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  • Rainbow Flavor

    Some photos from yesterday..

    I repeat the chocolate cake 3 times. Was amazing.

    Last photo is from a week ago..

    Enjoy your day my lovely Muffin!





  • chrissy

    I think I am literally unable to get enough of this girl. Send help. 



  • Mz2damncute

    Coffee and quiet...... 😘Mz2damncute😍

  • 190998  »  Goddess shar

    @Goddess shar

    I am so happy, because i follow you since you weight 11-12 stones and i am wondering how much you have gained😍

    I hope that we can see a nude video of you in your future clip4sale page. 

    Good Luck for reaching all The weight goal that you Dream about😘

  • Delilah Dee

    I can see myself easily gaining a shitton of weight thanks to all the Easter eggs I'm gonna devour...

  • Manuel Barrancos

    Mexican photographer / videomaker specialized in Mexican BBWs with big legs and butts. Since 1995.

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