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Found 240 results

  1. Samaria Regalado

    Samaria Regalado is a 24-years old US lingerie model, who has always had somewhat wide hips. She looked like this in 2014
  2. Version 1.0.0

    Look how hot my body looks. How everything on me is jiggeling when I move under water. Sometimes the water makes it look like slow motion! I enjoyed it very much! I hope you will enjoy it much more! *kisses


  3. SSBBW Ballon Fun

    Version 1.0.0

    A lot of fans told me they wanna see how I blow and pop balloons. Now I createt that really hot video for you. See me blowing balloons, rubbing them on my body and making them pop. Kiss Viola


  4. Version 1.0.0

    Trying on my skinny shorts !! It's great to be back on Curvage, I've taken time off to get my head together and a well earned rest. Do I look bigger? Watch me struggle getting these small shorts on my over sized body. Tight fit, tight struggles, feeling great so here's me showing off. I think I need new shorts. lol


  5. Version 1.0.0

    I was invited to Canada for a special amazing trip, to meet girls, enjoy the country in a very lavish way. I was sp excited to be apart of my first professional photoshoot. Its alot of fun, makes ya feel pretty confident, this is an uncut behind the scenes of said photoshoot, this video was recorded by HarlowMoney. The photographer Dom, and videographer Cam(which I DID film pornograhies lol) and the rest of the team were a pleasure to work with...the random voices in the background being creepy are Princess_RyanR and DollyMattel.


  6. Version 1.0.0

    As I walk past my hotels bathroom, the door is shut and I notice he amout of mirror, and how I have never seen soo many Kyras and so much fat, the mirro and light really show off how full and bloated my belly is. I love getting close and seeing my body in every which way, My rollie back and thunder thighs reflecting in every mirror. Stretched and stuffed, I show you all of my weight gain goodness


  7. Version 1.0.0

    I've been gaining weight, I can see me more thick, I'm loving my new body . The day from this video I had donuts for breakfast, for lunch some pizza, and a medium DQ blizzard, and for dinner the apple cake... I know! Lots of calories, Yummy! I'm a fatty vegetarian... Enjoy this video with good music and stuff...


  8. Version 1.0.0

    There are two things that I really like and truly enjoy to have for breakfast and those are: empanadas and pastelitos. They are one of the most typical breakfasts from my country! and come with a variety of fillings from meat to even mushrooms and cheese also they go really well with different sauces (among my favorites are tabasco, other spicy sauces and garlic sauce). Here I ate 4 cheese pastelitos and 4 meat/chicken empanadas with garlic sauce *U* to start the day well filled and happy :3


  9. Version 1

    This is my very first video so it's just an introduction and a bit of belly tease.


  10. Version 1.0.0

    We have been on vacation for weeks and it’s been really relaxing...except for the last week or so is when I really noticed how much weight you started to gain. I can’t believe it and I don’t know what to do but it’s disgusting. I can’t keep looking at you eat fatty and greasy food over and over again. Pizzas, hot-dogs, fried chicken, tacos, milkshakes with every meal... anything you name you HAVE eaten it since we’ve been here. People can’t even look at you. You look like you are going to explode. I really let you know how revolting you are now, you have gotten so bloated...but as I am reaming you about how repulsive you are, I start to get tired from all the yelling so I open a can of pop from the mini bar, and chug making me lightly burp through out... I slowly start to notice how much weight I’ve gained. I mean, its seems Ive really grown into my fat BBW body, its just overflowing all my clothes...how do I not notice this. Well, now that I think back on it... I did eat a lot of food too..I really start to see it but as I jiggle my body and show it off, grabbing and pulling on my rolls, shaking my belly up and down, there is so much jiggling, cellulite and stretch marks abound my big tits overflowing my top. I don’t know what to do but.. I guess, you and I are just gonna keep growing nauseatingly fat together. All this yelling and extra weight has me starving. So, I finish off by admitting how hungry I am, and telling you we are gunna go get some food.


  11. Thought this would be an interesting thread, here's my favorite advertisement!
  12. Version 1

    I used to be a slim hot girl, boys fancied me and would beg to take me out and date me.. but since I've met you, all you've done is feed me and FEED ME and now look at me!! You've turned me into a big fat pig that cant stop eating! As I eat more for you, I wanna show you and tell you just how fat you really have made me! I wanna show you how my belly hangs when bending over to stuff cake, how I can really stuff myself like a pro now, how I can chug milk until my belly hurts and how fat I look in every sexual position. GS x X


  13. Shar Hates Salad!

    Version 1

    Shar is having a light snack before a plate of salad is pushed infront of her.. Shar pushes the salad away in disgust.. the salad is pushed back towards Shar but this time she hesitates.. Shar knows that if she was to ever try and get slim just like she used to be, then she would have to ditch the cream cakes and start eating salads all over again.. this was a test for Shar and this test didn't go so well!


  14. Version 1

    Getting Stuffed on national Pizza day.. I Never eat so much, my belly got super big that made me feel very horny... I hope you enjoy eating with me..


  15. Version 1.0.0

    Growing up your step sister was a tiny little thing, with no curves. Once She came back from her first year of college she didnt just gain the Freshman 15, maybe Freshman 100+! You cant stop thinking about her, her plump soft body, over growing everything she wears. She walks around the house in the tightest clothes, her bloated belly peeking out from shirt, big fat tits barely staying in, its not enough. You want more of her, you know you shouldnt stare at teh dinner table as she gets plate after plate. You set up cameras around the house, you just need more of her, you want to catch her being the true piggy she has become. She certainly doesnt disappoint as she sits and watches a show about skinny models, she shoves huge piece after huge piece of sushi, while she slurps on a large meal replacement shake. The whole time loving and enjoying her belly, playing and jiggling, you can tell she just keeps getting more and more aroused, as her body starts to reject the clothes, refusing to want to stay in at ALL.


  16. Feeding of the Three SSBBW Sisterwives

    CHAPTER 1: THE EX It was becoming a routine trip every few months or so. Shopping for new clothes in way bigger sizes than ever before. Of course, I would never complain to my 250-pound wife who was so happy to be married, comfortable and content with her plus size body. But little did Liz know that family and friends were starting to gossip about her massive weight gain since we met seven years ago. It's amazing, really. Staring at her as she waddled through the aisles in her hot pink dress, looking for XXL pants...or was she now a 3XL? Her huge, fluffy arms spilled out of the dress. Lack of sleeves showed you her stretch marks underneath and the soft fat trembling as she gestured to outfits she liked. Liz's double belly looked like it was about to rip through the threads of the dress. She's so perfectly round with a fat rear end to match, not to mention the cellulite dimples that were visible through the skin tight cloth. Let's not forget those "cankles" she didn't have when we started dating. You almost feel tired for her as she continues to walk through the mall, asking what we would feast on for lunch. Her beautiful face is the cherry on top. Big, brown eyes with a cute nose, lush lips and platinum blonde hair she just touched up a week ago. She had a bright smile to go with chubby cheeks and thick double chin that of course, she didn't have when we started dating. Liz was lucky to be born with Latina genetics and used to be a Mexican bombshell in society's standards. Back in 2009, she stood at 5'5", 120 pounds and had some sweet curves to go along with that frame. Every weekend, she stopped the show at the bars downtown and the clubs where she danced without a care after a few drinks. From what her friends say, guys used to drool and line up for her phone number. Well, things have surely changed. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary as husband and wife. Liz worked her butt off (literally) to fit into that wedding dress. since we started dating in 2010, she transformed from the 120-pound hottie to a chunky and round bride at 200 pounds flat. 80 pounds in just six years and you can imagine the looks she got on her wedding day from relatives who had not seen her in a decade or more. You could almost hear the whispers. "Oh my God, did she put on the pounds," said an aunt. "No way that's Liz," said a cousin. "She is a total blimp! What happened?," asked a friend from high school. But Liz didn't give a damn. She floated down the aisle with the confidence of Ashley Graham, like a superstar plus size model on payday. That white dress survived that night and we had the best sex ever. She was full of rich food, wedding cake and champagne. She probably put on 10 pounds that weekend alone. The mound of flesh I felt on top of me can't be described. She loved it too. "Squeeze my belly baby! Hold it up," she yelled. You know what happens next. Fast forward to today. A gain of 50 more pounds in a year. That's what my friends say marriage will do to you but I did not expect this. She bought a few outfits from Torrid but wanted to treat me to a stop at the lingerie store. "Let's see if I can pick up something sexy for us honey," Liz teased. We walked into the store and I wondered how she would find anything her size. But the thought aroused me already. "Well, hello Rob." I turned around and did a double take. It was my ex-girlfriend. I had not seen her in about ten years. She was stunning. Long, curly black hair, dark sexy eyes, big lips and amazing dimples. A Brazilian baddie. She lost some weight after our breakup. Guess I was the cause of her gain apparently. She stood at 5'6" and 130 pounds but toned and showed off a booty that you couldn't miss. Her legs and arms looked slender but soft. Her breasts were full and her belly looked flat but you could tell she would look awesome as a BBW. "Uh, hi Stella. What are you doing here?," I asked awkwardly. "I'm the manager here. You looking for something?," Stella asked as she looked around to see who I came with. "I'm here with my wife. So...," I responded but needed to get the hell out of here. "What's up, babe? I lost you," Liz said as she waddled over to us. Stella looked her up and down in awe. "I'm sorry dear. I was just...," I was screwed at this point. "Hello there. I'm Stella, the store manager. Do you need help finding anything?," she asked with a mischievous grin. "Sure. Do you have this in a 2XL?," my wife said without shame. "I'll go check in the back and get you into a fitting room," Stella said before walking away real slow, turned around and smiled at me. Damn she is fine. The next hour was very awkward but these two women turned me on like no other. The last time I had been with Stella was in 2008. We dated for 2-3 years and she herself ballooned from 130 to 185. Her face was the type to do not show much gain but her ass and legs benefited mostly. She blamed me for her weight gain before we ended things. Now here she was, gawking at my 250-pound wife as she handed her the 2XL lingerie piece that we all knew showed all the goodies. You could hear Liz huffing and puffing as she tried to take off her clothes in the room. She asked me to come in to help. "Honey, a little assistance please," she whined. I walked in and my jaw dropped as her two bellies shook and her thunder thighs quivered under her. We tried to pull up the lingerie piece up her legs and it barely rose up. We finally got it over her stomach and large, succulent breasts. I couldn't help but to hug her and give her a kiss on the neck. But the outfit was just too tight and not comfortable for her. "Damn it. This is hot. But it's just too small for me," Liz said with a sad face. "It's okay honey, I would have ripped it off anyways," I said as I squeezed a chunk of her fat ass. I walked out behind her to the front of the store. Liz's body jiggled in her dress proudly. Stella stopped her in her tracks. "Did everything work out?," she asked. "Thanks, but maybe I'll come back," Liz replied. "I can look for a 3XL if that's what you want, sweetie," Stella shot back. Uh oh. Liz frowned and looked at me. "I know Rob likes his women bigger so don't be embarrassed," Stella said. "Excuse me?," Liz was in shock. "Well, we used to date for a while and I put on 50 pounds. I'm sure the same thing happened to you and some change," Stella smirked. My super-sized wife and the hot ex-girlfriend stood toe to toe. What the hell do I do now?
  17. Version 1.0.0

    What's hotter than a cute chubby girl pigging out in sweats?? Watch me stuff myself with my favorite snacks: salt and pepper chips, ice cream sandwiches, and fizzy water. I eat and eat until I'm all stuffed, bloated, and satisfied. 23 delicious minutes of eating, drinking, burping, and rubbing my cute swollen tum.


  18. Version 1.0.0

    Filmed in 'Just Shar' style, this is an overall great clip to add to the collection! These short clips (all put together into one) are of me taking showers in my costume/ bikini, stuffing on a roof top in my normal day to day outfit, showing off my growing belly, and finally taking my most recent measurements! Note- This ONE clip was filmed in the same day and not over a lengthy period of time! GS x X


  19. Version 1.0.0

    We've both put on a little bit of comfort weight haven't we? I've noticed that you're really into the pudge I've gained since we started dating, and I'm really into it too... But baby, I also love the chub YOU'VE put on some weight too. We really let go around each other, and we've really been piling it on. I love it. I want us to keep getting fatter together. I want us to both get huge! I fantasize about how good it would feel for our big bodies to press together and jiggle and shake. Will you do it for me? Pig out, gain, and get fat with me.


  20. Version 1.0.0

    King Gyros is so yummy! I not only love their traditional gyros, I can never get enough of their rib tips...(Well ANY ribtips lol ) but today, they both sounded right! I wasnt going to be able to pick just one, so I didnt force myself too. Being the fatty I am, I even made them deliver it to me so I wouldnt have to get up! I order the family two pack of gyros and ribs! It came with garlic bread and coleslaw, I see how much came in it, and I was shocked thinking there was no way that I could share this with someone. I gave it my all and ate as much as I could, watch to see how far I make it before it feels like my fat stretched belly is about to burst.


  21. Naughty Donuts

    Version 1.0.0

    Shar is bunking off work. Her mum arrives home early and asks her " why she hasn't gone into work" Shar tells her she has the flu and will go back into work tomorrow. Shar waits for her mum to leave before she pulls out 3 boxes of hidden donuts... Shar scoffs the hidden donuts like shes never eaten before.. she squirts chocolate sauce all over her donuts and into her mouth.. she cant help but really pig out! Shar's big belly gets in the way, she struggles to sit up and stuff more donuts. Shar is getting fat now and she totally knows it! GS X x


  22. Good enough to eat

    eat too many cakes and you might just turn into one
  23. Version 1.0.0

    I have just had lunch with my family, they have started to get concerned about the massive amount of weight I have gained, watching my puffy body continue to grow...I cant help it, I am always hungry. I am supposed to be going to the store, but I had to make a pit stop. I stopped and got myself nuggets, bacontator fries, and 2 burgers...then I park. Trying to eat the food as fast as I can while still enjoying. As I am parked cars passing my can see that I let out my stretched and swollen tummy. I continue to eat, making sure to hide the evidence before I get home...to cook dinner! PLEASE review if you enjoy!


  24. My girlfriend was told by her doctor that she needs to gain some weight. I have admired fat girls for a long time and see this as a golden opportunity for her to get fatter and sexier. Problem is, she doesn’t eat often, but when she does, she eats enough to where her stomach hurts. She’s afraid to gain weight but she knows she needs to so she is reluctantly doing it. My question: How do we get her to get fat with her weird eating schedule? Is there a way to get her to eat more without her stomach hurting without her actively trying to stuff more food into herself? How do I get her to be okay with the weight gain that the doctor prescribed without making her feel bad about it? She also does not ever want to be obese, and I’m 100% okay with that, but I definitely want her to gain. It doesn’t have to even be a huge gain, like 10-15 pounds would be great. If she decides she wants more then awesome, but it’s not necessary for her to get actually huge. She has had body image issues in the past though and still has self esteem issues. Shes 5’5’’ and 113 pounds. Favorite foods are spaghetti, macaroni & cheese with hotdogs in it, sushi, and cheeseburgers. In that order. Just figured that info might be helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Eating in Public

    Version 1.0.0

    This time my feeder invited me to eat in a public restaurant and I asked for a service of french fries with lots of chicken, meat and sauces. Also I asked for a club house sandwish with more fries and a couple of beers *U* I must say it all was very delicious and satifying.