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  • jewbacca

    I'm bored, anyone want to chat on Yahoo Instant Messenger?

  • SydneyScreams

    I'm hungry!! I want something yummy for dinner... whose cooking? 

  • slugowl

    I'm not really in a lot of pain. They gave me a strong dose of hydrocodone to take every 4 to 6 hours. It takes about ten or fifteen minutes to kick in, so I try to take it a little earlier, but even that side pain isn't as bad as it was the weeks leading up to surgery. Started getting some belly button pain about two hours ago, but it's not awful. Back pain has pretty much gone away, so I'm guessing I belched out most of the gas they inflated me with for my surgery. Throat still hurts and coughed up a little more blood, but not enough to be of any concern. So far I've no issues eating anything I want, which has made me super happy. TMI, but, I'm terrified for the first bowel movement. lol Managed to take a shower with minor boyfriend assistance. Most of my pain in my side sets in if I walk for longer than a couple minutes, getting into or out of chairs, and trying to put on pants/underwear. I've stopped bending over entirely just to be safe and boyfriend has been really sweet and helpful through it all without complaining. I owe him a lot. <3 My favorite story he's shared with me was when I was still in the recovery room and we'd not seen each other yet. The doctor went to speak with him about how the surgery had gone well and said it was a little more difficult than he'd anticipated because I was "much more thick" than he'd thought. To which my boyfriend wiggled his eyebrows, smiled, and said, "You have no idea." XD I still need to call and schedule an appointment for a follow-up to ensure I'm on the mend safely, but really aside from the expected discomfort, I feel better than I have in months. I have other entertaining hospital stories, but for the time being I'm going to enjoy my parfait and snuggle with my sleepy boyfriend and wait for people to show up who wanted to visit me once I was home. c:




  • buke123

    Bring back the old curvage. This is utter dog toffee. 

  • RavenTripleX

    i gotta remember to post new pictures here.. i keep forgetting lol