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Found 330 results


    Anyone willing to collaborate?

    I have some weight gain-related stories that I'd love to see illustrated. Anybody interested? My DeviantArt should be located at the bottom of this post.
  2. tonynai

    acne from dairy

    Whenever I gain weight, I have to use dairy products for the boost. This includes milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, etc. But I've found out that dairy products cause me to break out in the face. I also used weight gainers before which made my acne even worse because of they whey content, which also makes me break out. It's getting to the point where I have to stop eating dairy altogether but I don't want to because it's delicious and effective for weight gain. I wish there was some allergy medication for dairy acne. There's none, is there?
  3. Do you understand how bad this is? You'll nd taking 30 years off of her life if you continue at this rate. KFD WAS HERE: Yes, we know, you don't have to report it.
  4. Why theres not more curvy and black woman into gaining?
  5. enzo0king

    friends art

    a friend of mine recently drew some stuff i thought you guys would like. he's kinda always drawn random stuff so i kinda thought the day would come when he started to draw bbw's and what not http://lorenzokcomics.tumblr.com/post/156585692606/pb-that-wasnt-there-before-pb-my-science-m
  6. Male feeder looking for a female feedee in the metro Atlanta area to chat and/or encourage gaining. I am coming out of lurking to see if there's anyone else that has the same kinks about feeding that I do.
  7. Garm_Bel_Iblis

    My meager writings

    Here is a link to the beginning of my additions to the Bearchive Addventure: http://bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1033/1033795.html My author name over there is Wolfie7828. I would appreciate any feedback. My entries contain BBWs, weight gain and some sexual content. I welcome anyone else continuing the story. I don't have the time or desire to feel in all the possible chains myself.
  8. Been kicking around a few ideas since joining curvage and thought I'd ask around and see if anyone would be interested in reading something with my art style? As you can guess, I'm still in the sketching stage at the moment but as you can see from Harley, when I actually get going it should look considerably better! Feedback welcome. Cheers!
  9. slugowl

    Buying A New Scale

    So, now that all my health stuff has been dealt with and I'm on the mend, I'm looking into buying a new scale for weighing myself. Now that I won't be sick all the time whenever I eat something, I'd actually like to delve into this lifestyle more and enjoy it with my boyfriend the way I intended months ago. Was wondering if anyone recommended any specific brands that weigh to a higher degree than others. I saw a few while browsing online that claim to connect to your smartphone and the only thing I found cool about that was the ability to keep up with everything I eat throughout the day. But I could just as easily do that in a journal of my own and, as it is, my boyfriend doesn't care at all for smartphones. The highest I've seen for a weight capacity on simple scales is 400lbs. I'm assuming that's probably the best I'll find for something I'd set in a corner of my bathroom or bedroom, but thought I'd check here first. I figure I'll have to shell out at least $20 for a decent, basic scale, but if there were one that has a higher capacity for the future, then I'd be willing to pay more now rather than later. Right now the one I'm drawn to is at a max capacity of 400lbs and goes by the name Etekcity Digital. Anyone have something they liked better or know this brand and support it?
  10. twg11221

    Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Timelapse

    A few years back there was a Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty commercial that showed a thin woman on a scale rapidly getting fat. It was done as a time lapse/morph. I used to have a low-quality version on my old computer, but that got lost when my old comp died. If anybody has this please post it. Thank you so much in advance!
  11. My friend girl tries to gain weight all the time, but she does not get it. She does not want to be fat, but wants to gain about 40 pounds, because she now weighs only 110 pounds.
  12. **Author's Note: This is a teaser to a story I posted on Deviantart! If y'all want to check it out it's under the same name for the story and my profile name is the same like here as well!** Description: Alison works at a gym near where she goes to school. Due to an accident she has to leave. Alison gets hired at Jack in the Box and the pounds begin to pile on... Diary Entry 07/22/17 Today Roy and I said our goodbyes. We figured we would simply text each other, or rather he would text me once he left. I mentioned this before in a previous diary entry, but Roy had been accepted into this college across the country. We ended our year long relationship just like that, in a peaceful yet mutual agreement. I never thought I would be in this position with him after meeting him at the gym where I work at about a year ago. I think it's been a great, crazy year though. I had a lot of fun with him, sex was amazing. He even encouraged me sometimes to cheat my diet and gorge a bit. I'm really going to miss Roy, but I know that this the best for the both of us. I guess in the end he's just going to be another ex boyfriend or girlfriend that wasn't the one. sincerely, Alison Alison closed the Day One app on her phone and grabbed her things to go to work. Alison had been working at her local gym to help support her tuition at USC in California. She worked part time there as to keep her sanity between balancing work and school. Getting into her cute little Honda Civic, she started her car and headed to work. Arriving through the front sliding doors she waved 'Hi' to her coworker Betty. Alison made her way to the counter to check in for work. "So how are you hun?" asked Betty, with concern on her face. "Eh I've been better. I think I need some distraction from all of this," Alison said as she signed her name on the check in sheet."Girl, if I were you I wouldn't worry for finding another man! I mean look at yourself, your literally one hot Mexican Momma! You seriously got ass for days!" Alison couldn't deny it she did have a spectacular ass, and working at the gym helped a ton to keep her physique in check. She took the compliment and smiled at Betty in a thankful look to her. Alison headed her way to go to her morning trainer area where she was scheduled to train someone. Alison arrived and to her trainee and began her morning program. Five minutes into the program Alison did a very wrong movement on the treadmill, tripped, bent her her ankle in an awkward position and fell off the treadmill machine. "OOWWW," she yelled. People around her, including her trainee tried help her get up, but to no avail. "Please, just put me down. It hurts to much keep standing on it." Alison was sent to the emergency room and was released later that day. Only she had a severely broken ankle and crutches to go with it. The next morning she got a call from work. "Hello?" answered Alison, wondering who was on the other line. "Ali, it's me Troy. I heard what happened yesterday. I'm really sorry, and it's unfortunate that it happened to you. I was calling to see if you're doing any better?" asked Troy, her boss, also the owner of the establishment. "I'm doing a bit better, but Troy I wanted to talk to you about something. Well concerning my job," said Alison hesitantly. "I'm really sorry but I don't think I can come back. I got hurt pretty bad, and the doctor said I'll be out for at least a month." "Damn, that's really a shame," said Troy with great sorrow. "I guess we'll have to mail you your last check. Seeing of course that you can't come down here with out tiring yourself out." "Yeah I think that'll be the best thing to do I'm really sorry it had to come to this Troy. You know me, I loved it there," Alison replied. After talking everything over from her having to quit her job at the gym, Alison hung up the phone and lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. In just twenty four hours she broke up with her boyfriend, broke her ankle severely, and to top it off she had no other choice but to leave her job. Which she very much enjoyed. Suddenly her belly started to protest in hunger. She grabbed her crutches that were set on her nightstand and struggled her way to the kitchen. Alison lived on her campus at USC and got along very well with her roommate. Both Alison and her roommate Vanessa shared a lot of things, even food. Despite Alison's gym addiction, she was opened up by her ex, Roy, that she should indulge in fattening delicacies every now and then. That was the case for her breakfast. Even though she just wanted some fruit she only found things like left over meals from previous nights. Such as pizza, cookies, chicken wings, you name it. Alison settled for some donuts, she then rested herself down on her couch and began eating. Diary Entry 08/17/17 It's been almost a month since everything that happened. I started looking for a job last week, but no call backs yet. My ankle has gotten better, but I feel like I've gotten pretty lazy. I think I'm eating more now than before, I noticed my clothes are getting a little snug. I don't think I'll ever say this out loud to anyone but, I kinda like it. I've always been so uptight with my body, but now I like indulging with extra foods. I like eating more than I usually do, and I'm kinda aroused by it sometimes. The feeling of having my belly full, and tight over my shirt feels sexy to me. Like I said though, I would never say this to anyone. Besides I'm pretty sure it only a few pounds, like 3 or 5 at the most. sincerely, Alison Alison was actually very, very wrong. This last month she has eaten more and more everyday. Her once toned abs and arms were now shapeless and getting flabby. But the one thing that was a positive, at least to her. It was her ass that grew even more. Alison's butt was already nice, round and large, due to her Mexican genes. Now however, it was growing at quite the alarming rate. Since Alison had become accustomed to wearing sports attire. She would always wear joggers, shorts, or leggings to be comfortable. With her ass growing rounder, jigglier by the day. Her clothes looked fantastic on her now, to say the least. Toward the end of the month Alison had gotten her cast off and was completely healed. Her eating however, well let's just say it grew along with her waistline. On a random mid afternoon, Alison got a call from an unknown source. Cleaning her fingers from the great, greasy chicken she was eating she answered the phone. "Hello?" answered the little blimp. "Hi is the Alison Perez? I'm calling from Jack in the Box, and wanted to know if you wanted to set up an interview?" "Yeah sure, when can I come in?" asked Alison struggling to get up from the couch to sit upright. "Does next Wednesday work for you?" asked the young woman on the other side of the line. "Wednesday works for me. What time should I arrive?" Alison asked, without realizing her belly was poking out of her gray tank top. "Get here before 10 in the morning and we'll get started," said the woman on the phone. Hanging up the phone excited, Alison got up from the couch and went to her room. Entering her room she saw herself in her mirror. She saw her belly coming out from beneath her tank top. Alison came over closer to her mirror and surveyed herself. Since she was home alone Alison lifted her tank top over her modest gut. She rubbed her hand in a circular motion just once over her flabby belly. Alison pinched and grabbed her belly, and shook it. Surprisingly she was not mad, shocked or even worried of her newly formed belly. In fact she kind of liked it, just a little. Alison bit her lip as she shook her belly and held it with both hands. She felt pleasure build from near the top of her vagina and she shook it more. "Uggh," moaned Alison softly as she grabbed her gut and jiggled it in front of her mirror. Alison was really getting horny now and proceeded to her bed. She plopped down onto her small twin bed. Alison rather ravenously took off her black shorts and matching panties. Immediately going for her pussy, Alison instantly felt that it was drenched. Growing even more turned on, Alison reached over to her nightstand drawer and grabbed her vibrator. Before going back and pressing it on her wet, almost squirting vagina, she saw a pack of Oreos on her roommates nightstand. "She won't mind," thought Alison going over to get the cookies. Laying back down she multitasked between stuffing herself with the delicious, fattening Oreos, and rubbing her clit with her vibrator. "Mmmph fuck this is so hot, I feel so fwucking fwat," Alison said while chewing with her mouth stuffed. She pressed harder on to her wet pussy and felt another wave of ecstasy crawl up her whole body. Reaching her point of no return Alison orgasmed hard as she soaked her bedsheets and finished her pack of Oreos. Dropping both her vibrator and empty pack of Oreos she laid in her bed for a moment with her eyes closed. After a second or two Alison ran her hands over her stuffed mountainous gut while looking at it smiling slightly. "I think I can get used to this sort of lifestyle. But it'll be our little secret, right tummy?" she asked as she patted and slapped her engorged belly.
  13. riptoryx

    KP vs the LBs

    While sifting through some of my old files, I recently rediscovered this little collaboration I did a long while ago with docarrol. I made the original sketch, while he did all the coloring and major clean-up work. http://fav.me/dap4480 Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Disney crime-fighter. I mean, seriously–did anyone NOT see this gal winding up chubby by sometime into her college years?
  14. looking for a feedee in the salt lake area! any intrests? let me know!
  15. So we've been dating since fall 2014 and the beginning of this summer i noticed she gained a small amount of weight. Shes always been skinny but soft and I've always been attracted to her. Shes always loved food but I've never seen her eat like this its pretty cool shes always hungry. Throughout this summer she gained and i obviously tried to contribute to that without being too forward she doesnt know anything about my preferences. There have been a couple times shes said something about getting fat and needing to diet but it always get forgotten about. I tell her shes beautiful and sexy no matter what and that she looks great which she usually accepts and thanks me for. That is usually followed by getting something to eat lol. The past 4 months shes gotten bigger little by little and shes incredibly sexy. Boobs belly ass legs arms face everything has gotten bigger and shes sexier than ever it drives me crazy. The past 2 weeks it seems like she gained faster and i cant keep my hands off her which she hasnt been a huge fan of lately. All of her clothes from last fall are too small and shes starting to notice after the summer. Her belly is rolling over her pants she had to buy new bras and underwear because her ass and boobs have grown a lot. Its really great but by now shes probably put on close to 20 lbs its hard not to notice. This whole time she never really cared and kind of joked about it but she has officially started to hate it. She almost cried the other night about it and of course i told her she was perfect. She said she wants to lose a lot of weight i dont think she needs to obviously but shes never gotten upset like that before. Its affected our intimacy recently because she feels uncomfortable now that shes legitimately bigger. She knows i like it without me saying anything she can just tell through being in bed together but she hasnt been as eager lately if you know what i mean. I dont want her to lose because shes so sexy and up until now shes been happier than ever which is more noticeable than the weight. This kinda came out of nowhere I want to be supportive no matter what because i love her and will always think shes beautiful at any size. I just need some feedback or advice about it. Should i be helpful with her dieting/working out (idk what the plan is yet)? Should i just stay the course and hope she becomes comfortable with the weight and try to make her feel beautiful? Just to add we dont do anything sexual with food or anything like that and im not about feeding her or anything just like something soft to grab on to. Any feedback would be great this is my first post btw please help
  16. I can't find it anywhere online. Does anyone here have it downloaded or know where to find it?
  17. itisreallyme

    A fun little success story

    Man do I have a story. A few years ago, I first met a friend of mine at a party. She was one of those girls that had guys flocking to her, either because she was one of the few girls at the party or because she was gorgeous, I think the latter. Not particularly large, especially by this site's standards, but carried what weight she did have pretty much entirely in her ass/thighs. Curvy as hell. Anywho, I basically was crushing on her immediately but never made any moves because 1. she had enough attention already and 2. I already sorta had a fwb thing and was happy with it. Time passes, we both were in the same social circles. She lost some weight, I think. There was a period of time where I didn't see a lot of her. Flash forward a couple years. She has a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. I unexpectedly run into her on Halloween a couple years ago while tripping on LSD. At that point I don't think I had seen her for many months, possibly a year, and she's clearly gained a lot of weight. That was a weird night. No idea how much weight she gained but her ass was (is) fucking spectacular, her whole body is really. I'd guess she is pushing 200, if not more. Our social circles merge a little bit more frequently. I admirer her from afar. It's all fine. Relevant side comment. My primary partner (girlfriend) and I are in a long distance, open relationship that started about a year ago. We were open before the long distance. Definitely not for everyone, but it works for us. Anyway, back in September this friend hits me up one night and asks me what I'm up to. Her boyfriend is out of town and she wants to hang with me and my roommates or anyone else I might be hanging with that night. Sure, cool. Not expecting anything in particular. I've never hung out with her 1-1, and she's never expressed any sorta interest in anything beyond friendship. I'd heard some rumors that she and her boyfriend were open, but didn't think a lot of it most of the time because I didn't think she was into me. Things sorta fall through with other people and it ends up being just the two of us. We go see a live music show together and it's kinda a dud so we just hang outside the venue. After some liquid courage (alcohol) I decide to ask her what the deal is with her relationship's openness. She's generally not interested in other partners and she just doesn't put a lot of effort into it. I think part of it is/was low self confidence and not being happy with her body. But, she clearly gets the hint as to why I was asking in the first place. More alcohol in us both. We get back to my place, hook up. Awesome. We're now fwb. See each other on the reg. One of the first times we hung out (after the initial hook up) she asked me "do you have a thing for chubby psych majors?" (My girlfriend was also a psych major. We all met in college and have since graduated at various times in the past few years). I think she got the hint that her appearance/body is the furthest thing from a problem for me. It's been fun. It's actually been a fucking dream come true. Here's a girl who I crushed on from afar for many years, she got fat, and then we start hooking up on the regular. It's also been interesting to have a friend evolve into something more and things be relatively stable and okay with everyone involved (me, her, and both our primary partners). One of the most interesting aspects of this whole situation is she is definitely bigger than my partner, likely bigger than my partner would ever care to be, and she has an entirely different body type than my partner. I've learned that, for me personally, bigger isn't necessarily better, its just different. A different I definitely can appreciate, but not necessarily a better different. It's been an interesting and awesome experience. Don't get me wrong, weight gain is definitely a turn on for me, but I think the weight gain itself is the turn on and not necessarily the end goal. I guess everyone enjoys things a little differently. I do have some mixed feelings about this whole situation though. She is trying to lose weight and actually seems to have a very strained relationship with food and her appearance. I definitely think I've helped her self confidence some, but I cannot imagine what her reaction would be to me sharing the fact that her weight gain actually turns me on. I can't imagine I'll ever tell her, but it just feels weird to keep that a secret. It's worth mentioning that her and my girlfriend are actually pretty decent friends and are obviously aware of one another. That's been an interesting aspect of this on its own. That's about it. Just wanted to share this fun story. Kinda bragging, kinda just writing it all out for someone to read. This whole situation is pretty much unbelievable still and I still act like a fucking giddy teenager around her since it feels so unreal. I have some more specific interesting stories that have unfolded and I'm sure more will happen as our friendship continues. Thanks for reading.
  18. Guest

    Profile stats for gainers?

    As many active users on this website are into weight gain, instead of updating their weight via posts in their threads they could have the option of updating their weight gain (and measurements?) in a graph. Yay or nay?
  19. wantstofatten92

    Alicia Keys

    Check out!
  20. Enumerated_Bob


    - College-age guy with 'standards' tells the story of those standards evolving Crysta pt. 1 Small towns, small schools, small colleges, sometimes the same people show up over and over. That's where we'll start this, because sometimes you learn things about them, sometimes they teach you things you didn't know about yourself. We'll start with Crysta Harris. She came to my high school Junior year, 18 years old and blessed three times over by the goddesses of beauty and puberty. Everybody noticed her, she was impossible to ignore. She tried out to be a cheerleader senior year. I showed up to those try-outs. So did most of the straight guys in the school. She killed it in the audition, we all thought. Nobody bounced like she did, no one else's shorts left their round, voluptuous cheeks exposed. She didn't make the team; she was 'too short,' they said, and 'too busty for our uniforms.' Riots nearly ensued on behalf of every male student desperate to see that inevitable Crysta Harris' nip slip on the sideline, but she didn't seem to mind. A couple guys followed as she got the news, reported back that however she felt about it, her appetite wasn't spoiled. I was in the group that stayed behind. The cheerleaders started tearing into her as soon as she left. "Oh my god, can you believe her?" One of them asked, shaking her generic blonde hair and plastic face, "She's not even that pretty!" The girl next to her clearly disagreed, but didn't argue. She held up the information sheet Crysta had provided, "Look at this, though, she's like, super short." A third chimed in, "And kinda big, right? Like, all over!" Back to stick-thin barbie number one, "Totally. I mean, she say here she's 135? I mean, at her height, all I got to say is that bitch better drop ten pounds." They weren't lying, Crysta was definitely a tiny bit fluffy. She could have been a model with her red-brown hair, blue eyes and high cheekbones, facially, she was flawless, but she liked food too much, it seemed. Most teachers had rules against snacking in class. The male teachers made an exception in her case. She didn't try and pretend she wasn't a soft, squishy sort of girl. She wore her shirts tight; if you looked, you'd see those ten pounds of fluff, but she was curvy as all hell. Nobody cared about ten pounds. Her tits were huge, perky, her hips were wide, and she still had most of a waistline. Notice how I'm using past tense. This was true through high school. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ College, though... Okay, lots of girls gain weight their first year of college. The Freshman fifteen's a famous thing, and as much as senior girls tell themselves it's a myth, it's more a fact around here. Trust me, my sex life for most of Freshman year was based on the low self-esteem of former prom queens with muffin tops and thunder thighs, and I had a damn good year. My angle worked because I'm decent-looking and good at comforting when someone feels down. It worked when a newly-chubby girl was broken up with, or ripped her pants, or felt unloved. This wasn't about wanting fat girls. It was about how skinny chicks gain weight, get upset, feel undesired, and, basically, how they don't turn me away the second I start talking. I have standards, I always have, I've never been the kind of guy who'll sleep with anything on two legs, but... Thing about 'standards' is, they vary. I've always taken 'no fat chicks' with a grain of salt. These girls called themselves fat, maybe their ex-boyfriends had called them fat, but they weren't really. 'Fat' is when a girl's waistline looks like a stack of tires, all rolls, no hourglass. 'Fat' is when her gut sticks out further than her tits. A fat girl takes up two seats on an airplane. The girls I was with, yeah, they had a few extra pounds, yeah, they weren't so toned, but God no, they weren't fat. They were a tiny bit fluffier, a bit softer, some cellulite, bunch of muffin tops, but never anything major, no huge rolls of fat or anything. I didn't get with Crysta. I never had an opening. She was comfortable with how she looked, and had loads of admirers, even as the weight piled on, which it did. Let's start there. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ She came to orientation looking like she'd had a restful summer, laid by the pool, ate ice cream. She definitely hadn't been exercising, and she wasn't losing weight. Every time I went to the food court, there she was, stuffing her face. We didn't talk until Halloween. She was trick-or-treating dressed like Elektra. Her eyes lit up, "Jason!" She squealed, "Oh my god, I didn't know we were in the same building!" She moved in for a hug, and I tried to hurry it along. I was, let's just say, interested in the view she was giving me. That outfit was... Well, mostly a cut-short tank top, red panties, and a couple strips of cloth tied a bit too tight. There wasn't much to hide the fact that she'd been taking it easy. I laughed, "Crysta! I... Heh, how've you been?" I asked, feeling like an idiot, trying to hide my arousal, "What's up?" Crysta laughed, pulled out a plastic sai, threatened me, "What's up is you're gonna give me a fuck-ton of candy, or I'm gonna force it out of you!" She wrinkled her nose, pretending rage, "Come on, I'm waiting!" I chuckled, pouring a few Hershey's minis into her trash bag. Crysta groaned, "Are you serious?" "Wha- what?" Crysta narrowed her eyes, "I said a fuck-ton. This is like, three tiny ass bars." She pursed her lips, raised an eyebrow, "What are you trying to say right now?" She asked, "You trying to say I'm getting fat?!" She bellowed, poking me in the chest with her toy weapon. It's funny how intimidating a five foot chubby girl can be when she's hot as hell and dressed like a superhero, "What? I... No!" "You sure about that?" Crysta pressed, stepping closer, "You're sure? 'Cause let me tell you, I sure feel fatter!" I calmed down, this was a conversation I knew. I shook my head, told her "Don't be ridiculous. You're as skinny as you were at graduation." I left out that she wasn't skinny then, either. Crysta grinned, "Yeah, totally." She snatched the bag of candy from out of my hands, moved for the door, talking fast, "So I can have this? Awesome, thanks! Later!" I watched her chubby butt jog off. She wasn't the only squishy co-ed in the hall, but she was definitely easiest on the eyes. Some girls had cellulite I could see through their leggings, but Crysta's thick, padded legs were smooth and sexy as hell, jiggles rippling through them as she stepped down the hall. College was doing, at that point, just the most beautiful things to her bountiful body. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Halloween fattened her up good, though, I'll tell you what. She'd broken fifteen pounds by Thanksgiving, and I mean before she left for a week of unbridled piggishness. Spring semester came around, and I swear, by Mardi Gras, Crysta was up thirty pounds. I got a good idea, her outfit was pretty revealing, short shorts and a belly shirt, every fluffy pound was right there for the world to see. I saw her sitting on a tall guy's shoulders, probably her boyfriend's, to see the parade. Her belly bent around his head. He didn't look to pleased. A little later, he was gone, and she had king cake. It likely wasn't her first slice. She had a sprinkling of green, yellow and purple sugars across that poochy, pudgy, jelly belly she'd grown. This is where I'd normally make a move; she'd gained twice as much as she was 'supposed' to, and it showed. Only, Crysta seemed a different kind of girl. Spring is when most Freshman girls get their overeating, oversleeping, lazy asses in line, preparing for the summer, losing weight because their fat ass couldn't possibly fit back into that bikini. They did that. Diets happened, and the gym filled up. Girls all around campus lost weight. Crysta found it. They dropped pounds, Crysta picked them back up. And guys still loved her. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sophomore year started. I had off-campus housing, and Crysta and I shared a morning class. She was late the first day. I recognized a few women from the last year, they mostly looked thinner. Then came Crysta. She did not. She was juicier than ever, I'm talking lots of that sweet, sweet jiggle. Her crop top, her yoga pants did nothing to hide the fact she'd packed it on something awful that summer. Her ass was fat and that gut was wobbling. Her top was tight, her tits were exploding from that bra, and there's no way she didn't notice she'd developed a thick layer of back fat for her titsling's straps to bury themselves. I said this was a morning class. You have three guesses which scantily-clad, chubby-as-fuck student brought donuts. Not to share, she didn't have enough, just to enjoy while the professor talked. More than enough to enjoy, it looked like, she forced her way through jelly-filled #'s 10-12 with a quiet, softly moaning and gently-sweating determination. Tell you right now, my hope was rekindled. She looked like she'd spent the last three months on her ass in an all-you-can-eat candy buffet, there's no way she had just as many suitors. Except she was in a relationship. I joined a study group to get to know her; boyfriend of the moment was leader. Crysta had a unique sort of study pattern, I came to realize. Snacks were very important, and she needed lots of them. You can guess how this affected her body and boyfriend status. I swear, I could almost see her getting bigger from week to week, and I couldn't miss the fact she really, truly, didn't care. I watched her bend down to pick up a box of Twinkies once. The seams of her sweats gave out. She laughed. She proceeded to eat the whole box in one, intense sitting. I kept missing my chance to ask her out, she'd break up one week, I'd hear about it, plan to make my move, then have to reschedule when she'd snap up a man ten minutes before I got there. I started helping a lot with her study snacks situation, hoping to get closer. It worked; at Halloween, we went trick-or-treating together. My car meant more dorms, meant more candy for her, and I just wanted to watch her. There was a lot to watch. She showed up at my door as the sexiest of cops, in a slutbag's version of a policewoman's uniform, tits exploding from the top, corset struggling to reign in that billowing body of hers, her ass hanging out from her short shorts and a suggestive set of handcuffs swinging from her hips. This was the costume. She added her own touch, her own accessories, a big box of donuts that I knew well enough not to touch. The corset didn't all that much to slim her up. Fat as she'd grown, her body was exploding from the thing everywhere it could, even before she started with the donuts. She lost an inch or two from the shape-wear, but got them back once the snacking started. All I'll say is that she ate a lot of candy as we moved. By the end, I don't know if I'd call her a 'Sexy' cop, anymore, not in the classic sense. Her corset did nothing at all to disguise her porky, rounded gut, her face was stained with chocolate. She was having problems breathing, and the stream of candy-to-her-face wasn't helping. I helped her back to her room. Her roommate was there, I nodded, but didn't introduce myself, just helped Crysta's groaning, overstuffed self onto the bed, told her goodbye, and left with the weirdest boner. This was the start of her dating slump that I could see. I guess she lost a lot of admirers when they saw her wheezing and sweating like a pig on Halloween, tugging at the strings of her corset, desperate to loosen it while the guys at the door debated whether they should really give her candy now she'd so clearly fallen from sex-symbol status. We ate lunch together every day, dinner too, more often than not, and I noticed a pattern. Crysta was a quantity over quality kind of girl, at least with food. Her eating habits could be described as 'constant.' I recall in November, she made an ice cream sundae. A very large sundae. She'd brought her own bowl for this bonanza. It was a large bowl. Plastic. I'd call it a popcorn bowl. She brought it in a backpack with a layer of foil on top to hold in the extra ingredients. She was more than a tiny bit proud to show me the massive monstrosity of future fatness she'd scrambled together, bragging, "Three kinds of ice cream, a couple of crumbled brownies, fuck-ton of chocolate syrup, couple of bananas, nuts, cherries, and big old spray of that good, sweet, white stuff—" she sprayed a towering pile of whipped cream straight into her mouth and squirted chocolate on top, doing her best to close her lips without making a mess, "Whiffed cweam!" She laughed, wiping up a blob that had escaped and licking it from her finger. I was conflicted, these things seemed sexy, but wrong, and I didn't know what to think. I just talked, "Wow, that's... Impressi— oh, and there it goes. Down the hatch." Crysta laughed, "Well duh, you don't make the ultimate sundae if you're not gonna eat it!" She pulled the bowl closer, "Come to mama." I looked around the table at the empty stacks of dishes. I'd had one plate. The rest were inside of the girl lost inside a world built of ice cream and fattiness. I just kind of watched. I knew Crysta ate a lot. She'd changed my definition of the phrase. I'd seen her stuff herself into a stupor at least a dozen times over the time we'd been hanging out. I knew that, I knew on an empty stomach, she could tackle that calorie bomb any day of the week. I knew she would, if it were an option. I also knew there was no way in hell her stomach was empty. She'd outdone herself at lunch and dinner. Lunch ended with her shirt rolled up and her hands massaging her fat gut, burping like she didn't have a care in the world. The sundae, it ended with a blissed-out, Crysta with a bloated belly and no cares for social norms. She dropped the spoon clattering into her bowl and closed her eyes, groaning, satisfied, "Mmph, oh, yeah..." She moaned, "I mean... Who needs men, give me ice cream!" I spoke up, "I don't really think you need more." Her eyes stayed shut, she pointed a finger in my general direction, "See? That's what 'm talking about. Ice cream makes me happy. Men just keep on pointing out the obvious, like damn, I already know I'm getting a little..." She let the sentence hang. "What?" I asked, playing the idiot. Crysta opened one eye, shook her head, "You know damn well what." Her forehead wrinkled, she gave a squeeze to her plush, bloated belly flab. "I'm talking about this shit that's happening." She wobbled it my way like I didn't watch her gut meat bouncing with every step she took, "I'm getting fat." "You're not that—" Crysta's arm rose up, one finger. She didn't change expression or her position. She looked blank, sorta happy, very fat, "Let me stop you there. I have love handles. I have a beer belly. I eat ice cream until I feel drunk. I can't move right now." Her arm fell, "Yep." She said, not sounding upset, "I'm a fat girl." _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I learned in that conversation that Crysta wasn't deluding herself. She knew exactly what her eating habits were doing to her. She might have changed her ways, gotten healthy, gotten a boyfriend, but nope. She labeled the sundae the BellyBlaster, had it a few more times, even. It always put her in the mood for a certain conversation. BellyBlaster #2, she added chocolate chips to the ingredients, because of course, it needed more indulgence to it. I remember her finishing it off. We were in a booth. She turned to the side, sighing heavily with satisfaction, "Mmph, fucking yes..." She purred, pulling her knees up around the heavy swell of her gut. Her face wrinkled, she looked down, squinted her eyes to confirm, finally just wrinkled her nose, "Yep. There it's happening." "Huh?" Crysta shrugged, snatching a cookie from my plate, "Eh, my ass is fat." She slapped her legs with a loud clapping sound, "Looks like little miss thunder thighs is coming down with a case of the cellulite." She stuffed the cookie into her face, "Is it really that surprising?" I started standing up, "Really?" Halloween came back to me, those flawless, perfectly curves hips and rubbing thighs. "Sit your ass back down." Crysta commanded, "It's not like this is your one chance to see me looking fat. The dimples aren't gonna disappear just 'cause I can walk again." She pursed her lips, shook her head, "Shoulda seen it coming." Yeah, I wanted to say, I absolutely did. "It's not a big deal." "Oh, no, I know." She assured me, "I just didn't notice until now." "So what's this mean for you?" I mused, "No more daisy dukes, strict diet and exercise program?" She looked at me weird, "Are you saying that's what I should do?" I hesitated, yes to the diet and exercise, I wanted to tell her, you're turning into a exaggerated cartoon of excess and sexuality. But the daisy dukes, I like her in those, so "No—" "Good." She interrupted, "Cause I like food. I like short shorts. I do not like exercise. Besides," she said, swiping another cookie from my plate, "It's almost Christmas. Everyone gets fat at Christmas. It's tradition." _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sure enough, Spring rolled around and Crysta looked like she'd eaten all the Christmas cookies. Even At this point, though, I was too invested, too determined to ask her out, and she was single, so I didn't think, didn't care about the fact that Crysta Harris was... Well, at this point, she was kinda, maybe, well, absolutely a fat chick. I did it at the end of January, in the lunch room. Crysta had just finished her dessert tray. She licked the fork clean dropped it to the table with a clatter, leaning back and moaning, "Uh, god, that was good!" She said, licking around her lips, clearing off the chocolate, "Mmph!" I smirked, "You good?" Crysta pursed her lips, shrugged, "I mean, I'd do dirty, kinky things to anybody who got me more, but yeah, I guess?" She laughed, "God knows I don't need more!" She crowed, "I'm fat enough as is!" I agreed with the last part of that, but the first bit... I hopped up, "Be right back." Maybe three ice cream brownies sounds like overkill to you, or the two slices of cheesecake I got after that, but I'd been eating with Crysta for the better part of a year at that point. The woman's a bottomless pit. I've gotten her full plates of food only for her to complain I only got one. I wasn't making that mistake this time. I grabbed her a little of everything sweet, a lot of the things I knew she loved. The look of her face when I got back. She smiled; she looked excited, tinged with worry, "Holy shit, Jason!" She laughed, "Either you really want those dirty, kinky things or you're trying to fatten me up good!" She licked her lips, grabbed the fork, and smiled, "I like it!" "Thought you would." I said as my friend shifted into full-on glutton mode, "I was kind of thinking we'd go eat somewhere, like... Oh, you told me you like Olive Garden! Maybe we start there and see where things go?" Crysta paused, laughed, "Right, 'cause the best way to a fat girl's heart is straight through her beer belly!" I scrambled, "I mean, I just thought... Maybe a movie?" "What? Are you kidding? I just told you how to get to the heart of a fat girl. I am a fat girl.” Crysta scoffed, “Gimme them breadsticks, dammit!" Force of habit, I started, "You're not that—" I caught myself. For one, she's too aware for that kind of thing to work, and two, I knew it'd just end with her arguing that she's a great, fat, fatty. Girl will defend her status as a fat, disgusting pig like most girls will if you call them stupid I thought fast, finished weak, "hungry?" She looked at me confused, "I just, I mean, you've had kind of... Well, big lunch. You don't really want breadsticks, do you? You can't!" Crysta laughed, "Uh, fuck you, yes, I fucking can!" She grinned, "I promise you, if you brought in a bowl of breadsticks, I would eat every one of them fuckers." I stared, she seemed to believe what she was saying. I shook myself, "O-okay, so, Olive Garden. When, I mean... When's a good time?" Crysta pursed her lips, thought, "How about... Valentine's Day." She suggested, "I know it's a ways off and all, I just... I mean, I'm out of shape, you know?" I could wait two weeks, "Uh, yeah! That sounds great!" I started going to the gym on a daily basis after that, for two reasons. One, I'm a bit dim, but I knew Crysta was a heavy chunk of sexy, so I needed some strength to handle that. I like to think that was the main reason, but in all truth, it was more the thought, the fantasy of seeing Crysta running on a treadmill in those spandex outfits she loves so much. Never once saw her there. Saw her every time I went to the cafeteria, and she definitely was enjoying those fast food in the union more than any 'getting-fit' girl should. She didn't look to be slimming up, that's for damn sure. Let me tell about that day forward.
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    Hello, I have been thinking about this. Maybe 10-15 years ago both big men and big women were not in a lot of demand for dating. I am a big man. What I mean is now years later BBW and SSBBW are in big demand and can pretty much find any type of guy they want. Big Men still are not as popular as bigger women, so we have less choices for dating etc. I am a fan of BBW + SSBW's and think their popularity is awesome. I hope some day big men are more in demand also. Bigjoedo
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    I don't often look for weight gain or BBW stories on Kindle Unlimited, but I did today and I found a new author I like. His name is Hugh Mann (obvious pen name) and he appears to just be starting out. His stories are $2.99 each, but you can read them for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. He doesn't appear to be super heavy on plot, but he focuses really heavily on BBW and weight gain and stuffing and such. I hope a few people here can read his stories and encourage him. He seems to have great potential. I know I enjoyed both his stories. Here is the link to his author page which lists all his stories (just the 2 currently). I hope you guys enjoy his writing as much as I have. http://amzn.to/21P2qQD
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    Since I've become your housewife my body has started to change. At first I was just getting chubbier and chubbier, but now my breasts have started to swell and drip milk. I'm turning into a plump overfed lactating wife and I need you to come milk me when you get home from work.