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  1. 9s9s6

    Who is she?

    I found this video and I wonder if any of you know the who is she. http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57274c43dd0ad
  2. Okay, So this is totally new! Lets do something fun with this! First, you need to tell all your feedee loving friends about me.... Secondly, Go to my profile and type "Super Size" on my wall. Last person to write "Super Size" before I type "Yes Please" WINS A FREE VIDEO AND PHOTOSET
  3. Do you understand how bad this is? You'll nd taking 30 years off of her life if you continue at this rate. KFD WAS HERE: Yes, we know, you don't have to report it.
  4. **Author's Note: This is a teaser to a story I posted on Deviantart! If y'all want to check it out it's under the same name for the story and my profile name is the same like here as well!** Description: Alison works at a gym near where she goes to school. Due to an accident she has to leave. Alison gets hired at Jack in the Box and the pounds begin to pile on... Diary Entry 07/22/17 Today Roy and I said our goodbyes. We figured we would simply text each other, or rather he would text me once he left. I mentioned this before in a previous diary entry, but Roy had been accepted into this college across the country. We ended our year long relationship just like that, in a peaceful yet mutual agreement. I never thought I would be in this position with him after meeting him at the gym where I work at about a year ago. I think it's been a great, crazy year though. I had a lot of fun with him, sex was amazing. He even encouraged me sometimes to cheat my diet and gorge a bit. I'm really going to miss Roy, but I know that this the best for the both of us. I guess in the end he's just going to be another ex boyfriend or girlfriend that wasn't the one. sincerely, Alison Alison closed the Day One app on her phone and grabbed her things to go to work. Alison had been working at her local gym to help support her tuition at USC in California. She worked part time there as to keep her sanity between balancing work and school. Getting into her cute little Honda Civic, she started her car and headed to work. Arriving through the front sliding doors she waved 'Hi' to her coworker Betty. Alison made her way to the counter to check in for work. "So how are you hun?" asked Betty, with concern on her face. "Eh I've been better. I think I need some distraction from all of this," Alison said as she signed her name on the check in sheet."Girl, if I were you I wouldn't worry for finding another man! I mean look at yourself, your literally one hot Mexican Momma! You seriously got ass for days!" Alison couldn't deny it she did have a spectacular ass, and working at the gym helped a ton to keep her physique in check. She took the compliment and smiled at Betty in a thankful look to her. Alison headed her way to go to her morning trainer area where she was scheduled to train someone. Alison arrived and to her trainee and began her morning program. Five minutes into the program Alison did a very wrong movement on the treadmill, tripped, bent her her ankle in an awkward position and fell off the treadmill machine. "OOWWW," she yelled. People around her, including her trainee tried help her get up, but to no avail. "Please, just put me down. It hurts to much keep standing on it." Alison was sent to the emergency room and was released later that day. Only she had a severely broken ankle and crutches to go with it. The next morning she got a call from work. "Hello?" answered Alison, wondering who was on the other line. "Ali, it's me Troy. I heard what happened yesterday. I'm really sorry, and it's unfortunate that it happened to you. I was calling to see if you're doing any better?" asked Troy, her boss, also the owner of the establishment. "I'm doing a bit better, but Troy I wanted to talk to you about something. Well concerning my job," said Alison hesitantly. "I'm really sorry but I don't think I can come back. I got hurt pretty bad, and the doctor said I'll be out for at least a month." "Damn, that's really a shame," said Troy with great sorrow. "I guess we'll have to mail you your last check. Seeing of course that you can't come down here with out tiring yourself out." "Yeah I think that'll be the best thing to do I'm really sorry it had to come to this Troy. You know me, I loved it there," Alison replied. After talking everything over from her having to quit her job at the gym, Alison hung up the phone and lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. In just twenty four hours she broke up with her boyfriend, broke her ankle severely, and to top it off she had no other choice but to leave her job. Which she very much enjoyed. Suddenly her belly started to protest in hunger. She grabbed her crutches that were set on her nightstand and struggled her way to the kitchen. Alison lived on her campus at USC and got along very well with her roommate. Both Alison and her roommate Vanessa shared a lot of things, even food. Despite Alison's gym addiction, she was opened up by her ex, Roy, that she should indulge in fattening delicacies every now and then. That was the case for her breakfast. Even though she just wanted some fruit she only found things like left over meals from previous nights. Such as pizza, cookies, chicken wings, you name it. Alison settled for some donuts, she then rested herself down on her couch and began eating. Diary Entry 08/17/17 It's been almost a month since everything that happened. I started looking for a job last week, but no call backs yet. My ankle has gotten better, but I feel like I've gotten pretty lazy. I think I'm eating more now than before, I noticed my clothes are getting a little snug. I don't think I'll ever say this out loud to anyone but, I kinda like it. I've always been so uptight with my body, but now I like indulging with extra foods. I like eating more than I usually do, and I'm kinda aroused by it sometimes. The feeling of having my belly full, and tight over my shirt feels sexy to me. Like I said though, I would never say this to anyone. Besides I'm pretty sure it only a few pounds, like 3 or 5 at the most. sincerely, Alison Alison was actually very, very wrong. This last month she has eaten more and more everyday. Her once toned abs and arms were now shapeless and getting flabby. But the one thing that was a positive, at least to her. It was her ass that grew even more. Alison's butt was already nice, round and large, due to her Mexican genes. Now however, it was growing at quite the alarming rate. Since Alison had become accustomed to wearing sports attire. She would always wear joggers, shorts, or leggings to be comfortable. With her ass growing rounder, jigglier by the day. Her clothes looked fantastic on her now, to say the least. Toward the end of the month Alison had gotten her cast off and was completely healed. Her eating however, well let's just say it grew along with her waistline. On a random mid afternoon, Alison got a call from an unknown source. Cleaning her fingers from the great, greasy chicken she was eating she answered the phone. "Hello?" answered the little blimp. "Hi is the Alison Perez? I'm calling from Jack in the Box, and wanted to know if you wanted to set up an interview?" "Yeah sure, when can I come in?" asked Alison struggling to get up from the couch to sit upright. "Does next Wednesday work for you?" asked the young woman on the other side of the line. "Wednesday works for me. What time should I arrive?" Alison asked, without realizing her belly was poking out of her gray tank top. "Get here before 10 in the morning and we'll get started," said the woman on the phone. Hanging up the phone excited, Alison got up from the couch and went to her room. Entering her room she saw herself in her mirror. She saw her belly coming out from beneath her tank top. Alison came over closer to her mirror and surveyed herself. Since she was home alone Alison lifted her tank top over her modest gut. She rubbed her hand in a circular motion just once over her flabby belly. Alison pinched and grabbed her belly, and shook it. Surprisingly she was not mad, shocked or even worried of her newly formed belly. In fact she kind of liked it, just a little. Alison bit her lip as she shook her belly and held it with both hands. She felt pleasure build from near the top of her vagina and she shook it more. "Uggh," moaned Alison softly as she grabbed her gut and jiggled it in front of her mirror. Alison was really getting horny now and proceeded to her bed. She plopped down onto her small twin bed. Alison rather ravenously took off her black shorts and matching panties. Immediately going for her pussy, Alison instantly felt that it was drenched. Growing even more turned on, Alison reached over to her nightstand drawer and grabbed her vibrator. Before going back and pressing it on her wet, almost squirting vagina, she saw a pack of Oreos on her roommates nightstand. "She won't mind," thought Alison going over to get the cookies. Laying back down she multitasked between stuffing herself with the delicious, fattening Oreos, and rubbing her clit with her vibrator. "Mmmph fuck this is so hot, I feel so fwucking fwat," Alison said while chewing with her mouth stuffed. She pressed harder on to her wet pussy and felt another wave of ecstasy crawl up her whole body. Reaching her point of no return Alison orgasmed hard as she soaked her bedsheets and finished her pack of Oreos. Dropping both her vibrator and empty pack of Oreos she laid in her bed for a moment with her eyes closed. After a second or two Alison ran her hands over her stuffed mountainous gut while looking at it smiling slightly. "I think I can get used to this sort of lifestyle. But it'll be our little secret, right tummy?" she asked as she patted and slapped her engorged belly.
  5. Hey there guys, first time poster here. I have an exciting problem! The Girl: My GF of 2 years is a pudgy and rather curvy 72 kilos. In the past she has been going to gym in an effort to lose weight, which hasn't really worked because of her metabolism and also because she likes food too much. We have been neglecting our sex life a bit over the last couple months due to conflicting schedules, and we're currently trying to revitalise our sexual chemistry. The Situation; Over the last year during sex, I've told her about my fantasy of her gaining weight and my kink for women with thick jiggly bodies. She's really good about it! She'll tease me and tell me that she's gonna get fat/put on weight for me.. which leads to amazing sex, the best sex that we have. In the moment, on a few occasions I have floated the idea of her gaining 5 Kilos as an experiment and she says "oh baby I'm happy to do that for you, i'll get fat for you" which is great! The Problem: I don't think she knows that I'm serious! Up until recently I had tried to keep our fantasies in the bedroom and reality separate because she doesn't appear to share the same kink and I didn't wanna pressure her, and she knows that, BUT.. our "fat sex" is actually significantly more erotic and enjoyable for the both of us then our "normal" sex, and that makes me think that weight gain is the answer. I really think we need to have a conversation where I say "babe, I gotta be honest: i really do want you to gain a bit of weight, and give it a try: just to see what happens" because i think it will do wonders for our sex life The question is: In your experience/opinion, what is the best way to handle this conversation? How would you say " I'm serious about this, I REALLY want this" without being too "confrontational" , if that's the right word. I really want this to sound fun and liberating! because I really do think that she'll enjoy it Any other advice or thoughts on the situation is welcome too!
  6. Guest


    Hey! My names Kate and I am from Australia, looking to chat and make some friends. I love netflix, naps and my dog. feel free to message me to find out more!
  7. LilliBloosm

    The piggy whore

    Hello i am mill and i and new to this so feel free to teach me how this site works. So im an instense gainer and i try to stuff my body as much as i can when it comes to food but there comes a point where i am still full from the night before but i still eat in the morning even if im not hungry idk im weird. I forgot what i was gonna say. OH RIGHT!! so im a feedee, switch dominatrix and if anyone wants to help me out by donating to my paypal i wouldnt mind at all sending videos and pics and video chating of my bloating and eating and force feeding myself.
  8. BBWbreanna


    Hi! Nice to meet all of you! My name is Breanna and i just joined! I'm 23 from California and i'm a BBW and feedee! I LOVE LOVE LOVE food. <3__<3 A little about me, I am a webcam model (entertainer) I am very comfortable with my body and i love to show it off. My job is mainly about surrounding myself with people who appreciate me and making new friends! I love creating custom content and making peoples fantasies a reality. I also have clip stores which are listed on my twitter @BBWbreanna. ♥ I am looking for a feeder online who will stuff me and help my growing body! I love to make videos of me eating and show off my belly! Its very cute and you will all see. ♥ MOSTLY I am looking to meet some amazing new friends <3__<3 Lets chat, strike up a conversation and lets get to know eachother! Follow me on my journey! Thank you for reading message me to know how to see daily updates on what i'm doing and posting!
  9. seeker177

    Who is this? (stuffed in jeans)

  10. Version 1.0.0

    What's hotter than a cute chubby girl pigging out in sweats?? Watch me stuff myself with my favorite snacks: salt and pepper chips, ice cream sandwiches, and fizzy water. I eat and eat until I'm all stuffed, bloated, and satisfied. 23 delicious minutes of eating, drinking, burping, and rubbing my cute swollen tum.


  11. Version 1.0.0

    This is me in all my glory...big, beautiful and bold. You like them big? Well I won’t disappoint xx Everything I have is extra big for extra fun and I’d love to have you horny over me. I take all my own photos using my iPhone 8. No filters or photoshop applied.


  12. Fakedude10

    Getting Out of Work

    Hey all, I run a deviantart page (https://fakedude10.deviantart.com) that I post stories on. I wanted to expand my outreach so I thought that I'd post this one here. “God this is the worst fucking job.” Tiffany said as she typed away at the computer, entering another useless string of numbers. It was her third month of working...any job..ever. Her “commitments” had always kept her from jobs. Those “commitments” being grades (she made c’s), volleyball (she rode the bench), and friends. Friends were the only commitment that she took with any amount of seriousness. Being a pretty, short, blonde with farm girl freckles, Tiffany had never had any problem attracting or keeping friends. She had partied and played and traveled with those friends all throughout high school. However, those friends hadn’t improved her grades and certainly hadn’t gotten her into any colleges. The best that any friend had gotten Tiffany was hur current, mind numbing, job. The friend in question was Maddy. Maddy was seemingly the only person that hadn’t gone to some college or moved away after graduation. Maddy was a small mousy girl, large glasses, frizzy hair, and the vestiges of teenage awkwardness. She and Tiffany had become much closer, given that everyone else on in their circles had left. “Well, it's better than not having a job at all.” Maddy said from the next cubicle over. “I mean, is it really?” Tiffany returned, the clack of the keyboard making her words harder to hear. “We sit here, type in nonsense, and then…” Her voice trailed off completely as their boss, Ms.Locke, walked by. When the sharp elder woman had moved out of range Tiffany finished. “...make sure that that old gargoyle is happy.” Maddy leaned around the cubicle, shrugged her shoulders, and said “well, it’s not like there is anything you can do about it.” Tiffany turned back around to the computer, eyes turned into a glare. “We’ll see about that!” Tiffany said with an eerie finality. The next day, as Maddy was just logging into her computer for the day’s work, a packet was slammed down on the table in front of her. “There is a way!” Tiffany’s excited voice yelled from behind her. “Read it!” Maddy glanced at the packet, it was the healthcare and disability procedures for their company. “If an employee should exceed 400 pounds, they should be considered disabled and be given all the benefits thereof.” Maddy squeaked through the corporate language. “So you’re going to get...fat?” Maddy asked cautiously. “You better believe it!” Tiffany said as she withdrew the paper. “I’m getting out of this job one way or another! And you’re helping!” And so it had began. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tiffany had started in with gusto. She would stroll into the office with at least 2 boxes of donuts that she would try to polish off as the day went on. She would enter each morning, tummy flat and perfect as always, and then leave with it protruding well over her belt line. She would often have to have Maddy keep her awake and on task, as she was prone to slipping into food comas. “Hey, hey. Look alive Tiff. Locke is coming.” Maddy said, at the end of the first month. She slapped at Tiffany’s slightly chubbier cheeks. “Urp. Not right now, Maddy. . . I’m. .. hurpp...digesting.” Tiffany said, trying to make sure that all of the food stayed down. Who knew that getting fat was so hard. Tiffany had as much trouble eating all of the sugary, salty, and fattening treats as she did keeping them down in her tiny (but growing) stomach. “What good is all this going to do you if you don’t even keep the job?!” Maddy pulled her friend, perhaps a bit stronger than needed, up into a sitting position. “Ooooohhh. I’m gonna be sick.” Tiff was turning green, it was plainly obvious that she had moved beyond her limits. Thinking quickly, Maddy pulled Tiffany up and into the restroom. “Sorry, Ms.Locke, she’s not feeling well.” Maddy yelled as Locke marched past. Once in the restroom, Maddy leaned Tiffany up against the far wall. “Ok, so this might be weird, but this is going to help.” Maddy pulled up Tiffany’s shirt, revealing the taught, red stomach beneath. She splayed her fingers against Tiffany’s stomach and began to slowly knead the belly. Tiffany and Maddy were of a comparable height (short, a bit over 5’3) so Maddy had to kneel for comfort. “You just need a little help digesting. This should at least make things more comfy.” Maddy said as she moved the round orb back and forth slowly. Tiffany, for her part, let Maddy do her work and focused on keeping her food down. When Maddy had finished and Tiffany’s stuffing sickness had subsided, the two returned to work (and Tiffany to eating). As Maddy typed she wondered, what was that? Why did I do that?. She tried to ignore the question, focus on her work, but to little success. Maddy ran through several ideas and possibilities. She finally decided that: It was just to help out Tiff, that’s it. I want to be a good friend. She clung to that, ignoring some other...more persistent ideas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those...other...ideas became more and more persistent as time passed. As Tiffany grew and fattened up, and her stomach expanded she began to drag her stuffings on into the night. Which meant that Maddy was called over later and later to Tiffany’s house. She would arrive, knock, and then wait for the groans that signaled her to enter. As she came in she would move past pizza boxes, take out food, and snack cake wrappers. “You gotta start cleaning this stuff, Tiff.” Maddy said, adjusting her glasses. “Uuuuurrrppp! I will, once I’m around the house more! First, bluurrrp, I have to get there.” Maddy rounded the corner into the bedroom and found Tiffany on the bed. Her plan, such as it was, was working. Tiffany’s small body had ballooned over the previous months. Her small stature had been a blessing, easily letting fat pad and settle evenly across her body. She was currently sucking down what appeared to be a homemade oreo shake, with a couple twinkies shoved in her bouncing bosom. She tipped the entire pitcher back, letting the thick, sweet sludge pour into her waiting maw. “O.M.G! This stuff is the best!” Tiffany belched out as the last of the shake cleared her throat. Maddy moved closer to the bed, taking of her jacket and setting it on a chair. “Jeeze, Tiff, you’re still going? You texted me like, twenty minutes ago to come over. I thought you’d have passed out by now.” Tiffany held up a finger, signaling that she would talk in a second. She buried her head in her breasts, mouth grasping for the twinkies that she had been saving. Tiffany always liked to show off when Maddy came to the house. “Urrrp! I thought so too! But, I feel like I passed a wall today. I don’t think I have limits anymore, I just keep eating and eating.” Tiffany held out her flabby arm and made a grasping motion at some boxes that were stacked beside the bed. Maddy dutifully picked them up, crawled on the bed, and handed them over to Tiffany. “Well, that’s nice. You certainly have grown.” Maddy made a sweeping motion over Tiffany’s body: pendulous breasts, heaving stomach, and thunder thighs. “How close are you?” Tiffany beamed, “No idea! After we get done here, you are going to help weigh me!” Tiffany plopped a box of snack cakes on her tummy and cracked into them. “Oh boy! Can’t wait!” Maddy squealed with girlish glee. She put her hands to her mouth immediately after though. Why did I sound like that? What is the matter with me? For all the world that was supposed to sound sarcastic. “Well, I’m glad someone’s excited. Now, help me unwrap these things. I like to eat them all in one go.” Tiffany tapped a box. Maddy, eagerly wanting to move past her excitement, dug into unwrapping the treats. She had noticed that her attitude about Tiff’s gaining was changing. Early on she was incredulous, thinking that her short blonde friend would easily burn herself out. Then she was willing to help, giving belly rubs and buying treats. Now she found herself unwrapping treats as fast as she could and piling them on her friend’s gurgling gut. Maddy finished her unwrapping and started anticipating the time when Tiffany would bear down on the food and feast. Tiffany did not disappoint. The two had made a nice pile of food on her chest and stomach, Tiffany scooped up as many as she could to her face and simply started chewing. She pulled the treats in much like a saw mill pulls in logs. Shavings of cream and crumbs smeared her face, arms, and stomach. Some of the treats inevitably slid off to the side of Tiffany, lodging themselves under her wiggling love handles. Maddy, not wanting any treats to go to waste, plucked the ones closest to her up. She tried to reach across Tiffany’s belly for the ones on the far side, but found her arms too short. To reach them she straddled her leggings and plaid skirt over Tiffany’s pelvis, and then leaned over and grabbed the wayward cakes. When she brought herself back into a sitting position, she found herself staring down at an expectant Tiffany. “Well, I could use some more.” Round fingers poked at her tummy. “If you insist…” Maddy smiled as she leaned forward to dip a treat into the fat girl’s mouth. The smooth motion of leaning forward onto Tiffany’s belly made both girls giggle. “Here’s one for piggy,” a cake entered Tiffany’s mouth. “Here’s two for piggy.” A second joined the first. “Here’s three.” The last of the cakes made it’s way into Tiffany’s gullet. “And here’s something extra.” Tiffany felt her lips meet Maddy’s. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The end of the work year was met with one resignation and one disability request. Ms.Locke had been sitting in her office, pouring over expense reports when Tiffany poured herself through the door. She had done it. And done it in record time. Tiffany had surpassed the 300 pound rule and gone up to 400, thanks to a very active Maddy. Tiffany waddled in, leggings practically screaming for her to stop and sit down, and slammed her physical down on the desk. “Ms. Locke, I regret to inform you that my weight has become a disability. As such I will have to be telecommuting from now on, as per company policy.” From behind the massive woman, Maddy appeared. “I also regret to inform you that I will be resigning, to serve as a live in nurse….for a friend.” Maddy looked down awkwardly, feeling Tiffany’s sausage fingers give a quick smack on the ass. Locke looked at the papers and glared back up into the round face of Tiffany. She was trapped. After approving the disability leave and resignation, she had a good stiff drink. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Maddy worked on clearing out their desks. Meaning that, Maddy cleaned out the desks and Tiffany tested the strength of the rolling chairs. Her ass had gotten so wide and fat that it overflowed the arm rests. Tiffany’s roly-poly arms rested more on her love handles and hips than they did any part of the chair. “I think this deserves a celebration!” Tiffany said, letting her stomach gurgle and growl. “What are you thinking?” Maddy was finishing the last of the boxes. “Oooohhh, first something fried, then something meaty, then a whole platter of desserts.” She rubbed at her forming triple chin. “I think that all sounds nice, but how about we do that quickly, then go back to your place, and I drizzle chocolate sauce on myself and…” Maddy was interrupted by a large growl from Tiffany’s stomach, a moan from Tiffany herself, and the clearing of a throat from Ms.Locke.
  13. Hey folks! Remember me? That guy, who used to write a lot? And then I wrote less? And then I sucked at responding? ANYWAYS I've decided to start writing shorter stories instead of longer narratives. This is the first I've uploaded. Please give feedback, or don't, your choice! Here's a link though. http://jerkajerk.deviantart.com/art/Short-Story-Coincidence-594340257 Thanks!
  14. KyraKane

    Fat Ass Wedgie

    Version 1

    I shimmy around as I pull my panties all the way up rubbing my pussy up and down as I pull tighter and tighter ...tickling my ass hole as it goes further adn further in side me, i wiggle so I can taste it inside me. Please Rate if you ENJOY! Follow me, I'll Follow you!


  15. flaming-hades

    Truly Inevitable

    Victoria had never been known for much, nor had she ever been on track to achieve much of anything. In fact, in all likelihood, her whole life would likely go down as fairly unremarkable. Just another face in the crowd. Not a bad looking face by any means, but not stunningly beautiful either. Fairly average, maybe a little scrunched and a slightly too prominent chin, but powerful blue eyes gave her some character and stopped her face from deterring possible suitors. Her cascading blonde locks certainly didn’t hurt, at least until they faded during the winter months. A relatively smart girl, but never one with much aspiration, Victoria had always been a good student who got all of the work laid out for her done, and done well at that, but was never gunning to be the next president of a corporation or to solve some global problem. Sure she’d earn a promotion or two over the years, but she was fairly content with her life, making a good paycheck at a stable federal job, living close to her parents since she was their only child, having fun going out with her roughly equally interesting friends in their mid-major city at night. Much like the rest of her, Victoria’s body was pretty underwhelming, but not terrible either. At a squat 5’3, she was by no means the tallest and with fairly normal proportions, her legs were not incredibly slim. Quite the opposite in fact. While she slender on the whole, her thicker legs served to support her slightly wider than average hips and only defining feature, her booty. Even there, she was not so much known for her depth or firmness, so much as the breadth of it. Spreading nicely and with just enough depth to appear significant, Victoria had a fairly respectable butt. Had she ever gone to the gym, perhaps she could have developed it into something of significance, but that was never going to happen with her lazy lifestyle. The rest of her body was fairly slim, with small pert breasts that were enough to remind boys that she was indeed a woman, but nothing that would have a man raving. No. Where Victoria succeeded was in her appetite for all things sexual and food based. With a highly active libido, Victoria had been notorious in college for locking herself down to a guy for periods of time and then riding him for all he was worth. Her stamina was unexpected given her untoned physique and lack of interest in exercise, but she was a secret freak in the bed. Perhaps it was her last season fashion, or continuously calm demeanor, maybe even appearance of being as innocent as a schoolgirl, but she always seemed to get what she wanted sexual. Hardly ever was she unsatisfied. This bled into another portion of her life: food. As full of desire as Victoria could be sexually, it all paled in comparison to her natural enjoyment for cooking and eating. While most men had been able to keep up with her in the bedroom, none were able to comprehend how much food this young lady could put away. Full Pizza? No sweat. Two gallon tub of ice cream? Done in twenty minutes. Endless pasta? Restaurant ran out. Victoria was an unbridled glutton when it came to food, even if she ate it like a lady, and none of it ever stuck to her figure. That metabolism of hers was the single feature that her friends envied her for. Some of them had better bodies than her, others were in far superior shape to her, others could out drink her, but none of them could out eat Victoria, and none of them could eat like that and not positively explode with fat. Their envy was ever apparent whenever they were out to eat. Most of them would order a thoughtful salad, maybe a hearty fish dish, and then it would be Victoria’s turn. She’d order an appetizer or two for herself to the eyerolls of her friends, then order the heartiest dish or even two dishes on the menu, and finish it off with several glasses of wine, beer, and dessert. Her friends continuously chided her, warning her that her figure couldn’t possibly sustain this for forever, but Victoria was unconcerned. Perhaps she should have been. It began when she started dating her latest flame, a surprisingly handsome and charming young man by the name of Maxwell. Much like Victoria, his family was of Polish descent and he appreciated a bottle of vodka as much as she did. They hit it off instantly and got completely plastered one evening, stopping by a late night take out place on their way back to her apartment to help satisfy her other hunger. That take out order was the moment Maxwell fell in love with Victoria. Where most girls, even drunkenly, would have ordered some small snack to tide them over before the main course, Victoria went full tilt and ordered enough food to feed a small family, temporarily stunning Maxwell. After regaining his composure at what this little waif of a woman was going to eat, he began to appreciate her in a new light at how unafraid and unashamed she was of her appetite. Then was blown away when she ate all of it at the speed of light, scarfing it down before he even had time to finish his own late night snack. Maxwell, ever the traditionalist, was practically eating out of the palm of this woman who ate with gusto. Victoria, ever perceptive, noticed Maxwell’s appreciation for her hearty appetite and made a mental note to make sure that she showed off in the future. The next time they went, for by this point they were both fully intrigued by the other, Maxwell made a point to order any and every dish Victoria even expressed an interest in eating. Eager to satisfy the curiosity of her date, Victoria greedily scarfed down each dish like an assembly line completing its product. Plate after plate stacked up and Maxwell’s attention turned to surprise as Victoria continued mechanically to devour the delicious meal he would be paying for. At long last, Victoria had to concede that not even she could eat everything Maxwell threw her way, leaving half a slice of chocolate cake on a plate that had originally held four slices. While comfortable in her seat, Victoria quickly realized that her originally tight fitting dress had readjusted to accommodate a new curve: her distended and stuffed belly. Despite her black dress, any side profile of her made it all too obvious that there was an unnatural curve to her physique, accented by her three inch heels that she had originally worn to flaunt her behind, not her overextended gut. While slightly embarrassed, Maxwell seemed to not to notice and had been so enthralled by her hearty display of gluttony, that she knew she would be in for a great evening. This slowly but surely became the natural cycle. Maxwell constantly pushing delectable meals onto Victoria, constantly testing and inadvertently extending her limits while Victoria greedily devoured everything that he provided her with. After several months together, the bleed into her daily eating habits was all too apparent as Victoria was practically perpetually eating with complete disregard for her figure. At first, her friends had been secretly disgusted by her strong displays of gluttony, but when it didn’t stick to her figure, none of them could say anything but to make sure she saved some money, given the sheer amount of food she was buying. That period of bliss, her slender body still fully intact, instilled a sense of invincibility that went right to the core of Victoria. With this unshakeable belief that she truly could eat whatever she want, whenever she wanted, without any ramifications to her figure led Victoria to eat right out of Maxwell’s palm. It was around the three month mark that things started to fall off the wheels for Victoria. Relationship wise, she and Maxwell were doing positively fantastic, and despite his constant encouragement regarding food, even her more critical fans found that they liked him as a person and recognized that he was a great choice for her. In fact, they all found it a tad amusing that Victoria had found herself something of a perfect partner to her relentless eating habits. It was strange, but for her, they felt it was a great fit. With everyone sold on him, Maxwell began pushing his boundaries with Victoria, preparing high calorie ice cream sundaes after every meal at his or her apartment, getting her hooked on protein shakes as an accompanying beverage to her meals to make sure she was completely full, and making her breakfasts that could easily feed a starving family of four. That was the tipping point for Victoria. In spite of her metabolism clearly being from another planet, Victoria had been pushing 5,000 Calories on a bad day, and Maxwell’s extra treats pushed her upwards of 7,000, began to prove too much for her. Not even most olympic caliber athletes could eat that much, particularly with no exercise, and not see some impact to their bodies, let alone a lazy and greedy young woman. The first few pounds she thought nothing of it. Truth be told, she didn’t give it much thought at all when her breasts began to fill up their cups a little more and her yoga pants seemed to stretch that extra bit. In her mind it had been nothing but a late growth spurt that fortuitously amplified her solid curves. The slight softening of her arms and all so subtle curve to her previously flat stomach went relatively unnoticed at first. For a time, it appeared that those might be the only gains she put on, her metabolism carrying on at an unfathomable precedent. Perhaps it had something to do with Maxwell being gone traveling for work, but she managed to maintain just that small amount of extra weight for almost the remainder of their first whole year together. Then things kicked into overdrive. Maxwell had switched jobs, allowing him to be home more often and Victoria found herself consistently sleeping over at his place. With full access to a man with a well stocked kitchen and a desire to satisfy her every craving, Victoria’s metabolism was put through the ringer...and it lost. Rapidly, it seemed that she was positively blowing through clothing. Where once she had possessed a slim figure that most woman would have been content with, Victoria’s gluttony rapidly destroyed and notion that she possessed such a figure. Where once she had possessed nice wide hips and a relatively firm derriere, now was replaced by rapidly expanding hips that seemed bent on going out as wide as possible, all to support the expanding breadth and depth of her hearty derriere. Perhaps it had once been her pride, now all it ever served was as an extra cushion while she shoved food into her face. Speaking of her face, it quickly rounded out and that hint of a double chin was ever prevalent, but particularly noticeable when she brought a thick jiggly arm up to her mouth for each delectable bite of her latest indulgence. That bite naturally found its way past her growing, almost cantaloupe sized melons that had quickly succumbed to gravity as their new girth expanded. While impressive in the right bra, her hearty melons quickly fell away to the main feature of her physique: her hearty belly. It took next to to no time at all once her metabolism gave way for the first roll to accumulate around her stomach, providing a great big layer of insulation that fought to escape from her ever growing waist size yoga / sweat pants. That hearty belly of course only helped to round out her figure, quickly amplifying her generous apple shaped body. That was about the time that Maxwell proposed to Victoria. With little attempt at maintenance, or an inability to prevent the pounds from piling on, Victoria found herself with an extra 30 pounds on her body, evenly distributed, by the time their wedding came around. Even with every effort put forward to disguise her growing figure, Victoria’s wedding dress left little to the imagination with regard to her continuously growing body...and that was before her age started to catch up to her. An aging metabolism is never a good thing to rely on, not that Victoria was truthfully relying on it for anything more than to reduce the rate at which she was gaining,and even there it was faltering. By the time Victoria crossed the 30 year old threshold, her gain had finally begun to plateau, mostly due in part to her inability to eat enough to gain any further. Her body had gone from slim and relatively acceptable in most circles, to downright obese, but in classic Victoria fashion, she could have cared less. She had her man, she had her hearty appetite, and she had a baby on the way. That was all she could have hoped for.
  16. Version 1.0.0

    I bought 2 dozen mini cupcakes...and like the naughty little piggy I am...I shoved my face with a whole dozen before I even got home, I couldnt help it. I love cupcakes and knowing I couldnt fit all of these in my mouth in one bite, just added to how excited I was to shove it in my mouth. By the time I get home to film this video, I am so wet thinking of how delicious these cupcakes are and how good they feel expanding my belly. The sugar and icing have already balloned me up. I dance around barely clothed and show off my beautiful huge FAT body. I cant wait to slowly lick the icing off, and sensually rubbing it all over my mouth, teasing myself with the mini cupcakes before I swallow every single on as I bounce up and down and show off all the different angles of my body, jiggling and blaoting hoping you enjoy how naughty I felt filming this as much as I did. This is by far my naughtiest and most sensual video I have ever done. I havent been this wet in a long time... I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  17. Guest

    Christmas lights!

    Version 1.0.0

    This is my first time uploading a set of photos! I love Christmas lights so I had tons of fun taking these.


  18. Version 1.0.0

    CUSTOM: A good friend of mine asked for a custom and wasnt totally sure what he was looking for, though I have known him for nearly 6 months now, I know what gets him excited when it comes to stuffing. He wanted to make sure that most of what I ate was bite sized(atleast my bite sized) lol So we decided Sushi was a great size to pop in my mouth and devour with every chomp. I have conditioned my body to NOT be able to eat anything without finishing it with sweets...so we decided I would also end on cupcakes..and this brand is by far my favorite, they not only are so yummy on the outside but the inside is always filled, and these red velvet cupcakes are stuffed with yummy cream cheese frosting, I was so excited as I sat down to eat 2 Large Sushi rolls and 4 Red Velvet Cupcakes, I wasnt sure how far my tummy would let me...after all...this was my breakfast tehe I ended up eating everything but one cupcake...but i stuffed myself so full, i swear I was going to pop, I took a nap, woke up and ate the other cupcake while I edited I am truly learning to be such a good little piggy princess! UnNutritional Facts(Total Consumed) Calories:1440 Fat: 82 g Carbs: 229 g Sugar : 117 g Sodium: 2480 mg It was a wonderful start to the day! I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  19. Version 1.0.0

    Cammy has been fighting for years, her biggest battle has been with food. She cant keep pretending to not love food and being lazy all day. She goes to the local ice cream shop and asks them to take a glazed donut and pile in their highest calorie ice cream. She cant wait to take it home and devour every last bite. She already is almost unrecognizable from her sizable weight gain and growth. He body is being stretched every way possible...and she loves it... I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  20. KyraKane

    Mayo Slut

    Version 1.0.0

    Custom: " mayo slutI want you to eat a big yummy messy sandwich or just with a apron but with high heels pumps! Sandwhich full of mayo, you are completely addicted to the mayo, the smell, the taste, the feel,l th You love to get it all over you,everywhere on your face, your tits your big fat tummy, your are very messy I want you to talk about how you love it." This video was the most fun I have had. I ate 2 BLT sandwhichs(without lettuce, of course) smother in the mayo, it drips all over me, and I love to rub it all over, my stretched and bulging tummy!


  21. Ni Ki

    From Behind

    Version 1.0.0

    When mentioning me, "Gaining Niki" most people will talk about my huge belly, but there's a side of me that many don't get to see... My behind !! So I've dedicated this video to my behind, or maybe it's about what positions you like ?


  22. Maybe this sounds rather naive and unrealistic. I guess I've always been drawn to quick fixes to everything. But I guess I'm just frustrated with lack of progress sometimes. I try to be accepting. I do. If things don't work out, they don't. In this case, I've been trying to gain some weight. Now, conventional wisdom does say if you want to gain weight: just eat a lot. I'm 5, 9 and a half, 147 lbs but I'm trying to gain at least 30 lbs of fat. But with my metabolism the way it is, it's very difficult to put on weight. Also, I work two jobs where they are technically intense physical activity like lifting boxes, etc. So no chance of gaining if I lose the fat while lifting. Whatever weight I gain, it goes away just like that. I guess I'm just wondering with the exception of high calorie foods like pizza, ice cream and burgers and cakes. Are there other alternatives as far as food goes? Like a shake? Some other food I don't know about? lol If there is a shake, I don't want it to have to be GNC related. I don't want to have to go to GNC and buy some weight gainer because the ingredients in those products don't agree with me. Better yet, how many times do I have to eat to gain at least 10 lbs in a week? So yeah I'm sorry if this sounds desperate but I'm really tired of being skinny.
  23. JellyKat

    Belly Button Play

    Version 1.0.0

    I show off my belly button and put my fingers in it. Then I pour oil inside it and play with it a little Hope you enjoy


  24. Version 1.0.0

    I'm so hungry, but all I want is my boyfriend's IceCream. I sneakily take the whole tub back to my room and begin to stuff the sweet, smooth, cool treat in my mouth. Every inch of my body tingle with delight for the delicious chocolate and vanilla swirl. The hard chocolate covered coconut bits burst into my mouth. After stuffing huge amounts of icecream down my throats, I can feel my belling growing swollen and full. I put the icecream down to admire my swelling tummy, but I want more, even though the sweet dessert has me bloated and full, I can't resist but pick it back up and continue to shovel big mouthfuls into my mouth. After I've polished off most of the tub, making sure to leave a little bit for my boyfriend, I admire my full, heavy and swollen belly. Rubbing my plump belly and stroking my folds. I love how beautiful I look when I've stuffed myself full.


  25. girlgain1234

    Creating a story and need help!

    I recently saw someone doing aa survey to create a weight gain story and thought it was a great idea as i can never truly make up my mind of what to write! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EGNJR2gz5A0pp72rBicnG3Y-e5nriUUOej2tfdqCkpg/viewform Comment any suggestions or just leave it on the box at the bottom of the survey. The story will of course be free any input would mean a great deal!