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  • biggirlsok

    6 and a half hours just to backup all my music...woo.

  • slugowl

    Updated my photo thread. Follow-up appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. c:

  • artsyguy79  »  deadwolverine726

    Hi there - thanks for your posts. They're awesome!

  • MasterOfHisDomain  »  xpwnage

    Hey, thanks for posting girl 32! I really enjoy your thread.

    I have a suggestion. When I look through your thread, I frequently forget which girls were which numbers to start with, and there are so many it is generally hard for myself to keep track of. Would you consider perhaps giving them fictitious names, nicknames, or basically any kind of distinctive individual labels? It's just a thought, since there is a ton of content in the thread.

    Thank you for your contributions and I look forward to future updates (especially girl 32, very nice gain so far)!

  • S77

    oh and traffic is UP! (these are post counts) Curvage is on the rise!

    new posts.JPG

  • S77

    Continuing to tweak and update the user expereince

    new benefits include

    • mobile friendly theme. (which has the added benefit ranking us higher in google search's)
    • Full notification system that works on the forms and throughout the suite
    • Full featured gallery. This will allow us to have a categorized photo database outside of forum structure
    • Upgraded profiles, finally feels like a community
    • Fully connected status system allowing home page, and profile threaded conversation to happen
    • Native AJAX, This means things can happen without having to reload the page repeatedly
    • Youtube embedding can work once again.
    • Much better file storage system, means more speed and long term growth for Curvage
    • Photo upload limit lifted
    • Improved moderation tools
    • Full activity tracking system to help you see whats going on here in all kinds of custom ways
    • native post "like" system so finally it's integrated through out the suite. Post count matters less and quality contributions matter more.
    • The ability to follow members
    • Full featured Text editors instead of antiquated BBcode
    • very functional chat with community notifications when in use.

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