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  • biggishgirl

    pro tip: always bring a healthy and balanced snack to work to survive the long, long, loooooong hours between breakfast and lunch (two of each means it's balanced, right???)


  • Thatfatguineapig

    There is a new video up, the part 2 of growing piglet, where I put together 4 more short clips that shows my gain "in motion". 

    Hope you like it ♥️🍐











  • No Hands

    A gorgeous girl I went to college with gained a significant amount of weight after graduation. I moved away but we were never intimate when we hung out since we were both in separate relationships, but we both knew we liked each other, to the point where everyone made the joke that "we need to date already". She eventually got dumped and that's when the weight piled on. Little frame, a break up, with a large love of beer apparently is a good recipe for weight gain, who knew?

    Fast forward to about a month ago, she reached out to me and since I'm visiting home (where she lives), she asked if I wanted to grab a beer when I do get home and catch up. I know this girl loves her beer and I get to see in person how fat she's gotten. We've been flirting pretty consistently, so I'm hoping to get a thorough tour of her gain 😉 (she hides her stomach in photos)

    Had to share, so within the next couple months, expect an update. I'll get a full body picture of us when I get home to give you all an "after" photo, as well as a photo of her at her skinniest.

  • biggishgirl

    I'm like 50% belly tonight


  • Nicole Passat

    I'm cooking something, but you'll have to wait.. it's not ready yet!! 😉