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Found 68 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    Now that you have watch your step sister stuff her newly fat face and cum as she continues to eat...you can’t get enough of her...you’ve been waiting to see more of her, you can’t stop thinking about her huge thighs, dimples with cellulite, jiggle and stretched, you need those legs. You notice your sister is coloring her hair...she is gunna have to get the color out, so you sneaky into the bathroom and set up a camera and wait patiently. You set it up hoping she would jump in the shower to get it all off, but she doesn’t even better, she bends over the tub to wash her hair, just wear sheer black panties barely covering her fat ass, her massive thighs on full display, it’s like she knew you needed them. After she is washing for a minute you can tell she is getting tired, she has to adjust and stretch her legs because supporting all of her wait is killing her knees, think about the pressure of all that mass, As she stresses her foot bumps in the hidden camera, luckily she just keeps bending all the way over the bath tub, every move she makes, leaves behind a ton jiggling,..You love to see how a task for most, is really wearing her down, Thspyine bigger she grows, the more you want to see, its like you are addicted to spying so, you can see my full plump body whenever you want.


  2. Version 1.0.0

    Join me as I make an egg, minced beef and toast breakfast fit for a feedee in this delicious video. Watch me cook and eat a delicious plate of food while having a conversation with you all about food!


  3. Version 1.0.0

    I've been gaining weight, I can see me more thick, I'm loving my new body . The day from this video I had donuts for breakfast, for lunch some pizza, and a medium DQ blizzard, and for dinner the apple cake... I know! Lots of calories, Yummy! I'm a fatty vegetarian... Enjoy this video with good music and stuff...


  4. Version 1.0.0

    There are two things that I really like and truly enjoy to have for breakfast and those are: empanadas and pastelitos. They are one of the most typical breakfasts from my country! and come with a variety of fillings from meat to even mushrooms and cheese also they go really well with different sauces (among my favorites are tabasco, other spicy sauces and garlic sauce). Here I ate 4 cheese pastelitos and 4 meat/chicken empanadas with garlic sauce *U* to start the day well filled and happy :3


  5. Version 1.0.0

    Daddy, I've noticed that something about you has been changing... you've been getting bigger and fatter! Don't worry daddy, I like it. I love snuggling with your big tummy, and watching your clothes getting tighter. I want you to get even bigger. You want to make me happy, don't you? You've brought me up to be big brat, I'm so used to getting what I want! I want you to be my daddy with a big belly. I want to have to squeeze onto your lap, because you're belly takes up most of it. I know you love your baby girl and that you'd do anything for me, so I want you to get nice and big for me.


  6. Version 1.0.0

    I am so lazy and fat, the best thing to do would be food stuffing, I just want to zone out and stuff my face on this family size bag of shrimp and sticky rice. I watch tv and relax as I continue to shove my face. Even zoned out I cant stop touching my huge ever bloated belly. I sit back an swivel in the my chair, turning so you can see every roll, every stretch mark, every dimple of cellulite. I want you to see all of my huge feedee body. At one point, I shock myself with how round and plump I am getting, even after I have finsihed the food, I still feel hungry, I have half a bag of zebra popcorn(WhiteAndMilkChocolate). I pop one after another I love having a big meal and finishing it off with something sweet, by this time I am SUPER out of it, about to fall into a food coma while recording, but even as I am just looking out the window, mindlessly eating popcorn...I am still thinking about a banana split.Once I have totally I finished, I stand up to show off how far I stretched and pushed my body. I love being a chubby bbw, but with food like this for every meal....ssbbw?


  7. Version 1.0.0

    Use me, fatten me, turn me into your perfect feedee bimbo. Ruin my chubby body and make me HUGE, I want to be completely yours, and I know that you want me FAT. I beg you to feed me, fatten me, ruin me, turn me into your own personal piggy, all well showing you my already soft overfed body. Don't you want this big belly to get ever fatter?


  8. Version 1.0.0

    I love Ivy Davenport!! In this clip we take turns measuring each other's arms, thighs, upper and lower belly, calves, boobs and comparing our measurements! We learned some surprising facts - you'll never guess where Ivy is twice as big around as me! And how big Ivy was when she started modeling compared to how big I am now! We have a lot of fun laughing and chatting about our mutual weight gains while we measure each other.


  9. Version 1.0.0

    Growing up your step sister was a tiny little thing, with no curves. Once She came back from her first year of college she didnt just gain the Freshman 15, maybe Freshman 100+! You cant stop thinking about her, her plump soft body, over growing everything she wears. She walks around the house in the tightest clothes, her bloated belly peeking out from shirt, big fat tits barely staying in, its not enough. You want more of her, you know you shouldnt stare at teh dinner table as she gets plate after plate. You set up cameras around the house, you just need more of her, you want to catch her being the true piggy she has become. She certainly doesnt disappoint as she sits and watches a show about skinny models, she shoves huge piece after huge piece of sushi, while she slurps on a large meal replacement shake. The whole time loving and enjoying her belly, playing and jiggling, you can tell she just keeps getting more and more aroused, as her body starts to reject the clothes, refusing to want to stay in at ALL.


  10. Version 1.0.0

    What's hotter than a cute chubby girl pigging out in sweats?? Watch me stuff myself with my favorite snacks: salt and pepper chips, ice cream sandwiches, and fizzy water. I eat and eat until I'm all stuffed, bloated, and satisfied. 23 delicious minutes of eating, drinking, burping, and rubbing my cute swollen tum.


  11. Version 1.0.0

    I've noticed ever since me and Jem became friends we've both ballooned - our bellies, hips, and thighs are way bigger than they were when we met! I decided this time we hang out, we should at least TRY to work out and burn off some of the fat we gained together. It's so hard to fit into our clothes, we have to do something about it! Me and Jem take turns trying to do sit-ups, we both give up after less than 10. How did we become so out of shape?! Next we try to do jumping jacks and we both get super out of breath. Exhausted, we re-evaluate each other's bodies - maybe being this fat isn't bad! I think Jem looks pretty cute like this, and I guess I can live with not exercising and getting to eat whatever I want all the time! We play with each other's bellies a little and then playfully twerk and shake our big chubby butts.


  12. Version 1.0.0

    Ivy Davenport has a big, rich chocolate cake to share with me.. it reminds me of the cake in the movie Matilda! A big, frosted dark chocolate cake for the two of us to share. We're such indulgent goddesses that we don't even bother with forks, we just shove our faces into the cake and dig in! Like lady and the tramp, we eat closer and closer to the center, and when we meet we share some dark chocolate frosted kisses. The cake is so rich and filling - almost as sweet as Ivy's lips! After chomping into the cake relentlessly we share some of the chocolate toppings and kiss some more.


  13. Version 1.0.0

    Have a sit with me while I take you through my weight gaining journey. I tell you about how I went from chubby with an eating disorder, to skinny and unhappy to the fabulous chubby goddess I am today. I tell you all about the stresses of gaining over 25lbs in the last few months and how I've come to love my figure. I hope you guys enjoy this look into the real me.


  14. Version 1.0.0

    I’ve plumped up sooo much this winter! My diet has been full of milkshakes, cake, and lots and lots of doughnuts, and I’ve been getting rounder and rounder! I haven’t made a clip in a little while, don’t you think I look bigger? My belly looks so big and round and jiggly in fishnet and panties as I show off my new pounds and talk about what a piggy I’ve been.


  15. Version 1.0.0

    I was shopping the other day, and while walking through the bakery aisle, it was love as first sight. I saw this huge 3 pound chocolate parfait ! Layers or mousse, cake and whipped cream...I had to have it. I brought it home and right after eating, I knew there was still room for dessert, I show before and after of my plump body, so we can compare how much I expanded, I love to jiggly my beautiful fat goddess belly for you.


  16. Version 1.0.0

    Have you been getting fatter for me? I've asked you to eat and eat and fill that cute little belly for me. All I want is to see you indulge and gain weight for me... Lose control of your appetite and grow huge for me. I will always be there to tell you to have one more bite. It turns me on so much to watch you pig out and stuff your belly until you can't move. I want to make you blimp up! And when you get nice and fat, I want to press myself against you and grind against your huge gut, using you to cum... this clip contains: feederism, feedism, feeder, feedee, JOI, fat talk, weight gain, gaining weight


  17. Version 1.0.0

    Moody college drop-out of Mrs. Claus loves binging on christmas cookies all year long, and she gets plumper and plumper every year! This album showcases a great mix tight and wide angle shots so you can appreciate her round, soft body in every way~


  18. Version 1.0.0

    This is one of my personal favorite fantasies, and it was such a pleasure to bring it to life in this clip! Do you know why I called you into my office? I noticed that your grades have been slipping. I know that the first year of college is hard, and I want to make sure that you do your absolute best. There’s something else I’ve noticed… you’ve put on quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the semester. The fresh 15 is real, isn’t it? You look so adorable with those extra pounds. I want to make an agreement with you. If you come to my office every day after class and eat every single treat I’ve brought for you, and put on even MORE weight, I will give you an A. I can’t wait to see you graduate as a complete butterball.


  19. Version 1.0.0

    You've been secretly fattening your little girl up, and I'm finally starting to catch on. All of the cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, and ice cream you've been feeding me have added up and I'm starting to get really big and flabby! I can tell that you like that I'm turning into your fat little girl, though. It turns you on when I sit on your lap, and when I pop buttons on my clothes. Don't worry, I like it too. I want you to make me so much fatter, daddy.


  20. Version 1.0.0

    I've gained all of this winter weight and am so excited to show off how big I'm getting. I just can't stop pigging out and growing bigger and heavier. Wearing toooo tight lingerie I rub, jiggle, and bounce my belly, all while begging you to stuff me and make me grow bigger and fatter.


  21. Freshman 50

    Version 1.0.0

    VLOG 1: At the start of my freshman year I'm a curvy but slim 125 pounds! I show off my flat stomach as I describe all the new temptations that come with college like an unlimited buffet at my dorm, lots of parties and the pressure to impress all my friends with my drinking skills - I love to have a good time! VLOG 2: How did I end up 145 pounds.. all the stuffing myself between classes and partying every night has rewarded me with a substantial little beer gut! Halfway through the fall semester, I've noticed my pants have gotten a lot tighter and produce a cute little muffin top that I don't mind showing off every now and then. I'm starting to get a little notoriety with my beer drinking skills and my belly grows more and more while I carelessly indulge myself.. At least a lot of the weight made my tits three cup sizes bigger! VLOG 3: 175 pounds happened FAST. How did I manage to put on 50 pounds in one semester? My body loves being thicc I guess, and lucky me found a new boyfriend who goes wild for my round beer gut and big jugs. I'm the keg stand queen, and my big belly "tank" is a fan favorite at all the fraternity parties every week. I'm *that* hot chubby girl, and I love showing guys up when it comes to drinking. Come pregame with me, watch me chug 2 pints of beer with ease and burp so loud and rude as my belly bloats up with the fizzy stout. Mmm, beer is the best! No wonder my gut is this big, good thing I don't care! Don't forget to rate this clip if you choose to indulge! *Special CurvageClips Price!!*


  22. Version 1.0.0

    Monday night... I can't stop thinking about getting fat for Vicki... we work in the office together, she's shorter and slimmer than me and recently she's taken an interest in me, or shall I say my ballooning waistline. It all started with a little flirtation, dropping off snacks at my cubicle. Then suddenly she confessed that she's in love with my body and wants me to get fatter for her! I was always attracted to her and I can't resist, getting fat for Vicki has become an obsession that drives me to stuff my face every chance I get! As I binge, letting my belly hang out of my tight jeans I tell you ALL about my steamy office romance and confess my darkest desires. I stuff my face with candy bars, donuts and soda~ Tuesday morning... The next morning, I can't squeeze into my work pants! She's really doing this to me, and I love it.. I POP THE BUTTON off my favorite work pants and my belly explodes out.. I don't have time to change again before work, so I'm just going to roll my busted pants up under my belly and hope nobody but Vicki notices. She'll think it's so hot, especially because my favorite button down shirt is straining around my belly and little slivers of soft skin can be seen peeking out from between the buttons. Time for more donuts and Doritos before work to hold me over.. Tuesday night... Today was the worst! My boss made me change out of my work pants, thankfully Vicki had some extra leggings I could wear. She must be a sadist, because when I put on the leggings they were stretched SEE THROUGH over my fat ass and everyone could see my panties. Like that's more appropriate than ripped pants, right? But secretly I was so turned on my everyone noticing my abundance of chub underneath my tight top and leggings, it just makes me want to eat even more! I stuff myself in Vicki's leggings, she wishes she could be here right now and see how big of a piggie I'm acting, eating so much for her to squeeze and squish my hot potbelly.


  23. Version 1.0.0

    Watch me tip the scale! I've been stuffing my face every night and the weight has piled on FAST. First I take my measurements and show you the math of exactly how many inches I've gained in the last year - my neck, upper arms, waist, belly, and booty! Watch me weigh myself twice for accuracy, you know it's only a matter of days until I reach my NEXT goal. Then I try to exercise, it's pathetic how out of breath I get from doing jumping jacks and sit-ups, my belly jiggling and bulging out from even the slightest bit of exertion. I talk about my new fat and how it feels to gain so much! Ps - I know you can't tell from the previews, but yes this video shows my face.


  24. Thinkin' Bout Spidey

    Version 1.0.0

    Spider-Man is my favorite superhero! This intimate photoset is unedited and shot "suicide girls" style. You can see all my little flaws (that many think are cute) like my little scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. Appreciate my chubby, growing curves from every angle in my favorite spider man crop top and panties. Every purchase of this set goes towards more FOOD! I love modeling - I used to model professionally until I decided to start gaining, now I'm considering plus size modeling but I'm not tall enough and a good deal WIDER than most plus sized models I've seen.. oh well! At least I can share my love of modeling and photography with a community that loves big, chubby round bellies. Rate any 3 photosets here on Curvage (5 stars) and get the 4th one free - will be sent directly to you.


  25. Version 1.0.0

    Contents: 13 photos in my sukumizu taken when I weighed 155lbs, 40 photos of me at 165lbs squeezed into the same swimsuit, PLUS a mini before/after photoset from belly stuffing 3,000 calories of snacks in my workout clothes at 155lbs. Total: 65 hot HD photos for you to compare my weight gain with!