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  1. Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    What are those rare stories that you can go back to again and again and they’re just as good each time? Here are a few that I’ve read a dozen or more time. Would love to hear yours. Coworkers Are Making My Girlfriend Fat - true story from DonnieD80 on the experience project on how his girlfriend began to gain weight after beginning a new job. First WG story I ever read, and still among the best. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-Girls-Getting-Fatter-At-The-Office/3635824 Bed Ridden - story by Kid A on the Changing Mirror. Emma, a high school cheerleader picks on Mara, an overweight girl at school. But when Emma is injured during a volleyball game, things change a bit. https://www.thechangingmirror.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=105&p=180&hilit=Mara+weight+gain#p180 Fat Fantasy #3 by myles2gob4wesleep “My best friend recently lost a lot of weight. And I do mean a lot. At least 100lbs. The only problem is, it’s unsettled the balance a little in our circle of friends. All of a sudden, there’s a lot of jealousy and paranoia whenever we go out as a group.” This story is one of 16 other amazing one offs, easily my favorite The Arrangement - originally found this here on curvage on the board about weight swap stories. Posted to Dimensions. Melissa wants her friend Alex to lose weight, and agrees to an arrangement where she gains every pound Alex loses. Some people think this ends too early, but I think it’s the perfect length. http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36121 I Didn’t Mean to Go This Far! - story by ChubbyStevie on FantasyFeeder about a girl who goes into some serious denial about her gain, but then realizes it. http://fantasyfeeder.com/stories/view?id=181328 Pig in Training - story by elroycohen on Deviantart. Darker content than some of these. Girl is fattened up with the intention to be kept as pet. Secret - story by Piggy_Girl on FantasyFeeder. A girl buys a weight gain powder online and decides to try it on her best friend http://fantasyfeeder.com/stories/view?id=51873&rowStart=0 Chelsea by jerkajerk - one of jerkajerk’s early stories before Andrea’s roommate. Slowly progresses. Includes some second thoughts. Many chapters. Well, that’s all I could think of for now. Post your own below!
  2. Brittany Lincicome

    Brittany Lincicome is one of the headline US golfers on the LPGA Tour. Known for her signature long driving off the tee, She also happens to be one of the heaviest and most attractive.
  3. French anchors

    Emilie Tran She's been presenting the news on this channel for about a year, but man, since 2018 began, she's kind of ballooning. Sorry for the lack of whole body pics, but she's always hidden behind her desk, which cut her mid, but show her legs, since she's always standing. Then recently like 20 days later: This year is already starting great. I can't wait for the following months.
  4. Rachel Nichols

    This cute red-headed sports reporter used to work for ESPN and now works for CNN. She's always been thick, but has really packed on some weight in recent years. Have seen her at games and her ass is gigantic. Unfortunately, hard to find pictures online that really do it justice. Here are some of the best ones I could find. Love her thunder thighs in this first one.
  5. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/104640/17866088 Price: $8.99 USDLength: 7 minutesSize: 325 MB Fifi is happy that she's been gaining weight, but unfortunately, she's not quite where she wants to be. She looks over at her Vanessa's soft, fat body, and asks her friend for some advice regarding gaining weight. Eager to gain inches everywhere on her body, Fifi wants to compare her own chubby body to Vanessa's to get an idea of how much more she needs to gain. After taking measurements of Vanessa's bust, belly, and butt, Fifi takes her own and is shocked at the difference.
  6. Version 1.0.0

    As I walk past my hotels bathroom, the door is shut and I notice he amout of mirror, and how I have never seen soo many Kyras and so much fat, the mirro and light really show off how full and bloated my belly is. I love getting close and seeing my body in every which way, My rollie back and thunder thighs reflecting in every mirror. Stretched and stuffed, I show you all of my weight gain goodness


  7. The Expansion of Emily

    Ok, so this is my first attempt at a WG story. This will be a slow-burn, realistic (in regards to weight description) gain story centred around a beautiful brunette 20 year old university student named Emily. As this is only part 1 of an intended multi-part series, there won't be any weight gain yet. This first entry is dedicated to introducing a couple of core characters and establishing the general backdrop of the story. Feedback and Discussion is very encouraged, as I'm eager to know what any of you out there think, and it will motivate me to write more frequently The Expansion of Emily: Part 1 'Ok class, settle down'. Professor Craven said, waving his arms. 'Hush, hush.' As soon as he was sure he had the class's full attention he cleared his throat. 'Now that you've all acquainted yourselves with each other I would like to, unfortunately, remind you of why you're here.' After a quick survey of the downbeat expressions of his students, a hint of a smirk crept across his lips. 'As Professor Stevens mentioned in the lecture earlier this week you are all going to have to complete an in-depth research project which will be conducted throughout the entire school year.' Groans erupted from several class members, but none of which came from Emily Shaw, who perked up considerably at this tidbit of information . She was a slim, effortlessly beautiful 20 year old with long dark brown hair, which today was tied back in a high ponytail. She had played volleyball competitively for the girls team throughout high school and had continued to keep in shape by regularly attending the Palm Cove Fitness Centre. Her skin was lightly tanned from the California summer and, fittingly, she wore nothing but shorts and a pink tank top. Emily was a bright and perky girl who, despite being popular in high school, would occasionally be accused of being a 'teachers pet' due to her relentless commitment to achieve the highest grades possible in the classroom. Emily thought this was due to her looking like a California beach babe that they were shocked that she actually had a brain, not to mention educational aspirations. She was in her first year at the University of California (Palm Cove Campus) and was currently enrolled in a general arts degree. Emily still wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do, so she appreciated that she could take a variety of classes across different areas of study to get a grasp for what she liked. At the moment, she was sitting in Professor Donald Craven's 'Introduction to Human Anatomy and Psychology' class. From the course outline, the class was apparently going to be focussed on studying the relationship between the body and mind, and how the health of the two correlated. Emily thought the class had sounded dull when selecting her first-year classes, but since a maths class was a big no-no, she had enrolled into this one hoping it would be a breeze. However, the mention of a year-long research project had dampened her optimistic attitude. She was now 100% tuned in to Professor Craven, intent on absorbing every last little detail of it so she could perform as well as she could. 'Now this project.' Professor Craven said, waggling his finger for emphasis as he strutted around the room. 'This project will be dedicated to exploring the core curricular requirements at the heart of this class. One, to what extent does the physical impact on the mental? Two, to what degree does the mental impact on the physical? And three, can one still retain a healthy mind within an unhealthy body, and vice versa? Craven paused before slapping his hands together theatrically, startling 90% of the class from a deep slumber. 'Using these core questions, and the assessment rubric available to you on the course site, you will need to develop a hypothesis and carry out research of this question in any format that you wish, essay, film, science experiment, whatever. Just be clear that your question must relate directly to the course material, and that you have until December to submit.' He glanced at the clock, which read 2 o'clock on the dot, signalling the end of class. 'Any questions? The class answered promptly with the rapid sounds of scraping chairs and zipping bags, which included Emily. 'God, what am I even going to do this on? She thought to herself as she strode down the hallway. The enticing swing of her trim hips and bum generated appreciative glances from the local male cohort as per usual. Emily didn't mind one bit. In fact, constantly being the object of male lust was an oddly empowering feeling. Just the fact that she had the ability to control so many men with nothing but her raw sexuality was something which often brought a self-satisfied smile to her face. They could all dream, because at the end of the day there could only be one guy for her, and at the moment that guy was named Travis. She found her boyfriend of 16 months leaning against the fountain in the university courtyard, right where he said he'd meet her. Travis stood 6 ft 1, with the body of a man who seldom left the weightlifting room at the local gym. He had closely cut blonde hair which was usually covered by a baseball cap, and today it was the Red Sox. Travis had no favourite team, he just liked collecting baseball caps. 'Such a goofball.' Emily thought as she ran across the grass towards him, her ponytail bobbing behind her. 'But he's my goofball.' Travis turned just in time to catch her as she leaped into his chest, her arms and legs wrapping around his muscular body. 'There's my gal.' He said as he grabbed her smooth, firm buttocks to hold her up. Emily smiled and pressed her face against his. 'I've missed you big boy. You got something to say to me? 'Hell's yeah I do.' Travis said and began passionately kissing her, a gesture she returned with equal intensity. 'I've got a surprise waiting around the corner.' Travis said in between smooches. 'Should we go check it out? 'Fine with me boss'. Emily purred as she ran her hands across his muscly body. The couple continued to kiss off and on as Travis carried her to the parking lot. He set her down on the pavement and covered her eyes. 'Feast your eyes on the beginning of our lives'. Travis said as he unveiled Emily's eyes to the sight of his new Maserati,sleek and shiny as could be. Emily gasped. 'Travis! This, this is amazing! She ran over to inspect the new ride, while Travis inspected her cute little ass. 'Picked her up today, new as can be.' Travis said as he ran his hand over the chrome. 'Like it? 'You kidding? Emily exclaimed from behind the wheel. 'Trav, I love it! How could you afford-' . She stopped herself, having momentarily forgotten that Travis was the son of multi-millionaires. Travis awkwardly ran a hand through his hair. 'Well, my parents did help a little.' He said flatly. This wasn't the first time Travis had expressed embarrassment about his privileged upbringing, and Emily still didn't even know what his parents did for a living. After an awkward silence, Travis leaped into the passenger seat and put his arm around Emily. She rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the hilltop view of the university parking lot. The warm California sun beamed down on them and Emily felt pretty damn close to being in paradise. 'Here's my plan.' Travis said. 'One day we just hop in this bad boy and we drive. We drive and drive until we get to somewhere far away from here. Could be Mexico, or New York, or Canada, or hell, even fucking South America. And we find somewhere quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, because none of this shit even matters, none of it. All that matters is the special person you share your life with and Em, after knowing you for the past year or so, I can safely say I've found that ideal person.' 'Aww Trav.' Emily said as she gave him a kiss. 'I'm touched. Really'. 'So how about it Em? Travis asked. 'Want to disappear in this Maserati and make a bunch of beautiful children with me? Emily burst out laughing. 'Yes Travis, I do, but not now. We're both 20 years old for Christ's sake.' Travis rolled his eyes. Obviously. Babe, I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that I'm in this for the long haul. As long as your around, there's no other girls for me.' Emily looked up at him, her blue eyes misty. 'You mean it? 'I do.' 'Promise.' 'Ok. What do you want me to say? 'Promise that you'll love me no matter what.' 'Emily Elizabeth Shaw, I promise I'll love you no matter what.' Emily smiled. 'I can live with that.' And they embraced. To be Continued...
  8. Version 1.0.0

    We have been on vacation for weeks and it’s been really relaxing...except for the last week or so is when I really noticed how much weight you started to gain. I can’t believe it and I don’t know what to do but it’s disgusting. I can’t keep looking at you eat fatty and greasy food over and over again. Pizzas, hot-dogs, fried chicken, tacos, milkshakes with every meal... anything you name you HAVE eaten it since we’ve been here. People can’t even look at you. You look like you are going to explode. I really let you know how revolting you are now, you have gotten so bloated...but as I am reaming you about how repulsive you are, I start to get tired from all the yelling so I open a can of pop from the mini bar, and chug making me lightly burp through out... I slowly start to notice how much weight I’ve gained. I mean, its seems Ive really grown into my fat BBW body, its just overflowing all my clothes...how do I not notice this. Well, now that I think back on it... I did eat a lot of food too..I really start to see it but as I jiggle my body and show it off, grabbing and pulling on my rolls, shaking my belly up and down, there is so much jiggling, cellulite and stretch marks abound my big tits overflowing my top. I don’t know what to do but.. I guess, you and I are just gonna keep growing nauseatingly fat together. All this yelling and extra weight has me starving. So, I finish off by admitting how hungry I am, and telling you we are gunna go get some food.


  9. Version 1.0.0

    Daddy, I've noticed that something about you has been changing... you've been getting bigger and fatter! Don't worry daddy, I like it. I love snuggling with your big tummy, and watching your clothes getting tighter. I want you to get even bigger. You want to make me happy, don't you? You've brought me up to be big brat, I'm so used to getting what I want! I want you to be my daddy with a big belly. I want to have to squeeze onto your lap, because you're belly takes up most of it. I know you love your baby girl and that you'd do anything for me, so I want you to get nice and big for me.


  10. Thought this would be an interesting thread, here's my favorite advertisement!
  11. Version 1

    I used to be a slim hot girl, boys fancied me and would beg to take me out and date me.. but since I've met you, all you've done is feed me and FEED ME and now look at me!! You've turned me into a big fat pig that cant stop eating! As I eat more for you, I wanna show you and tell you just how fat you really have made me! I wanna show you how my belly hangs when bending over to stuff cake, how I can really stuff myself like a pro now, how I can chug milk until my belly hurts and how fat I look in every sexual position. GS x X


  12. Version 1.0.0

    I am so lazy and fat, the best thing to do would be food stuffing, I just want to zone out and stuff my face on this family size bag of shrimp and sticky rice. I watch tv and relax as I continue to shove my face. Even zoned out I cant stop touching my huge ever bloated belly. I sit back an swivel in the my chair, turning so you can see every roll, every stretch mark, every dimple of cellulite. I want you to see all of my huge feedee body. At one point, I shock myself with how round and plump I am getting, even after I have finsihed the food, I still feel hungry, I have half a bag of zebra popcorn(WhiteAndMilkChocolate). I pop one after another I love having a big meal and finishing it off with something sweet, by this time I am SUPER out of it, about to fall into a food coma while recording, but even as I am just looking out the window, mindlessly eating popcorn...I am still thinking about a banana split.Once I have totally I finished, I stand up to show off how far I stretched and pushed my body. I love being a chubby bbw, but with food like this for every meal....ssbbw?


  13. The Superheavyweight Champion (BBW, XWG)

    ((Hey, everyone! Turns out there was one more present under the Christmas tree, and it's a brand new story! Hope you enjoy it!)) It was the night of the Showdown Supreme, when all the top names in the Global Wrestling Federation came together in a battle for the ages. Title belts were placed on the line, friendships were made and ended, and bitter rivalries came to blows. The losers were sent home packing, while the winners had their names etched into the halls of history. And on the night of the thirty-fifth showdown, there was no greater winner than Mickey Ramone. Yet she was depressed. The end of the evening, teetering on 1 AM, found her soaking her aching body in a tub of ice. In the last six hours, she had defended her Women’s Intercontinental Belt against the lithe but brutal Shinobu Misawa, reclaimed the Women’s Tag Team Belts from the Strong Baddies with the help of her partner, KC Sky, and won the Women’s World Championship from her eternal rival, the conniving Sadie Storme. On top of that, she had to face off against the Storme Troop, Sadie’s goons who regularly ran interference on their matches. This meant having to fight off four other women, one of whom was a head taller than her and fifty pounds heavier. It was a hard-fought match that sapped every ounce of strength left in her body, but it was worth it to walk away with the Triple Crown of the GWF. Mickey rolled her head forward and glanced down at her battered frame wrapped in sapphire spandex. There were bruises all over, especially a nasty one near her ribs, which she swore had been broken by the hard-hitting Shinobu. Her toned stomach and powerful legs appeared warped by the water and ice, and a tired chuckle escaped her lips. She could almost make out her face, where a nice shiner rested on her right eye and tape had gone over her nose to keep it from busting much more. At the very least, she could count her blessings that Sadie had not broken her neck with one of her infamous piledrivers. “Checking out your battle scars?” asked the man in the chair beside her. Raymundo Valdez was her manager and boyfriend, and the two had worked together ever since meeting in a small Georgia promotion ten years ago. He was a modest man just a hair or two shorter than her and a doughy body that belied his behind-the-scenes activity. Unlike some managers, who were more in it for the act and often got into the ring themselves, Ray chose to focus on his promo skills and making sure Mickey got the best. For being a shorter man in a big man’s world, he had no problem butting heads with creative whenever he felt that his girlfriend was not getting the work she deserved. It was that tenacity that made him a valuable asset in her career; Mickey could not imagine getting to Showdown without his help. “Just keeping track of the damage,” she grunted as she shifted around in the tub. “I want to make sure I pay back that punta, Sadie, in full tomorrow night.” Ray shook his head at that. There was no stopping Mickey and Sadie whenever their never-ending feud sparked up; you had a better chance of breaking up a cobra and a mongoose. He glanced over the young woman’s tan, bruised body, and sighed, “Just promise me you won’t sucker punch her with a roll of nickels in your fist again, okay?” “Only if you can make sure she doesn’t come to the ring with a scalpel again,” Mickey scowled, her fingers instinctively going to the gnarly scar on her forehead. Just thinking about that sneaky taint got her blood boiling, which her boyfriend helped cool by adding a fresh bag of ice to the tub. Their privacy was interrupted by a knock on the door. Mickey lolled her head over and called out, “Come on in!” In walked one of the backstage technicians, specifically the man who helped change out the plates on the title belts. He walked over to the duo and presented three large belts to the Latina wrestler, who gestured for him to hand them to Ray. Drew, always a polite man, glanced over to Mickey and smiled. “Great job out there, Mickey. Been a long time since I’ve had the privilege of setting up a Triple Crown of belts.” “Thanks, Drew,” she replied with a tired smile. As the man left the room, Ray flashed the golden beauties to his lovely lady. They were all roughly the same design, but they each had their own features: the Intercontinental featured two wrestlers grappling with each other, the Tag Team had those same two wrestlers back to back, and the World Championship had the company logo etched in the center. Framing the center of the belts were black discs that displayed the letter M in barbed wire, which was part of Mickey’s logo. “Says it right there in big, bold letters,” her eager manager remarked as he looked over the belts. “’MICKEY RAMONE’ looks right at home on them, don’t you think?” When he peeked over for an answer, Mickey was not even looking at the belts. Instead, her gaze was fixed on a mirror across the room. Ray shouldered the hefty belts and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, Mick…you okay?” This shook her from her daze, and her focus returned to the belts, albeit with much less interest than he had anticipated. “Oh, yeah, awesome. New belts, yay.” He raised an eyebrow at that. “Something wrong?” The punk girl sighed and covered her eyes. “I’m sorry, Ray; I don’t mean to come off as a coño. I’m just really tired of this.” “Hey, I get it. You’ve had a long night, and you just want to get to the hotel and rest up.” “No, no, it’s not just tonight,” she groaned. “It’s every night. We’ve been doing this for so long and I’ve gotten so many titles in that time, and I don’t know why, but I’m so tired of it all.” That was something he never expected to hear from Mickey. As long as Ray had known her, she always had this fantastic love for the business that simply could not be matched. Of course, she would not be the first person to lose interest in the game, but why now, so suddenly? She must have read his mind, because when she turned to meet his eyes, she shook her head. “I’m not saying I’m retiring or anything; you couldn’t drag me away from the ring. No, I’m just tired of winning the same sorts of titles over and over again, with the same gimmick. I’m the punk who defies the authority and meets any challenge because she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.” He nodded and remarked, “Yeah, and the crowd love it.” “For now, but if I’m bored of it, how long will it take until they turn on it too?” “So what were you thinking?” Mickey’s gaze returned to the mirror and she let her hand fall to her chin. “I’ve been thinking about my grandfather.” Her grandfather was ‘Hog Wild’ Lou Ramone, a legend in the industry for a few reasons. First, he had a timeless look, wearing wrestling trunks under overalls and nothing else; second, he was one of the toughest S.O.B.s back in the day; third and most remarkable, he was close to six hundred and fifty pounds in his peak. Lou had been a blimp of a man who made up for zero agility by focusing on powerful blows and drops that seemed to make the arenas shake. He was literally one of the biggest men in the history of the business, let alone the GWF, and when he passed away just a year after Mickey was born, everyone in the company poured out for the funeral. “What about him?” asked Ray. She turned back to face him, the ice shifting around her powerful body, and replied, “I have won so many variations of the same belts: world titles, tag titles, intercontinental, cruiserweight, hardcore, and so on. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but I need something new to aspire to; I need to be a groundbreaker like my grandfather.” “What did you have in mind?” “The Superheavyweight Championship,” she answered with a grin. When she was met with a confused look, she sighed and reached for her phone. Once in hand, she dug through her photos until she pulled up a picture of an old belt encased in glass. It was nowhere near as big as the belts of today, looking more like a tool belt than anything else, and it featured an embossed eagle with arrows in one claw and holly in the other. “My grandfather regularly competed for this belt back in the day,” Mickey explained. “It was a special belt for a special category of wrestler: only those who weighed upwards of four hundred pounds could qualify. Lou held this title three times in his life and was the last man to win it before it was discontinued; this here is the original, still sitting on a shelf in our home.” “So what, you want to bring the Superheavyweight Division back?” he asked, still not getting the picture. Mickey shook her head. “I don’t just want to bring back the Superheavyweight Division: I want to be their champion!” If it were anyone suggesting this, Ray would have laughed at how ridiculous it was. This was Mickey Ramone talking though, the same woman who once demanded she take a bump through a flaming table covered in barbed wire; after the C4 match at Fright Night 12, he knew she was deathly serious about stuff like this. The flustered manager clapped his hands together and took a deep breath. “Okay, voice of reason time, mi princesa violenta. You’re talking about reviving a division that’s been dead for over forty years. You want to be the champion of said division, despite there being no other women wrestlers that come close to that weight class, including yourself. Hog Wild was over six hundred pounds in his prime; you’re about a fifth of that. Even if you could get corporate to sign off on this, you’d be taking a huge risk on this.” As she languished in the tub with closed eyes, she murmured, “Thirty-five.” “Come again?” Ray asked. “That’s how many times you’ve told me that, Raymundo. Thirty-five times, you’ve told me I’d be taking a huge risk. And how often does it work out for me?” He could not do the math, but he knew that she was more often right than wrong. Mickey was a risk-taker, but she did everything in her power to make things turn out in her favor. “Ray, look at me,” she told him. When he looked to her bruised face, he swore that she had never looked so determined in her life. “This is what I want to do. I don’t care what anyone says, but I am going to be the Superheavyweight Champion.” He sighed and leaned back in his chair. There was no talking her out of this, not when she got into one of her moods; arguing with the creative department was easier than getting Mickey to change her mind. “Fine, fine,” he relented. “I’ll get us a meeting with the boss and see what we can do for you. But I’ll tell you right now, Mick: Dave is going to say…” *** “Not a chance in hell!” It was the day after the Showdown, a few hours before Monday Night War. Mickey, who now wore a white tank-top, leather jacket, and torn jeans, and Ray, who wore a casual suit, sat on the other side of a table in Dave Ericson’s hotel room. Mr. Ericson was the owner of the whole GWF and had been for the last forty years, and it showed. He was closing in on seventy-five years old, his eyes were often bloodshot from working twenty-hour days, and his face was wrinkling like a raisin. At the same time, Dave had been on the juice for a good few years back in the day and still regularly worked out, which meant that he was still a tough man. On this day, the day after his most successful event of the year, he wore a dark suit that fit him like a glove. “Let me tell you both something right now,” he grumbled as he carved up his steak and eggs. “I have heard some crazy ideas come my way; hell, I’ve even made up a few myself. This has got to take the cake though.” “Is this really any crazier than the time you tried to run an incest angle involving yourself and your daughter?” asked Mickey with a sarcastic smirk. Dave scowled at her, but Ray intervened before words could be exchanged. “Dave, we’ve got this figured out in a way that will allow us to make this happen; we spent all night planning this.” “Then pretend I’m a mark and sell me on it,” the boss said to the manager. Ray brought out a notepad that he had been scribbling on since that conversation in the early dawn. “First, we write Mickey off TV tonight with some injury, like a broken tail bone or quad; after last night’s beating, people will buy it and we can forfeit the titles. Next, we’ll have Mickey on a rigorous schedule that will balance out her gaining with exercise so that she’s not just getting fat; she’ll be getting strong too, like John Henry. The way we’ve got her schedule planned out now, we should have her up to about three hundred pounds by next year’s Beach Brawl, where she can make her big comeback and start building up to the title belt at Showdown the following spring.” Dave sighed and put on his readers so he could look over the notepad. He perused the scribbles, nodding here and shaking his head there, and when he finally put it down, his frown remained. “So what I’m getting is that you want to keep our top name in the Women’s Division on the bench for two years?” “That’s about how long it would take us to get to the appropriate weight for the belt,” Ray explained. “We’re not doing that,” the owner disapproved. “The only reason I’d let that happen is if you had a legit injury, but I’m not keeping you off TV for two years.” Ray was about to make another attempt, but Mickey stepped in. “Dave, I totally get where you’re coming from: you don’t want to lose a hot commodity and all the merch that comes with it, especially for so long. But I am going to do this with or without the GWF. Believe you me, I am sure that there are a lot of promotions that would eat up something like this. Who knows? Maybe I’ll bring take it to the BCW in Osaka, the HCW in London, or, Heaven help you, TNW.” If there was one thing Dave hated, it was losing talent to other promotions, particularly Total Nonstop Wrestling. He furrowed his brow at the pair across from him before sliding the notepad back to them. “All right, you can do the Superheavyweight angle, but you will follow my conditions.” He raised his fingers one by one as he fired off the terms. “First, when you come back, I will be booking you against the men; they’re the only ones I’ve got over three-hundred pounds, and I’m not about to fatten up anyone else in your division. Second, you will legitimately win every match; submissions or pinfalls, but no interference. Lastly, you will gain the appropriate weight by next Showdown; you get that big in a year, or I will send you back down to developmental until you’re back to your billing weight now.” Ray’s jaw dropped as he struggled to put together the numbers in his head. There was no way Mickey could gain that much weight so fast; it was physically impossible. Yet the punk princess only looked to Mr. Ericson with that same determination she had the night before. She was not going to run from such rigid challenges, not when she had her foot in the door. “Deal,” she agreed as she reached out to shake her boss’s hand. Dave returned the favor with a smirk of his own, though whether it was cockiness or admiration, no one could say. “Now, do we have any other business, or can I get back to my breakfast?” the owner asked the duo. Mickey looked down at the decadent dish on the table. There was a hearty strip of steak, a small pile of scrambled eggs, a foot’s worth of sausage links, and what seemed like a whole potato in hash. She looked back up to her boss and grinned. “Just one last question—how fast can room service get here?”
  14. Do YOU like to be fat?

    Idk if this is the right forum to post this in but i'ts been on my mind for a bit. And that is do any of you feeders like to be fat yourselves? Always been an interesting topic to me and i've found myself gaining a small amount of weight recently I asked myself "do I like this?" Like of course I love fat girls and seeing them gain weight more than anything, but do i myself enjoy it? I think the answer is no...? It feels blasphemous to say but I almost want to try and loose weight because I'm not the one that I want to get fat, I want my partners to. I think maybe it comes from me enjoying comparing myself to them and how much heavier/ bigger they are than me, and I never want to question that, they are in fact bigger than me. Idk im really curious about what the rest of you think on this topic?
  15. Short Stories

    I decided to post here some short stories that I wrote. I would like to point out that they're usually quite silly and unrealistic.
  16. Version 1.0.0

    Use me, fatten me, turn me into your perfect feedee bimbo. Ruin my chubby body and make me HUGE, I want to be completely yours, and I know that you want me FAT. I beg you to feed me, fatten me, ruin me, turn me into your own personal piggy, all well showing you my already soft overfed body. Don't you want this big belly to get ever fatter?


  17. Shar Hates Salad!

    Version 1

    Shar is having a light snack before a plate of salad is pushed infront of her.. Shar pushes the salad away in disgust.. the salad is pushed back towards Shar but this time she hesitates.. Shar knows that if she was to ever try and get slim just like she used to be, then she would have to ditch the cream cakes and start eating salads all over again.. this was a test for Shar and this test didn't go so well!


  18. Kate and Jenny

    Hello... A while ago I started to write a little weight gain/breast expansion story. It's about two sisters going through the aforementioned changes on their bodies. If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, well here's a link to it. http://333blebleble333.deviantart.com/gallery/63024016/Kate-and-Jenny Let me know what you think about it.
  19. Failed Situp

    Version 1.0.0

    Oof, I'm wayy out of shape. I haven't even tried to do a sit up in FOREVER, so you can imagine how it goes. I give it a couple tries, but I'm just too chubby and unfit so I lose my breath and eventually give up. Just for fun I show you how I absolutely also CANNOT do a push up. Then rub and jiggle my nice round belly. I'm obviously much better at eating and being lazy than exercising.


  20. First chapter in a new, long story set in the DC comics universe: Chapter 1: Ordering Barnaby’s Buffet Barn was slow when the meeting started. A big restaurant filled with booths and tables, it was almost empty due to the lunch crowd having filed out two hours before and the dinner crowd being three hours away. Only a few retirees were really there, but store policy was to have food out regardless. In the Asian section, sauce heavy General Tso’s chicken glistened next to pyramids of cream cheese stuffed wontons, while across the aisle in the American Section mountains of French fries steamed beside thick slices of roast beef. An entire wall of Soder Soda fountains of every possible flavor and type stood empty, next to several soft serve ice cream machines and a make your own milk shake stand. To save money, management only had a few employees there, most of them cooks prepping fresh food in the back and leaving the front under one worker’s bored eyes. Steve was a college sophomore working his way to a psychology degree. He was immensely bored, having already swept the aisles twice and made sure the buffet was spic and span before returning to the front door and waiting for anyone to come in while wrestling with deciding whether to get on his phone or not. In general he didn’t mind getting paid for essentially nothing, but Steve’s girl friend had dumped him two days ago, the long distance hadn’t done them favors, and although it wasn’t in too bad of terms he could use a distraction, preferably one in the form of a cute co-ed to flirt with. Right now the only customers he had to focus on were a few overweight grannies playing bridge in a far corner, not exactly ideal flirting material. He sighed, propping his head on his hand and looking down at his phone, debating whether or not to text his now ex-girlfriend. ‘Hey Sugar, got any tables open in this joint?’ a sultry voice asked him, ‘I could use a big one.’ Steve’s eyes darted up and widened. If not for his hand already holding up his chin it would have gone slack and he was immensely glad for the front desk hiding his crotch. In front of him was a knock out. The girl, no woman, looked to be in her mid, maybe late twenties and was in spectacular shape. In an America where being only ten pounds over weight made you average, this lady was a stunner. She wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’4, but fish net tights cradled shapely legs that seemed very long below a short, skin tight black skirt around her broad hips. A white tee with a winking black cat in a witch's hat on it cradled a flat belly, showing a sliver of tan flesh, and gorgeously pert tits, either a big C or a firm D by Steve’s not exactly practiced judgement. ‘Cat got your tongue?’ she said amused and he looked up to see her gorgeous oval face, a friendly grin on her red lips and one plucked black eye brow over dark brown eyes. She was for some reason, wearing a small top hat affixed by a pin to her shoulder length black hair which was in a pony tail and carried a small black leather purse. ‘Um…yes…I mean…no…I mean…we’ve got plenty of room,’ Steve stammered, brain desperately trying to pull blood from his dick, ‘table for one?’ ‘Make that five,’ she told him with a grin, turning around to look out the window at the parking lot and giving Steve an impossible to resist look at a stunning badonka donk, each perfectly round cheek the result of so many lunges and squats it looked ready to pop out of the skirt seams, ‘although I don’t think any of them have got here yet.’ ‘Uhhh,’ Steve said, quickly sliding a menu in front of his waist as he stepped from out behind the register, ‘how will I know them?’ ‘Trust me, I’m sure you’ll recognize them when they arrive,’ she said with a wink, ‘can you give me a more private room? We girls can get a little bit…emotive when we eat.’ ‘Oh yeah…yeah…uh…we’ve got a party room in the back,’ he said, struggling against oxygen deprivation as the woman stepped by him, hips swaying, ‘it’s a bit far from the buffet though…’ ‘Trust me, it won’t be much of an issue to us…yet,’ she winked. The lady sat in the party room, a room that could easily fit thirty and equipped with its own ice cream machine and soda fountains, and looked up at the waiter as he plopped a plastic soda cup on her table. ‘Sorry to seem lazy, but I just sat down and could you do me a favor?’ she cooed, a bit of cleavage showing on her shirt, ‘Get me a big glass of root beer, just a little bit of ice? No bra today, so if its too cold…’ Her shoulders shrugged in demonstration and Steve almost fell over. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She wasn’t wearing a bra. ‘Sure! Sure!’ he said, quickly pouring the drink, almost spilling it and putting it down, placing a straw in it as he did. The woman took a long, deep sip, lips sucking hard enough he almost fell over. ‘That’s great sugar, get me another after a while will you? By the way, put Z on the check.’ Steve swallowed, brain having run out of words by that point. He walked out, stride somewhat out of whack, and slid gently into his chair behind the register, trying to force down his raging hard on. As blood slowly came back up he started desperately formulating a strategy to get this lady’s number. It was going to be hard, pardoning the pun. He wasn’t bad looking by any means but not working out much due to both work and study wasn’t doing his formerly hard bod any favors and he wished he’d shaved this week. Even if he’d lived in a gym the last decade and been a hell of a lot more suave and rich this woman was out of his league. She was stupidly hot and impossibly sexual…but she was giving off every possible signal she wanted to screw with him. But did she want to screw him or screw with him? Did he care? ‘Hi!’ a chipper voice said eagerly in front of him, ‘Are you busy? Oh geez, I hope you’re not busy. Should I seat myself?’ Steve’s eyes darted up and saw against all odds the second hotty to walk into the room within ten minutes. What he noted first was blonde. Long blonde hair, almost down to her waist framed a diamond face with big blue eyes behind cute, hipster glasses. Very white teeth were nipping soft pink lips in a worried expression. A long, loose red skirt went down to her knees, while she had long ugg boots around her calves. She had in contrast a tight yellow T with a peace sign in between what were assuredly firm b cups. Unlike her friend, surely this was one of the four the gorgeous brunette was waiting on, she lacked a lot of curves, but she had an earnest, kind girl next door sort of vibe if the girl next door had a runway model’s body under her clothes. She couldn’t have been twenty yet and everything about her screamed college coed, hell, was she in his college? Surely he’d have noticed but she looked really familiar. ‘Uhh…no! I’m not busy! Not at all,’ he said a little bit more focused. Sure she was utterly gorgeous, but not quite the same level of urgent sexiness that shut down his mind. Granted, there was some hardening but this was a type of hot that he was familiar with. ‘Oh great! Can you help me find my friend?’ she asked eagerly, looking around even though the only other people insight were at least forty years older than the sultry first woman. ‘Oh sure. Yeah, she’s…hey are you in Professor Swinton’s class? I could have sworn I’d seen you before?’ he asked, noticing she seemed strangely familiar. ‘Yeah…that must be it!’ she said, slightly nervously, ‘Oh hey, there’s my friend! Gotta go!’ She hurried off, skirt swishing, despite the first woman not being anywhere in sight. Even though the party room’s door was shut and unmarked she found it easily and opened it up. Steve sighed, wondering if he’d put off a too desperate vibe. ‘Hello! Are you the water? Or is it the mater-dee?’ a third voice interrupted his wondering, touching some sort of mental third rail that had him hard before he turned to face her. This lady was tall, five ten at least and somehow all of it seemed to be made out of leg. Really tan skin over really long shapely thighs showed under very very short, very very tight purple shorts that clung tight to gorgeous hips that made Steve’s brain scream ‘PUT A BABY IN HER NOW!’. A far too short crop top exposed several inches of toned belly and the ensemble was so skimpy the outline of her pelvis was visible along with her lower ribs. His eyes started twitching when he got to her boobs, assuredly double D’s that defied gravity with their pertness and given the nipple outlines jutting through the purple fabric not in a bra. He barely noticed her knee length fire red hair or her vivid green eyes, the green covering far more than would be normal. ‘Uhhhh,’ he said, mental processes threatening to shut off, ‘Hi.’ ‘Oh hello! I am here to meet some friends! Girlfriends!,’ she started again, her words strangely accented somewhere between australian and Russian, ‘Friends that are girls! We are not that kind of girlfriends unfortunately, I’ve asked though and maybe one day we will be.’ ‘That’s very nice,’ Steven said, his IQ plummeting by the moment as what mental capacity still existed was taken up with this impossible arrival and the two women already in the room. ‘Your re-star-ra-unt is very nice!’ the red head continued, mouth going a mile a minute despite butchering many of the words, ‘The amount of food here is very enticing! Is it a bu-fat then?’ ‘Yeah….all you can eat,’ Steven said, wobbling. ‘Oh good! I am very the hungry and could eat like a the pig,’ she said smiling, ‘All of the food I’ve eaten here is so delicious, every meal is great! Where I am from everyone is so thin, but here people are lucky they can be fat. My friend Raven though says that I deserve to be a ‘fat-ass’ I eat so much but it remains hard no matter what! I’ve been eating a lot though lately, can you tell me if I look ‘fat-ass?’ She turned around, showing off and sticking out an ass that made the first woman’s pert rear look both flat and flabby. Steven couldn’t say anything at this point. ‘Oh no! Look at me doing talking! I am supposed to meet friends.’ ‘Ummmmm.’ ‘You seem very nice Stev-en!’ she said reading his name tag badly, ‘I would give you my number, but I don’t know what it is yet! Your food here smells very nice though! I will come back many times even though I might become a fat ass! Can you tell me if my friends are here?’ Steven raised his hand, pointing at the party room’s door and almost falling over. ‘Oh thank you!’ she said, wrapping him in an incredibly strong hug, breasts driving the wind out of him, ‘I will get some food and go in!’ The waiter was so numbed mentally that he didn’t notice the red head grabbing a plate of soft serve ice cream covered in yellow mustard before entering the party room. His vision wavered, breathing heavy until the door opened again with a soft bell chime. It would have been impossible to not be attracted to the third woman (not that many would turn away the other two though), even gay guys who liked fat old people would pop boners at her and the next one in line wasn't any exception. But for the first time Steven felt guilty about being attracted. Woman number four was very tall. Steven was at six one and this lady had an inch at least on him without the high heels. Elegance gleamed off her, from her black pinstripe slacks to matching jacket and tight white blouse. Maybe she was older than any of the other ladies, but she had a timeless look that Steven would have believed her to be anything between a mature nineteen and spectacularly well preserved forty five if she said it. Steven’s exhausted hard on wanted to whimper looking at her, like he was sinning just by being in the same room as this perfect woman. Her legs, impossibly long, must have been spectacular beneath those slacks and the bulge at her chest was just as large as the chatter box red head. Her olive skinned face was disturbingly symmetrical, lips too firm, her eyes were almost too blue, skin too smooth. She wasn’t wearing makeup and she wouldn’t need to, it would be like putting paint onto of Renaissance statues. Her jet black hair was in a tight bun and star earring gleamed on her ears. Steven blinked at her. ‘I’m looking for some friends of mine,’ she said, looking at Steven who didn’t know whether to respond or fall on his knees, in a voice that on its own seemed strong enough to dead lift a tank. ‘I can see that,’ he said, wilting in shame. ‘They're here I can assume by your …posture,’ she said, looking around at the temple of gluttony, ‘although I’m not sure why she chose this place to meet. She’s in a private room?’ ‘Just past the oldsters,’ he replied, finding staring at her too hard. ‘Those are not oldsters. They’re people, they’re women, ones who’ve worked their entire lives to please others,’ the tall woman said, leaning in, a flash of a silver bracelet on her wrist as she put her hand on the desk and pulled Steven towards her, ‘they deserve your respect, no matter their age. Would you have people call your mother oldster? When you too grow grey would you like to be insulted? If some woman decides to be with you, will you desert her when she is no longer comely? Your disrespect disgusts me.’ She turned and Steven didn’t dare turn to look at her no doubt perfect ass. Instead he shivered and whimpered, mind practically in a blender. ‘Diana already here then?’ another voice asked as the bell chimed again. Guest number five looked at him with a raised blonde eye brow above a bright blue eye, while her lips sucked on the straw of a whip cream heavy Frappuccino. Technically, she was very tall, six feet at least. Technically, she was in spectacular shape, her hard biceps bulging even as she sucked the fatty treat and her powerfully muscled legs bulging at white leggings. Technically, she looked like the second girls more ripped, shorter haired, taller and tanner big sister, twenty five to girl number twos nineteen. This was all technical to Steven though as he couldn’t look away from her tits. F cups. F cups at the minimum. Huge, gigantic, hooters that had to cause car accidents every day. They surged at the bra and workout shirt as the woman walked in, jostling against the cups with the occasional sigh of a stitch. No, F cups were too small. This lady was big in the shoulders and these things still looked disproportionately huge. G cups? Holy shit, maybe Hs? He could drown in cleavage like that. Hell, he’d like to drown in them. He’d be proud to have it on his tomb stone, ‘Here lies Steven, died in epic tits.’ ‘Eyes up here buddy,’ she said, finishing off the coffee drink and lifting his chin up with a finger so he looked her in the eyes. ‘I’m sorry!’ he said, feeling like a five year old with his hand in the cookie jar. ‘Trust me, its not the first time its happened, just have a thought. Not everyone has skin that’s as thick as mine. You’re more likely to get laid if you think about what’s behind the rack. You know, how I"m a person too.’ ‘You’re right…I’m…I’m really sorry,’ he said, forcing his eyes up, ‘its been a weird day and I should be better.’ ‘Kori already here then?’ she said looking down at his crotch. Steven followed her gaze, eyes just briefly brushing over her cleavage to see with horror a small wet stain at his crotch, just to the side of his still rock hard member, both clear in the khaki pants. ‘Oh shit. Oh shit,’ he muttered. ‘Hey, it happens. You’re not a monster or evil or even a dick for getting turned on when five of the hottest women you’ve ever seen walk by, especially if Kori is one of them. You’re just a horny guy, its biology. Its only if you hate us for not automatically fucking you for good service or try stalking us or eye fuck us or cat call or overlook other customers for us that you’re a dick. Also don’t try stalking us, it won’t end well.’ ‘You give really good advice. I’m sorry about all this, it is a bit weird,’ he said, ‘we don’t usually get women who…well. Oh shit, that would be a dick thing to imply, um…you’re friends are in the party room for privacy. The door past the two old er, I mean, senior urrr, other customers playing bridge.’ ‘Thanks Steve,’ the last woman said, ‘I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other. A lot more really.’ ‘Well, in that case,’ he said, this last woman’s easy demeanor and open honesty raising up some hopes, ‘I’m off in a few-‘ ‘I’m a lesbian. Kind of. Its complicated,’ she said, ‘Honestly. Big dyke, like sixty percent of the time, even if I have time for it…but if you can control yourself around my ginger friend, you can probably get laid every night this week provided you don’t die or mind sharing.’ ‘What…really?’ ‘Oh yeah. Huge slut, super friendly, very well, let's say foreign ideas of propriety. When we’re done she’ll probably 69 you in your car if you can talk to her for a few minutes. But seriously though, you wouldn’t be her main squeeze or even a side guy. You’d be like a cup of coffee after six course dinner. Trust me though, it’ll be the time of your life getting drunk. I’m Karen by the way, bring me all the checks and I’ll give you some other tips.’ She turned and left the waiter behind. The muscular blonde didn’t really liked being oggled, but she also understood basic biology and how one of her friends might fry someone’s brain, let alone five of them one after another. The guy was sexually shell shocked and then probably terrified by Dianna too. It was an easy pace to the party room and it slid open easily, not that she was even trying. She could have crossed the long restaurant in a heartbeat and kicked the door to Canada without even trying. Four women turned and looked at her as she came in. ‘You’re looking very well Karen,’ Dianna said, her eyes not exactly pleased, ‘although you don’t need to show it all off.’ ‘Well, let’s just say I’m proud of what the goddesses gave me to work with while I can work with it. Maybe you should do the same in civvie clothes,’ the new entrant said, walking over to the soda machine and fixing herself a suicide of half a dozen flavors before topping it with a big blob of vanilla ice cream, ‘I’m not sure that’s a good outfit for what we’re doing though. You’re professional wear would be better, although the belt would probably pinch after a bit.’ ‘Hi Karen. I’m glad that we’re doing this together,’ the skinny blonde girl pipped up, ‘well, not that we’re doing this. Its kind of weird and I’m not really looking forward to it, but I’m glad you’re here too. Oh god, not that I mean you’re going to have it happen to you too!’ ‘Its nice to see you to Kara,’ the taller blonde smiled, coming back to the table, ‘although the circumstances could be better. We should hang out more, talk about your classes.’ ‘Kar-umph-en!’ the red head said through a mouthful of melting ice cream and mustard, ‘You, urp, look great. Who’s gribnocks do you think will be biggest at the end?’ ‘We’ll just have to find out won’t we Kori, although I’ve got a bit of a start I wouldn't mind getting together and comparing some time,’ Karen said, sitting down into the chair and looking at the so far silent first woman, who sat at the end of the table, trying not to smile. ‘So Zatanna,’ she said to the brunette, ‘we’re all here. Enough super powered might to level a planet and cheese cake to put playboy out of business if we started up our own Instagram.’ ‘As if,’ Diana said with a huff. ‘You say that, but your costume covers less than mine,’ the curvy blonde laughed, ‘and since you’re here its going to cover a lot less.’ ‘Oh! We should check!’ Kori laughed, finishing off her mustard and ice cream, ‘Before and after!’ Diana frowned at her, eyes blazing before rolling them, ‘Alright, fine my costume is skimpy, but I didn’t design it that way. You however, put that hole in your own leotard.’ ‘I didn’t know I was gonna get that big then,’ Karen huffed, sucking up ice cream and sugar, ‘I was an itty bitty, skinny little 5'2 b cup who felt self conscious around your big rack and then I went up seven cup sizes in a year, grew a foot and got ripped. Alright, we’re getting off topic. So Z, you’ve got us all here. Power Girl, Super Girl, Star Fire and Wonder Woman. A lot of power and a lot of well, feminine charm it just so happens as well which can't be a coincidence. So tell me, remind me again before we set off on all this: why did we all agree to get fat?’
  21. Feeding of the Three SSBBW Sisterwives

    CHAPTER 1: THE EX It was becoming a routine trip every few months or so. Shopping for new clothes in way bigger sizes than ever before. Of course, I would never complain to my 250-pound wife who was so happy to be married, comfortable and content with her plus size body. But little did Liz know that family and friends were starting to gossip about her massive weight gain since we met seven years ago. It's amazing, really. Staring at her as she waddled through the aisles in her hot pink dress, looking for XXL pants...or was she now a 3XL? Her huge, fluffy arms spilled out of the dress. Lack of sleeves showed you her stretch marks underneath and the soft fat trembling as she gestured to outfits she liked. Liz's double belly looked like it was about to rip through the threads of the dress. She's so perfectly round with a fat rear end to match, not to mention the cellulite dimples that were visible through the skin tight cloth. Let's not forget those "cankles" she didn't have when we started dating. You almost feel tired for her as she continues to walk through the mall, asking what we would feast on for lunch. Her beautiful face is the cherry on top. Big, brown eyes with a cute nose, lush lips and platinum blonde hair she just touched up a week ago. She had a bright smile to go with chubby cheeks and thick double chin that of course, she didn't have when we started dating. Liz was lucky to be born with Latina genetics and used to be a Mexican bombshell in society's standards. Back in 2009, she stood at 5'5", 120 pounds and had some sweet curves to go along with that frame. Every weekend, she stopped the show at the bars downtown and the clubs where she danced without a care after a few drinks. From what her friends say, guys used to drool and line up for her phone number. Well, things have surely changed. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary as husband and wife. Liz worked her butt off (literally) to fit into that wedding dress. since we started dating in 2010, she transformed from the 120-pound hottie to a chunky and round bride at 200 pounds flat. 80 pounds in just six years and you can imagine the looks she got on her wedding day from relatives who had not seen her in a decade or more. You could almost hear the whispers. "Oh my God, did she put on the pounds," said an aunt. "No way that's Liz," said a cousin. "She is a total blimp! What happened?," asked a friend from high school. But Liz didn't give a damn. She floated down the aisle with the confidence of Ashley Graham, like a superstar plus size model on payday. That white dress survived that night and we had the best sex ever. She was full of rich food, wedding cake and champagne. She probably put on 10 pounds that weekend alone. The mound of flesh I felt on top of me can't be described. She loved it too. "Squeeze my belly baby! Hold it up," she yelled. You know what happens next. Fast forward to today. A gain of 50 more pounds in a year. That's what my friends say marriage will do to you but I did not expect this. She bought a few outfits from Torrid but wanted to treat me to a stop at the lingerie store. "Let's see if I can pick up something sexy for us honey," Liz teased. We walked into the store and I wondered how she would find anything her size. But the thought aroused me already. "Well, hello Rob." I turned around and did a double take. It was my ex-girlfriend. I had not seen her in about ten years. She was stunning. Long, curly black hair, dark sexy eyes, big lips and amazing dimples. A Brazilian baddie. She lost some weight after our breakup. Guess I was the cause of her gain apparently. She stood at 5'6" and 130 pounds but toned and showed off a booty that you couldn't miss. Her legs and arms looked slender but soft. Her breasts were full and her belly looked flat but you could tell she would look awesome as a BBW. "Uh, hi Stella. What are you doing here?," I asked awkwardly. "I'm the manager here. You looking for something?," Stella asked as she looked around to see who I came with. "I'm here with my wife. So...," I responded but needed to get the hell out of here. "What's up, babe? I lost you," Liz said as she waddled over to us. Stella looked her up and down in awe. "I'm sorry dear. I was just...," I was screwed at this point. "Hello there. I'm Stella, the store manager. Do you need help finding anything?," she asked with a mischievous grin. "Sure. Do you have this in a 2XL?," my wife said without shame. "I'll go check in the back and get you into a fitting room," Stella said before walking away real slow, turned around and smiled at me. Damn she is fine. The next hour was very awkward but these two women turned me on like no other. The last time I had been with Stella was in 2008. We dated for 2-3 years and she herself ballooned from 130 to 185. Her face was the type to do not show much gain but her ass and legs benefited mostly. She blamed me for her weight gain before we ended things. Now here she was, gawking at my 250-pound wife as she handed her the 2XL lingerie piece that we all knew showed all the goodies. You could hear Liz huffing and puffing as she tried to take off her clothes in the room. She asked me to come in to help. "Honey, a little assistance please," she whined. I walked in and my jaw dropped as her two bellies shook and her thunder thighs quivered under her. We tried to pull up the lingerie piece up her legs and it barely rose up. We finally got it over her stomach and large, succulent breasts. I couldn't help but to hug her and give her a kiss on the neck. But the outfit was just too tight and not comfortable for her. "Damn it. This is hot. But it's just too small for me," Liz said with a sad face. "It's okay honey, I would have ripped it off anyways," I said as I squeezed a chunk of her fat ass. I walked out behind her to the front of the store. Liz's body jiggled in her dress proudly. Stella stopped her in her tracks. "Did everything work out?," she asked. "Thanks, but maybe I'll come back," Liz replied. "I can look for a 3XL if that's what you want, sweetie," Stella shot back. Uh oh. Liz frowned and looked at me. "I know Rob likes his women bigger so don't be embarrassed," Stella said. "Excuse me?," Liz was in shock. "Well, we used to date for a while and I put on 50 pounds. I'm sure the same thing happened to you and some change," Stella smirked. My super-sized wife and the hot ex-girlfriend stood toe to toe. What the hell do I do now?
  22. Angela Torres

    Hi, I'm Argentine and I want to introduce you to this young Argentinean actress named Angela Torres, who when she was younger was very thin but over the years she won a few pounds.
  23. Version 1.0.0

    What's hotter than a cute chubby girl pigging out in sweats?? Watch me stuff myself with my favorite snacks: salt and pepper chips, ice cream sandwiches, and fizzy water. I eat and eat until I'm all stuffed, bloated, and satisfied. 23 delicious minutes of eating, drinking, burping, and rubbing my cute swollen tum.


  24. Version 1.0.0

    It's Reina's first day at piggie training camp with Wood! She's so excited for her first funnel feeding, she didn't realise the plans that Wood has in store for her! Wood has a big jug of fruity gain shake and they're planning on funneling it all straight into Reina's bloated belly! As greedy as Reina is, Wood has BIG plans for her involving overflowing her tiny little chair and becoming a real BBW! She submissively chugs down all the shake, eager to let Wood turn her into a big, creamy chubby piggie slut. Reina chugs funnel after funnel of Wood's creamy surprise until it's all gone and Wood has so much fun jiggling, spanking and slapping her engorged belly. This is a instant classic if you're into feederism and weight gain humiliation!


  25. Version 1.0.0

    Filmed in 'Just Shar' style, this is an overall great clip to add to the collection! These short clips (all put together into one) are of me taking showers in my costume/ bikini, stuffing on a roof top in my normal day to day outfit, showing off my growing belly, and finally taking my most recent measurements! Note- This ONE clip was filmed in the same day and not over a lengthy period of time! GS x X