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Found 270 results

  1. r11xt1

    Brittany Lincicome

    Brittany Lincicome is one of the headline US golfers on the LPGA Tour. Known for her signature long driving off the tee, She also happens to be one of the heaviest and most attractive.
  2. LordTrump

    The Expansion of Emily

    Ok, so this is my first attempt at a WG story. This will be a slow-burn, realistic (in regards to weight description) gain story centred around a beautiful brunette 20 year old university student named Emily. As this is only part 1 of an intended multi-part series, there won't be any weight gain yet. This first entry is dedicated to introducing a couple of core characters and establishing the general backdrop of the story. Feedback and Discussion is very encouraged, as I'm eager to know what any of you out there think, and it will motivate me to write more frequently The Expansion of Emily: Part 1 'Ok class, settle down'. Professor Craven said, waving his arms. 'Hush, hush.' As soon as he was sure he had the class's full attention he cleared his throat. 'Now that you've all acquainted yourselves with each other I would like to, unfortunately, remind you of why you're here.' After a quick survey of the downbeat expressions of his students, a hint of a smirk crept across his lips. 'As Professor Stevens mentioned in the lecture earlier this week you are all going to have to complete an in-depth research project which will be conducted throughout the entire school year.' Groans erupted from several class members, but none of which came from Emily Shaw, who perked up considerably at this tidbit of information . She was a slim, effortlessly beautiful 20 year old with long dark brown hair, which today was tied back in a high ponytail. She had played volleyball competitively for the girls team throughout high school and had continued to keep in shape by regularly attending the Palm Cove Fitness Centre. Her skin was lightly tanned from the California summer and, fittingly, she wore nothing but shorts and a pink tank top. Emily was a bright and perky girl who, despite being popular in high school, would occasionally be accused of being a 'teachers pet' due to her relentless commitment to achieve the highest grades possible in the classroom. Emily thought this was due to her looking like a California beach babe that they were shocked that she actually had a brain, not to mention educational aspirations. She was in her first year at the University of California (Palm Cove Campus) and was currently enrolled in a general arts degree. Emily still wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do, so she appreciated that she could take a variety of classes across different areas of study to get a grasp for what she liked. At the moment, she was sitting in Professor Donald Craven's 'Introduction to Human Anatomy and Psychology' class. From the course outline, the class was apparently going to be focussed on studying the relationship between the body and mind, and how the health of the two correlated. Emily thought the class had sounded dull when selecting her first-year classes, but since a maths class was a big no-no, she had enrolled into this one hoping it would be a breeze. However, the mention of a year-long research project had dampened her optimistic attitude. She was now 100% tuned in to Professor Craven, intent on absorbing every last little detail of it so she could perform as well as she could. 'Now this project.' Professor Craven said, waggling his finger for emphasis as he strutted around the room. 'This project will be dedicated to exploring the core curricular requirements at the heart of this class. One, to what extent does the physical impact on the mental? Two, to what degree does the mental impact on the physical? And three, can one still retain a healthy mind within an unhealthy body, and vice versa? Craven paused before slapping his hands together theatrically, startling 90% of the class from a deep slumber. 'Using these core questions, and the assessment rubric available to you on the course site, you will need to develop a hypothesis and carry out research of this question in any format that you wish, essay, film, science experiment, whatever. Just be clear that your question must relate directly to the course material, and that you have until December to submit.' He glanced at the clock, which read 2 o'clock on the dot, signalling the end of class. 'Any questions? The class answered promptly with the rapid sounds of scraping chairs and zipping bags, which included Emily. 'God, what am I even going to do this on? She thought to herself as she strode down the hallway. The enticing swing of her trim hips and bum generated appreciative glances from the local male cohort as per usual. Emily didn't mind one bit. In fact, constantly being the object of male lust was an oddly empowering feeling. Just the fact that she had the ability to control so many men with nothing but her raw sexuality was something which often brought a self-satisfied smile to her face. They could all dream, because at the end of the day there could only be one guy for her, and at the moment that guy was named Travis. She found her boyfriend of 16 months leaning against the fountain in the university courtyard, right where he said he'd meet her. Travis stood 6 ft 1, with the body of a man who seldom left the weightlifting room at the local gym. He had closely cut blonde hair which was usually covered by a baseball cap, and today it was the Red Sox. Travis had no favourite team, he just liked collecting baseball caps. 'Such a goofball.' Emily thought as she ran across the grass towards him, her ponytail bobbing behind her. 'But he's my goofball.' Travis turned just in time to catch her as she leaped into his chest, her arms and legs wrapping around his muscular body. 'There's my gal.' He said as he grabbed her smooth, firm buttocks to hold her up. Emily smiled and pressed her face against his. 'I've missed you big boy. You got something to say to me? 'Hell's yeah I do.' Travis said and began passionately kissing her, a gesture she returned with equal intensity. 'I've got a surprise waiting around the corner.' Travis said in between smooches. 'Should we go check it out? 'Fine with me boss'. Emily purred as she ran her hands across his muscly body. The couple continued to kiss off and on as Travis carried her to the parking lot. He set her down on the pavement and covered her eyes. 'Feast your eyes on the beginning of our lives'. Travis said as he unveiled Emily's eyes to the sight of his new Maserati,sleek and shiny as could be. Emily gasped. 'Travis! This, this is amazing! She ran over to inspect the new ride, while Travis inspected her cute little ass. 'Picked her up today, new as can be.' Travis said as he ran his hand over the chrome. 'Like it? 'You kidding? Emily exclaimed from behind the wheel. 'Trav, I love it! How could you afford-' . She stopped herself, having momentarily forgotten that Travis was the son of multi-millionaires. Travis awkwardly ran a hand through his hair. 'Well, my parents did help a little.' He said flatly. This wasn't the first time Travis had expressed embarrassment about his privileged upbringing, and Emily still didn't even know what his parents did for a living. After an awkward silence, Travis leaped into the passenger seat and put his arm around Emily. She rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the hilltop view of the university parking lot. The warm California sun beamed down on them and Emily felt pretty damn close to being in paradise. 'Here's my plan.' Travis said. 'One day we just hop in this bad boy and we drive. We drive and drive until we get to somewhere far away from here. Could be Mexico, or New York, or Canada, or hell, even fucking South America. And we find somewhere quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, because none of this shit even matters, none of it. All that matters is the special person you share your life with and Em, after knowing you for the past year or so, I can safely say I've found that ideal person.' 'Aww Trav.' Emily said as she gave him a kiss. 'I'm touched. Really'. 'So how about it Em? Travis asked. 'Want to disappear in this Maserati and make a bunch of beautiful children with me? Emily burst out laughing. 'Yes Travis, I do, but not now. We're both 20 years old for Christ's sake.' Travis rolled his eyes. Obviously. Babe, I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that I'm in this for the long haul. As long as your around, there's no other girls for me.' Emily looked up at him, her blue eyes misty. 'You mean it? 'I do.' 'Promise.' 'Ok. What do you want me to say? 'Promise that you'll love me no matter what.' 'Emily Elizabeth Shaw, I promise I'll love you no matter what.' Emily smiled. 'I can live with that.' And they embraced. To be Continued...
  3. ArrogantBastard

    The Devil's Girl Friend

    The Devils Girlfriend Chapter 1 Introduction Sarah plopped herself down onto a cafeteria bench. It was towards the back where only a few people sat. In front of her was her plate overflowing with assorted food. Sarah pulled a book out of her purse and read it as she ate her meal absentmindedly. She loved reading especially fantasies because they differed from real life. Evil never triumphed and all that was ugly and gross lost. Beauty and goodness won in the end. How it should be in a fair world. Sarah shoved another forkful of mashed potatoes covered in gravy into her mouth. A burp escaped her lips before she quickly moved her hand to cover her lips. Her cherubic cheeks blushed bright pink. Some thin girls sitting two benches away giggled. Sarah pretended not to notice them going back to eating her meal and reading. It was the hobbit and bilbo had just found the ring in gollum's cave. Sarah heard the three girls whispering and casting hurried glances. She lifted her book up enough so that she just barely could see them but they couldn’t see her face as she listened intently. “Sarah has become such a pig,” Said the redhead on the right. “Remember when she came here freshman year? I swear she looked like a supermodel,” The brown haired girl on the right sneered. “Now she’s just a fat bitch no one wants to date.” Said the center one. She was a blond who was the most vain of the group. Sarah turned to her food shoving forkfuls of food into her mouth. They were right she had let herself go. When she came to the college she was 5’ 11” and a thin 115 pounds. She had every boy hitting on her from math in the morning to culinary at noon. Unfortunately she had indulged herself freshman year ballooning her figure. Freshman fifteen was more like the freshman 115. She was undeniably fat. Her belly sat generously on her thick thighs sticking out past her boobs. Now a Sophomore no boy had wanted her since her gain. A single tear slid down her cheek and rolled off her double chin. I just wish I could be loved again I would do anything to get that back. Sarah thought shoving more food into her mouth trying to lesson her emotional pain. A young man strode silently up to Sarah’s table and silently sat beside her. His presence unnoticed by the overfed beauty. He gingerly placed his hand on her wrist startling her into stare him directly in the face. He had a strong angular face pale like snow with curly blond hair framing piercingly bright blue eyes. “You looked miserable alone here Sarah, so I thought you could use some company.” He said in a soothing gentle voice. Sarah stared into his deep yet bright eyes filled with care for several seconds before finding her voice. “Thank you I-I just…” Sarah trailed off unable to express her thanks for company or her sadness. “Sorry, I don’t think we have met before.” “No need to apologize we haven't met before. That is unimportant currently, what is making you so sad?” “I’ve lost all my friends recently and I just want to be loved.” Sarah found it easy to open up to him as he was the first boy in months to even show sympathy for her. “Why?” The man asked tilting his head to the side. “Was it something that you said?” “Because…. Because of this!” Sarah said grabbing her gut jiggling it in her hands. “None of them had loved me for me just for my looks!” Another tear fell down her sweet face her eyes watering. The man stood up and gently cupped her chin with his right hand lifting her face up gently. He then wiped the tear from her face with his left.Illuminated from behind by the cafeteria light it gave the illusion of a halo circling his head. “I could help you, find love if you desired it.” The man said leaning to the side picking up a briefcase Sarah hadn’t noticed him carry over before. “You could do that for me?” “Anything you could desire I can help you with, I know many who would truly care about you, I know several wealthy people if wealth was desired, and some who could get rid of nuisances for you.” The man said glancing with a devilish smile over at the three cruel girls from earlier. “Oh no, I just want someone who cares for me like you nothing more.” Sarah said oblivious to his glance. The suitcase popped open with an audible click. The man pulled a piece of paper from it and a red pen. The paper was yellowed and old hard to read. “I can give you anyone whom cares for you just sign the paper.” He said slyly. Sarah paused as she grabbed her pen “What if I want you?” The man’s heavy brows raised in surprise, No one had ever done this before. “It can be done as long as I am in charge of you it can be arranged.” “Then that’s easy” Sarah said beginning to sign the bottom of the paper. The lettering was hard to read on it as it was worn by time. “ I will ask you this once and only once are you sure you wish to do this?” Said the man with concern stopping her hand before she could finish the last letter of her name. Sarah pondered for a moment. “ You are the only person to show me any kindness in a year I am positive I want this.” With this said she finished her last initial. The ink brightened for a split second before the man began to roll it up and place it back into the suitcase. Sarah realized something nearly jumping to her feet. “I almost forgot what’s your name?” Sarah asked. The man paused a moment then grinned looking at her. He walked around the table wrapped his hands around Sarah’s waist then whispered into her ear. “Lucifer the name is Lucifer.”
  4. Version 1.0.0

    All the late night binges, stuffing and burping in public, followed by a rapid weight gain finally led to poor Shar getting dumped by her boyfriend! Shar is feeling a lil sad and has turned to the one thing that can only make her feel better... food!!! Shar stuffs pizza, burps alot and talks about her boyfriend, she talks about how he left her because of her weight, her non stop eating and her embarrassing ways. Shar tries not to get upset but a song comes on the radio that totally reminds her of him and she can't help but start to cry. Fat bimbo Shar knows there will be plenty more guys out there for her, but in the meantime, all Shar can think about is fast food, lounging around and not looking on her ex- boyfriends facebook page anymore. GS X x


  5. Version 1.0.0

    Watch as Shar gets funnel fed for the second time! Only now, she is much bigger!


  6. Version 1.0.0

    Hello, lovelies. It’s been a good few weeks since my last weigh in and measure video. I’ve gotten a lot of good stuffings in since then and I’m excited to see the progress I’ve made. Hopefully you are too! Watch and be surprised right along with me by the results. I’ve been loving the way my body feels... softer, squishier, clothes tighter... so I really wanted to see how that translated onto my stats. I hope you enjoy this video and get excited for the next one!


  7. Version 1.0.0

    In this video I try on several outfits for you guys - from crop tops and jean shorts to jeans that are already tight on me since I bought them, to a super cute outfit that I got a little distracted playing with my tummy in


  8. Version 1.0.0

    In this video I talk about my style that I love so much. Thick and happy <3 I also tease you guys in a skirt that is so cute but I don't think it will last much longer. I dance a little bit because I just can't help it in a skirt sometimes Then I put on some loungewear that honestly just makes me feel so sexy <3 I so enjoy jiggling and watching my body jiggle, and I hope you enjoy it as well


  9. Version 1.0.0

    I was one hungry girl before getting down on all this glorious BBQ. The most I’ve ever eaten in one sitting, before. I got so stuffed by the end of it. I had to lay down and give myself some good belly rubs ❤️ Then, because I wanted to see my hard work pay off, I measured my stuffed belly and hopped on the scale. Check it out! I love getting plump and fattened up for you lovelies. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed those ribs. 😉


  10. Hello all! We are new to the practice of the feeder, feedee realtionship. We have attempted it briefly in the past but it left Bella feeling sick and drained of her energy. We stopped actively gaining and got to thinking there must be a better way to do this. With where we are at as a couple we feel like if we are going to attempt this again we need to keep our health priority. Bella has gained maybe ten pounds since we have started again, but quickly she noticed the feeling starting to creep up, because she wasn’t necessarily eating healthy food to gain. Bella practices yoga (but we struggle getting up early enough to fit it in our schedule) so we know it does help and consistency is key there, but is there anything more we can be doing to keep Bella’s health priority. I (Jason) am a firm believer of the “big and healthy” idea, but I want to ask my fellow feeders/feedees what your practices are when you have health in mind. Bella “We are really looking for recipes, exercises, and maybe lifestyle things to keep in mind.” Thank you everyone! JellyBear (Jason and Bella) Also! Bella is new to this community idea as well and she gets a little nervous when it comes to talking about this and asking the right questions so if anyone has experienced the same thing please reach out to us and share your wisdom!
  11. Version 1

    i sit in a little pool, and turn myself into an ice cream sundae. oreo ice cream, neopolitan ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, spinkles, and cherries.


  12. Lilith_the_cenobite

    Piggy eats cake

    Version 1.0.0

    Very hungry piggy on all fours, greedily eating an oreo cake.


  13. Version 1.0.0

    I'm back after some time away from updating, and you can really see the difference in my body!! Listen to me talk about my gaining, show you my stretch marks, and end by eating till I could pop!


  14. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Rayanne Bitancourt is a UK-based brazilian lingerie and swimsuit model who has been busty buy typically skinny for some years as you can see
  15. sevcikm99

    board game, gameshow weight gain

    Hi, do you know any stories about magical weight gain in board game or gameshow style? Somethnig like Fat chess or Fat dice? Thnk y
  16. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is 9st.. her waist is tiny, her arms are skin n bone, her small titties are barely visible in her low cut leotard and her legs are like pencils!! Shar walks up and down the field trying to show off her curves but she doesn't have many.. she touches her rake thin body and shakes her tiny waist, she scoffs her face and gives ya a sexy lil dance. Keep watching cos Shar suddenly transforms 3st heavier!! **DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THIS CLIP OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REWIND TO WATCH THIS TRANSFORMATION** Shar swings her thicker legs side to side, looks down at her bigger body and jumps off the kitchen side, Shar lands heavier than ever.. Note - No screenshots have been taken from the first 3 minutes of this clip! GS x X


  17. Goddess shar

    Ripped Tights

    Version 1.0.0

    if your a lover for ripped tights then this vid is probably for you.. I'm getting ready to go out for a meal tonight with the girls, I'm putting my tights on but I accidently ladder them..i pull them up to hear them rip more and more..so I decide to remove the ripped ones to try again with a fresh pair only for them to rip AGAIN!! this time they've ripped all over and I give up trying to pull them up even more... I realise how sexy they look ripped all round my arse and thighs so I decide to pose on the bed. Bending over and giving you a proper view of my ripped tights .. enjoy! shar X x


  18. Goddess shar

    Tight in Latex

    Version 1.0.0

    Shar's parents have gone away on vacation.. they have left her unlimited ice cream & candy just to keep her happy and content.. Shar can't wait to tell you just how much she is about to stuff whilst they are away. Wearing her tight latex bodysuit, Shar shows off her fat rolls as she stuffs her face with ice-cream & candy, she shows you in all different sexy positions as she struggles to move around. GS X x


  19. Version 1.0.0

    Ever wondered what Shar gets up to from the moment she wakes up..? Here she shows you as she scoffs breakfast, gets dressed, takes a trip to the shops, goes for a relaxing swim and finally scoffs a huge lunch! Filmed from a dozen different angles, never shown before, you get to see what Shar really looks like in public.


  20. biserious

    For the Sake of Science

    Marisa felt like screaming. She had worked hard her whole life to get where she was now. Developing an interest in biology at the young age of six, Marisa had always known she wanted to become a research scientist and had done everything in her power to ensure that she would one day become a respected member of her field. ‘And to think that’s all been destroyed by a couple of frat bros,’ she thought to herself. Towards the beginning of her junior year, Marisa hypothesized that it would be possible to use the gaseous waste of genetically altered bacteria in place of natural gas. Most people doubted her at first, but after a demonstration where she used her creations to fuel a small toy car, suddenly every college with a half way decent masters program was already sending her scholarship offers. Hell, the EPA was willing to buy her patent if she could present it as a cheap alternative to traditional energy sources. However, producing the bacteria in a lab was expensive and prone to error, and as she hadn’t sold the patent just yet, Marisa needed to find another path. She thought she had stumbled on pure gold when she realized the digestive tract of cows would work perfectly well and that she’d just have to “attached” the digestive track to a fuel tank and she could access the gas to run a motor in front of her class. Unfortunately, some other less high achieving seniors, thought they’d spend their last semester pranking all of their fellow students and faculty members. Their latest escapade was too release all of the Agricultural Schools livestock, most of which was still missing. The manager of the on campus farm had warned Marisa that they might not be found in time to meet her deadline for injecting the small sample of bacteria she did own. Marisa leaned back and groaned, picking at her small lunch of chicken and vegetables, trying to think of any other solutions. The slam of her front door interrupted her thought process. “I’m home,” came a loud and slightly raspy voice. Amanda had lost it two weeks ago, and had yet to recover due to her insistence on going out no matter her condition. The party girl was prone to coming back home in the late hours if at all on nights she went out, making as much noise a construction crew as she drunkenly put herself to bed. Marisa is pretty sure Amanda has never once done anything to clean the apartment, rather, making and leaving a mess was more so her specialty. Shortly, Amanda hadn’t been Marisa’s first choice of roommate. Due to her dedication to her studies, Marisa found herself with only a few, albeit very close, friends. They had all gotten an house together, which ended up flooding, and as Marisa couldn’t afford the rent at the new place, she was forced to turn to Craigslist. “Your lunch is on the stove,” she told her roommate. Amanda beelined to the kitchen, apparently her walk of shame left her starved. “Ew, next time could you at least make pasta with it,” Amanda said, wrinkling her nose at the small pot of brown rice that accompanied the well seasoned chicken and vegetables. No thank you, not even a grunt of approval as Amanda continued to shovel a healthy portion onto her plate despite her protests. Marisa liked cooking, but it irked her how her roommate never seemed to appreciate it. After all, Marisa was pretty sure her healthy meals were the only reason Amanda was as skinny as she was. She turned her head to look at the blonde. Amanda was 5’ 4” with long, straight blonde hair. She went to a tanning salon semi regularly to keep her skin a golden shade that complimented her hazel eyes. She wasn’t particularly stunning, but definitely above average, a bit generic in the face department but with a stunning body. A natural pear shape, Amanda contained most of her weight in her tight bum, which she tried to show off every opportunity. By shoving her B-cups into a push up bra, she could get almost any man to buy her a drink or take her home. Marisa even knew her current weight, 115 lbs., which the blonde had proudly announced to Marisa, talking about how she had lost five pounds since las semester. Amanda seemed to think the twice a week Zumba classes were to thank, but Marisa knew her roommate’s switch from a diet of pure take out to home cooked meals had a big impact as well. ‘And she only started going to Zumba because she wanted to spend time with Patrick,’ Marisa thought as she rolled her eyes. Long time friends since freshman year, Patrick and Marisa were gym buddies, bonded by their academic competitiveness and love of exercise, and while Amanda couldn’t commit to going five days a week like Marisa, she made the Zumba class breaks were spent “spotting” Patrick. And while Marisa’s friend found the party girl dull, he didn’t mind the attention and sometimes encouraged it, seeing her as a possible hook up. ‘The worst is when he cracks jokes and they go straight over her head,’ Marisa sighed, feeling kind of bad for her doe eyed roommate. Shaking her head, Marisa tried to dispel herself of the asinine thoughts and focus on her real problem. She didn’t know for certain any other mammal that could be used besides cows and humans, and she didn’t want to risk her last small sample of bacteria on an uncertainty. It was pure curiosity that sent Marisa looking to check if human digestive systems were viable, and now she wished she had looked into any other creature. A human subject. Marisa frowned at the thought. Along with modifying the bacteria’s DNA to produce useable gas, she had also made some modification to the current batch to make them viable to use on cows. As the bacteria consumed carbs as food, she had them begin ejecting a horomone to slow down their hosts metabolism so the cows wouldn’t waste away. That balanced out nicely with the fact the bovine’s grazed all day and the grass they consumed was unprocessed and thus more difficult to break down. But on a human… On a human, those effects were uncalculated, but Marisa guessed they’d need to eat a high carb diet and quite a bit of food as they’d be eating for two. However, the hormone the bacteria released was quite powerful, it could lead to some weight gain and most definitely bloating at the very least, Marisa wasn’t sure how the that would balance out, though she figured it wouldn’t be too bad. The worst side effect would be the person would become excessively gassy, but to what extent was also a mystery to Marisa. She once again eyed her roommate, this time with more malice intent. Amanda had started eating her food, deciding to supplement the meal with a diet coke. How she could drink garbage Marisa would never know. Sensing her gaze, Amanda looked up and smiled, making Marisa decide against her plan, it was just too mean. Her roommate could be thoughtless and self centered, but she wasn’t a bad person, she didn’t deserve that. “Oh hey Marisa, you’ll never believe what happened last night, omg you should have been there,” Amanda started suddenly, throwing Marisa out of her thoughts. “So for once I got people to go along with MY prank idea this time, I can’t believe I got Josh and Kyle to let all the farm animals out, like lol, so we almost got caught too when…” The blonde continued speaking, but Marisa couldn’t hear the rest over the sound of her blood pressure rising. To think this girl was the roadblock to her future plans, this mrs degree earning, future soccor mom would be what stole her patent and future from under her. There was no way in hell Marisa would let that slide. Amanda finished talking and with her food and retreated to the couch to watch TV and check her phone, not noticing her roommate’s sudden mood swing. She had picked up a bag of pretzels, the only snack food Marisa bought, to supplement her dinner. Watching Amanda chow down, Marisa gave herself a small, bitter smile, who would have thought she’d find revenge and a test subject in one person?
  21. cellulite

    Mia Kang

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and professional Muay Thai fighter Mia Kang has opened up about going from 115 lbs to 170 lbs. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5710969/Sports-Illustrated-Swimsuit-model-Mia-Kang-details-anorexia-battle.html
  22. JohnSpartan17

    Ex Girlfriend weight gain

    Is it mean that I’m happy my ex-girlfriend gained a little weight? I feel a little guilty but there’s something satisfying in her acquiring a “fuller figure”. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  23. ((Hey, everyone! Turns out there was one more present under the Christmas tree, and it's a brand new story! Hope you enjoy it!)) It was the night of the Showdown Supreme, when all the top names in the Global Wrestling Federation came together in a battle for the ages. Title belts were placed on the line, friendships were made and ended, and bitter rivalries came to blows. The losers were sent home packing, while the winners had their names etched into the halls of history. And on the night of the thirty-fifth showdown, there was no greater winner than Mickey Ramone. Yet she was depressed. The end of the evening, teetering on 1 AM, found her soaking her aching body in a tub of ice. In the last six hours, she had defended her Women’s Intercontinental Belt against the lithe but brutal Shinobu Misawa, reclaimed the Women’s Tag Team Belts from the Strong Baddies with the help of her partner, KC Sky, and won the Women’s World Championship from her eternal rival, the conniving Sadie Storme. On top of that, she had to face off against the Storme Troop, Sadie’s goons who regularly ran interference on their matches. This meant having to fight off four other women, one of whom was a head taller than her and fifty pounds heavier. It was a hard-fought match that sapped every ounce of strength left in her body, but it was worth it to walk away with the Triple Crown of the GWF. Mickey rolled her head forward and glanced down at her battered frame wrapped in sapphire spandex. There were bruises all over, especially a nasty one near her ribs, which she swore had been broken by the hard-hitting Shinobu. Her toned stomach and powerful legs appeared warped by the water and ice, and a tired chuckle escaped her lips. She could almost make out her face, where a nice shiner rested on her right eye and tape had gone over her nose to keep it from busting much more. At the very least, she could count her blessings that Sadie had not broken her neck with one of her infamous piledrivers. “Checking out your battle scars?” asked the man in the chair beside her. Raymundo Valdez was her manager and boyfriend, and the two had worked together ever since meeting in a small Georgia promotion ten years ago. He was a modest man just a hair or two shorter than her and a doughy body that belied his behind-the-scenes activity. Unlike some managers, who were more in it for the act and often got into the ring themselves, Ray chose to focus on his promo skills and making sure Mickey got the best. For being a shorter man in a big man’s world, he had no problem butting heads with creative whenever he felt that his girlfriend was not getting the work she deserved. It was that tenacity that made him a valuable asset in her career; Mickey could not imagine getting to Showdown without his help. “Just keeping track of the damage,” she grunted as she shifted around in the tub. “I want to make sure I pay back that punta, Sadie, in full tomorrow night.” Ray shook his head at that. There was no stopping Mickey and Sadie whenever their never-ending feud sparked up; you had a better chance of breaking up a cobra and a mongoose. He glanced over the young woman’s tan, bruised body, and sighed, “Just promise me you won’t sucker punch her with a roll of nickels in your fist again, okay?” “Only if you can make sure she doesn’t come to the ring with a scalpel again,” Mickey scowled, her fingers instinctively going to the gnarly scar on her forehead. Just thinking about that sneaky taint got her blood boiling, which her boyfriend helped cool by adding a fresh bag of ice to the tub. Their privacy was interrupted by a knock on the door. Mickey lolled her head over and called out, “Come on in!” In walked one of the backstage technicians, specifically the man who helped change out the plates on the title belts. He walked over to the duo and presented three large belts to the Latina wrestler, who gestured for him to hand them to Ray. Drew, always a polite man, glanced over to Mickey and smiled. “Great job out there, Mickey. Been a long time since I’ve had the privilege of setting up a Triple Crown of belts.” “Thanks, Drew,” she replied with a tired smile. As the man left the room, Ray flashed the golden beauties to his lovely lady. They were all roughly the same design, but they each had their own features: the Intercontinental featured two wrestlers grappling with each other, the Tag Team had those same two wrestlers back to back, and the World Championship had the company logo etched in the center. Framing the center of the belts were black discs that displayed the letter M in barbed wire, which was part of Mickey’s logo. “Says it right there in big, bold letters,” her eager manager remarked as he looked over the belts. “’MICKEY RAMONE’ looks right at home on them, don’t you think?” When he peeked over for an answer, Mickey was not even looking at the belts. Instead, her gaze was fixed on a mirror across the room. Ray shouldered the hefty belts and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, Mick…you okay?” This shook her from her daze, and her focus returned to the belts, albeit with much less interest than he had anticipated. “Oh, yeah, awesome. New belts, yay.” He raised an eyebrow at that. “Something wrong?” The punk girl sighed and covered her eyes. “I’m sorry, Ray; I don’t mean to come off as a coño. I’m just really tired of this.” “Hey, I get it. You’ve had a long night, and you just want to get to the hotel and rest up.” “No, no, it’s not just tonight,” she groaned. “It’s every night. We’ve been doing this for so long and I’ve gotten so many titles in that time, and I don’t know why, but I’m so tired of it all.” That was something he never expected to hear from Mickey. As long as Ray had known her, she always had this fantastic love for the business that simply could not be matched. Of course, she would not be the first person to lose interest in the game, but why now, so suddenly? She must have read his mind, because when she turned to meet his eyes, she shook her head. “I’m not saying I’m retiring or anything; you couldn’t drag me away from the ring. No, I’m just tired of winning the same sorts of titles over and over again, with the same gimmick. I’m the punk who defies the authority and meets any challenge because she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.” He nodded and remarked, “Yeah, and the crowd love it.” “For now, but if I’m bored of it, how long will it take until they turn on it too?” “So what were you thinking?” Mickey’s gaze returned to the mirror and she let her hand fall to her chin. “I’ve been thinking about my grandfather.” Her grandfather was ‘Hog Wild’ Lou Ramone, a legend in the industry for a few reasons. First, he had a timeless look, wearing wrestling trunks under overalls and nothing else; second, he was one of the toughest S.O.B.s back in the day; third and most remarkable, he was close to six hundred and fifty pounds in his peak. Lou had been a blimp of a man who made up for zero agility by focusing on powerful blows and drops that seemed to make the arenas shake. He was literally one of the biggest men in the history of the business, let alone the GWF, and when he passed away just a year after Mickey was born, everyone in the company poured out for the funeral. “What about him?” asked Ray. She turned back to face him, the ice shifting around her powerful body, and replied, “I have won so many variations of the same belts: world titles, tag titles, intercontinental, cruiserweight, hardcore, and so on. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but I need something new to aspire to; I need to be a groundbreaker like my grandfather.” “What did you have in mind?” “The Superheavyweight Championship,” she answered with a grin. When she was met with a confused look, she sighed and reached for her phone. Once in hand, she dug through her photos until she pulled up a picture of an old belt encased in glass. It was nowhere near as big as the belts of today, looking more like a tool belt than anything else, and it featured an embossed eagle with arrows in one claw and holly in the other. “My grandfather regularly competed for this belt back in the day,” Mickey explained. “It was a special belt for a special category of wrestler: only those who weighed upwards of four hundred pounds could qualify. Lou held this title three times in his life and was the last man to win it before it was discontinued; this here is the original, still sitting on a shelf in our home.” “So what, you want to bring the Superheavyweight Division back?” he asked, still not getting the picture. Mickey shook her head. “I don’t just want to bring back the Superheavyweight Division: I want to be their champion!” If it were anyone suggesting this, Ray would have laughed at how ridiculous it was. This was Mickey Ramone talking though, the same woman who once demanded she take a bump through a flaming table covered in barbed wire; after the C4 match at Fright Night 12, he knew she was deathly serious about stuff like this. The flustered manager clapped his hands together and took a deep breath. “Okay, voice of reason time, mi princesa violenta. You’re talking about reviving a division that’s been dead for over forty years. You want to be the champion of said division, despite there being no other women wrestlers that come close to that weight class, including yourself. Hog Wild was over six hundred pounds in his prime; you’re about a fifth of that. Even if you could get corporate to sign off on this, you’d be taking a huge risk on this.” As she languished in the tub with closed eyes, she murmured, “Thirty-five.” “Come again?” Ray asked. “That’s how many times you’ve told me that, Raymundo. Thirty-five times, you’ve told me I’d be taking a huge risk. And how often does it work out for me?” He could not do the math, but he knew that she was more often right than wrong. Mickey was a risk-taker, but she did everything in her power to make things turn out in her favor. “Ray, look at me,” she told him. When he looked to her bruised face, he swore that she had never looked so determined in her life. “This is what I want to do. I don’t care what anyone says, but I am going to be the Superheavyweight Champion.” He sighed and leaned back in his chair. There was no talking her out of this, not when she got into one of her moods; arguing with the creative department was easier than getting Mickey to change her mind. “Fine, fine,” he relented. “I’ll get us a meeting with the boss and see what we can do for you. But I’ll tell you right now, Mick: Dave is going to say…” *** “Not a chance in hell!” It was the day after the Showdown, a few hours before Monday Night War. Mickey, who now wore a white tank-top, leather jacket, and torn jeans, and Ray, who wore a casual suit, sat on the other side of a table in Dave Ericson’s hotel room. Mr. Ericson was the owner of the whole GWF and had been for the last forty years, and it showed. He was closing in on seventy-five years old, his eyes were often bloodshot from working twenty-hour days, and his face was wrinkling like a raisin. At the same time, Dave had been on the juice for a good few years back in the day and still regularly worked out, which meant that he was still a tough man. On this day, the day after his most successful event of the year, he wore a dark suit that fit him like a glove. “Let me tell you both something right now,” he grumbled as he carved up his steak and eggs. “I have heard some crazy ideas come my way; hell, I’ve even made up a few myself. This has got to take the cake though.” “Is this really any crazier than the time you tried to run an incest angle involving yourself and your daughter?” asked Mickey with a sarcastic smirk. Dave scowled at her, but Ray intervened before words could be exchanged. “Dave, we’ve got this figured out in a way that will allow us to make this happen; we spent all night planning this.” “Then pretend I’m a mark and sell me on it,” the boss said to the manager. Ray brought out a notepad that he had been scribbling on since that conversation in the early dawn. “First, we write Mickey off TV tonight with some injury, like a broken tail bone or quad; after last night’s beating, people will buy it and we can forfeit the titles. Next, we’ll have Mickey on a rigorous schedule that will balance out her gaining with exercise so that she’s not just getting fat; she’ll be getting strong too, like John Henry. The way we’ve got her schedule planned out now, we should have her up to about three hundred pounds by next year’s Beach Brawl, where she can make her big comeback and start building up to the title belt at Showdown the following spring.” Dave sighed and put on his readers so he could look over the notepad. He perused the scribbles, nodding here and shaking his head there, and when he finally put it down, his frown remained. “So what I’m getting is that you want to keep our top name in the Women’s Division on the bench for two years?” “That’s about how long it would take us to get to the appropriate weight for the belt,” Ray explained. “We’re not doing that,” the owner disapproved. “The only reason I’d let that happen is if you had a legit injury, but I’m not keeping you off TV for two years.” Ray was about to make another attempt, but Mickey stepped in. “Dave, I totally get where you’re coming from: you don’t want to lose a hot commodity and all the merch that comes with it, especially for so long. But I am going to do this with or without the GWF. Believe you me, I am sure that there are a lot of promotions that would eat up something like this. Who knows? Maybe I’ll bring take it to the BCW in Osaka, the HCW in London, or, Heaven help you, TNW.” If there was one thing Dave hated, it was losing talent to other promotions, particularly Total Nonstop Wrestling. He furrowed his brow at the pair across from him before sliding the notepad back to them. “All right, you can do the Superheavyweight angle, but you will follow my conditions.” He raised his fingers one by one as he fired off the terms. “First, when you come back, I will be booking you against the men; they’re the only ones I’ve got over three-hundred pounds, and I’m not about to fatten up anyone else in your division. Second, you will legitimately win every match; submissions or pinfalls, but no interference. Lastly, you will gain the appropriate weight by next Showdown; you get that big in a year, or I will send you back down to developmental until you’re back to your billing weight now.” Ray’s jaw dropped as he struggled to put together the numbers in his head. There was no way Mickey could gain that much weight so fast; it was physically impossible. Yet the punk princess only looked to Mr. Ericson with that same determination she had the night before. She was not going to run from such rigid challenges, not when she had her foot in the door. “Deal,” she agreed as she reached out to shake her boss’s hand. Dave returned the favor with a smirk of his own, though whether it was cockiness or admiration, no one could say. “Now, do we have any other business, or can I get back to my breakfast?” the owner asked the duo. Mickey looked down at the decadent dish on the table. There was a hearty strip of steak, a small pile of scrambled eggs, a foot’s worth of sausage links, and what seemed like a whole potato in hash. She looked back up to her boss and grinned. “Just one last question—how fast can room service get here?”
  24. Drytuner

    French anchors

    Emilie Tran She's been presenting the news on this channel for about a year, but man, since 2018 began, she's kind of ballooning. Sorry for the lack of whole body pics, but she's always hidden behind her desk, which cut her mid, but show her legs, since she's always standing. Then recently like 20 days later: This year is already starting great. I can't wait for the following months.
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    Fully Creamed

    Version 1.0.0

    Shar has been put on a new full fat diet. Her breakfast consists of 4 pancakes, half a jar of blueberry jam, a tub of elmlea double cream, 6 bakewell slices, two jam creamcakes and some wholemilk. Shar tucks into her breakfast like never before.. she pours endless cream over pancakes, before pouring the rest of it into her cup of milk.. Shar starts to moan about how fat she feels but continues to scoff like the greedy pig she is.. Shar's goes for lie-down on her bench.. she's become so heavy that her body begins to mould deep into the bench and Shar suddenly becomes stuck!! Her belly is too big and she is unable to get back up!! GS X x