillains during her free days, the crime-fighting vigileant and adventurer Big Bertha is a member from the Milwaukee-based superhero would-be GLA team or Great Lakes Avengers (or GLX. Or Great Lake Champions, whatever) , a unofficial subdivision from the more popular title franchise team of superheroes by Marvel Comics. The inspiration behind the character's names came respectivelly from the dreadful WWI-era German heavy field cannon Big Bertha, then from the model and television personality Cindy Crawford. Born a mutant at Marshfield (Wisconsin) , this living example of the proverbial "big fish inside a little pond" due to her social background - and yoyo-ing body type - possess the genetic ability to alter her body size and mass, more especially her overall fat tissue, via amysterious bond between her some sort of interdimensionnal energy : thus capable to shapeshift herself from the very tall 6 feet 1, trim and svelte (should I say, relativelly starved??) 120-pounds tycoon straddling up with fame through the modelling industry world, to a nigh-Brobdingnangianly HUGE behemoth wobbling back-and-forth at 750 most plausibly 2000 pounds! (Big Bertha's public identity as the internationally famous Ashley Crawford. Unlikely most of classical superheroes - besides Iron Man in somehow, or the DC-universe legendary Superman and Wonder Woman - her slim, depowered form is factually her transformed form, while her super form as an inhumanly super-sized woman is meanwhile her true appearance, concealed literally beneath her more "socially fit" physique like a cover-up in order to hide the fact she is a mutant and moreover a giant, "grossly obese" blob in a society prone for its harsh prejudices against both fat & X-gene carrying peoples.) (Now below, Big Bertha unleashing her "super" form. No room is empty with her inside...) The trigger that the nicknamed "Ample Amazon" use to switch on-and-off from one form to an another is - ironically from a Fat Admirer viewpoint - stuff herself with a large quantity of food in order to turn obese, before to degurgite all by instilling herself to vomit. Her powers allow her to manipulate her adipode tissue, thus controlling her own figure though the origin of her additionnal hundred thousands of "super-bulk" pounds is still unkwown, possibly from extra-dimensional source. (She's shorta bulimic, technically) . What is known about, however, is that once transformed, Big Bertha is practically the ungreen-skinned and far lesser stronger counterpart to She-Hulk and The Blob together, granted by superhuman both durability, strength and leaping all combined. (When you are so fat you're getting bulletproof) The reason behind why she prefer adopt a slender silhouette is certainly because of her both mutant-issue and image-troubled fears about oneself then the rest of the society, frightened at the idea to be rejected and alienated by most everyone because of her outside appearance. Or to be fetishized by what she disdainfully call "chubby chasers" - e.g. EVERY. DAMN. SINGLE. OF US, GUYS!! : (The [in]famous Deadpool dating Ashley Crawford... not because #RealCanucksLovesCurves - doesn't it, Wolvie?? - but because of Deadpool's frightful pansexuality: Wade's D-word tingles in presence of alien humanoid hippos, aeons-old ungodly walking skulls on rags embodying the very multiversal aspect of Death itself, his own buxomly genderswapped doppelganger from alternate reality, even and more especially for wall-crawling teenage boys in red-and-blue tightsuits swooping their arses from building to building...) (When you know that their affair started after this, just below:) This is important to say that for the common of in-universe mortals, Mutant is [reportedly] the New Black then Fat The New Devil: Less subject to the general bodyshaming-prone doucheness of Marvel Comics about overweight people since the Silver Age of comic books (especially via The Blob then two episodic eating binges crisis with signifiant body weight issues for the female mutant Blink twice...) , Big Bertha incarnate the very beauty of humankind, being as warmhearted and mellow from the inside as alluring from the outside, whatever how many yards her fluctuate girth size burst in-and-out. Alongside the fan-acclaimed Squirrel Girl, she is probbaly one of the two most loved GLA female protagonists by the geek fandom and the most pure-hearted too. Since 2016, the character undergoes a noteworthy updating, now a converted Plus-Size model who has less social-troubled about her size and legalled now as Bertha Crawford. During a short arc story, she was lured by Doctor Nod, a mad scientist seeking to use her mutant powers to its own ends by convincing her to pose for a weight loss ad while in reality aspire to collect her genetic material in order to promote his own Perfect Body Worship trademark for people with weight issues. The reader is free to speculate about if the nemesis-of-the-week's name himself wasn't himself a litteral nod to everything to whom Big Bertha represents, including the tribute to those many former mainstream supermodels reconverted themselves courageously into the Plus Size modelling as beacons of the more-and-more trademark mainstream Plus Size social aesthetics, or about the WG-genre literacy-innuado behind this story about bioegineering-made weight pills capable to turn its user into giant fat blobs as by magic... (Somebody in Marvel Comics is DEFINITIVELY a Deviantart or DimensionsMagazine-whatever fanboy) And you, who is your favorite??
  11. Version 1.0.0

    I've been packing on the winter pounds and it shows! Watch me measure my big round belly, hips, and waist. I'm so much bigger than I was when I started making clips last winter, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised by the results. Enjoy me showing off my yummy fat body while describing all the weight I've gained.


  12. The Fat Census

    I think this census may bring some interest to a lot of people over here. Join the subcription and enjoy for your own the quiz. Link just below: "The Fat Census Q. WHAT IS THE FAT CENSUS? A. The Fat Census is an analytical tool that we created to ask fat people about their experiences to create and provide more data on fatphobia through an intersectional lens. The census is intentionally curated to interrelate how sizism is amplified by antiblackness, racism, ableism, colorism, transphobia, etc. When we process the responses to the survey, we will release a report breaking down the realities and truths of fat people's experiences and how we can demand more resources for our humanity and body liberation. Q. WHO IS IT FOR? WHO IS ALLOWED TO TAKE IT? A. Anyone who exists as a larger bodied person. Whether you name your body as fat, plus size, curvy, more to love, big and tall, etc., you are invited to take this very necessary census so that we can create more data on the experiences we have in our fat bodies. Q. WHAT'S THE GOAL OF THE CENSUS? A. Free Figure will be releasing the start to an annual breakdown of the research we've found, to name demands for the change we seek to create, and to hold accountable the systems that harm us. The report will be a coalition led effort. Q. WHEN WILL THE RESULTS BE RELEASED? A. January 2018." https://www.freefigure.org/fatcensus/
  13. new art

    some new artwork im going to post more soon more bbw related but i always draw curvy women in my art check out my deviantart
  14. Version 1.0.0

    Oh no! My favorite outfit doesn't fit me anymore! I've gotten too big! I've gained too much! What am I going to wear for date night now?!


  15. Hiya! I’m BecclesCake. I’m a Gainer (and Mum) from SW England. I have lots of cake weight & wobbly bits! I love to chat to people on here (and on KiK – message me to swap details). I will always try to get back as soon as time allows. If I can’t get back to you straight away rest assured only life (or eating) has got in the way! What are my current measurements? Weight 290lbs BMI 46.8 Bra Size 46J Bust 55” Waist 49.5” Hips 56” Tummy 57” Thigh 29.5” Why do I want to gain? I love food. For years I tried to stick to society’s pressure and be thin but I can’t stop coming back to food. I am now beginning to realize the BBW I am and started to embrace my size. Now I’m just looking to expand! Have I always been big? I was once at my lowest weight around 129lbs but for most of my adult life I was probably around 200-230lbs. Recently however I have struggled to lose weight and have found it all too easy & enjoyable to gain weight! How much am I hoping to gain? Current target is 300lbs & then to get to a BMI of 50. My eventual weight target is flexible but currently the skies the limit! Thanks for looking! Please do ask me more - let's get to know each other on this wonderful journey!
  16. Version 1.0.0

    Welcome to my first video. I hope that you will like what you see! Well I stuffed myself all day but I just couldn't resist the temptation of chocolate. It's the last 1 left uneaten... & my emergency bar for when I just need to eat more! I just can't stop myself from eating chocolate if I have it it won't be there long..... Mmmm chocolate! 😋 Please let me know what you think & I hope you enjoy my very first video. There's plenty more of Becclescake to come. 😀


  17. Ex Boyfriend Got Chubby

    Version 1.0.0

    It's been a year since we broke up and you've drastically changed. When we were dating you were so in control of your diet and exercised all the time. I always felt like I was too chubby and ate too much for you! But now you're getting a little chubby and have such a bigger appetite and I love it. All I want is to get back together and be cozy and chubby together.


  18. Miss Lou's Belly Worship

    Version 1.0.0

    I know that big chubby bellies drive you fucking crazy and I just love showing mine off. Wearing a skin tight striped dress I rub, jiggle, and bounce my delightfully plump belly. Throughout the video I tease you, command that you worship me, and instruct you to show me what my gut does to you. Soon you're rewarded with a full view of my chubby body in only underwear while I continue to direct you to worship me.


  19. Version 1.0.0

    I never realized how fucking hot my body looks in metallics until I put on this outfit. My curves POP in this video as I tease and tantalize with my ass, tits, and belly. As always, I remind you of My superior position and maintain control of your cock and pleasure. Keeping your hands away from your cock will be next to impossible if you have a chubby belly or ass fetish; I jiggle and display my round, delicious gut and show off my ass. BBW lovers beware, this video will have you hooked on worshipping this Goddess.


  20. Bite me

    I draw a chubby girl and I thought I would post it :). I hope you like it if you do Ill post some more
  21. Version 1.0.0

    I attempted the dirty dozen by request.. and you all get to see it!!! I got aaaaallllllll chocolate donuts, mostly devil's food cake I also got 2 liters of diet coke(my favorite), and drank most of that!! I am so freaking full!!


  22. Version 1.0.0

    So I've finally gotten around to doing measurements and weights.. and it's astonishing how many inched I've put on. This is the first video where I talk about my gain, how it makes me feel, how many inches I've put on, weigh myself on video, and even let out a couple of burps If you want to hear me talk about my gain while playing with my huge belly, you will love this video


  23. Sugar Baby

    Version 1.0.0

    Here it is, the video that started it all! MY VERY FIRST EATING VIDEO! This one is very special to me. In it i am erotically eating pan dulce & eventually putting pink frosting on my perfect nipples and licking it off. You're Sugar Baby has a $weet tooth.


  24. Version 1.0.0

    Reina and Ginger are finally getting to enjoy some quality alone time together, so of course they are doing one of their favorite things ever- stuffing each other's faces and groping up on each other! They hand feed each other rich desserts like lemon squares and thick fluffy cookies, moaning into the sweet bites and encouraging each other to keep eating. And after each has had their fill of the yummy sweets they squish and jiggle themselves and each other, showing off their cute chubby bodies and talking about how much they've gained and the changes happening to their cute bodies~ *please comment and rate if you want me to make more content like this!*