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  • S77  »  namad

    namad a lot of links don't work not because the install went badly but because all the links to content have changed. SMF used a different URL system than the platform new Curvage is using.

    Also images that were hotlinked from the web and embedded using BBcode appear broken because the new site doesn't use BBcode.

    In the future this will never happen again because not hotlinked images are automatically downloaded to our server and stored locally.

    hope that helps

    Thank you

  • slugowl

    Blood work and X-rays tomorrow morning before surgery on Friday. :s At least this'll be over with soon.

  • NLAC

    profile > edit profile > enable status updates

    IF you want to post here, do it

  • JayJay510  »  LenaVonCurves

    Nice to see you here too 

  • shoshenskoe

     My ideal of the perfect woman:    Sarah Big Butt...


  • JayJay510

    NEW CURVAGE! I havent posted in a while but I Joinged way back in 2011, Im impressed :D Ill burn this one for the admin team for hookin it up :P  20151226_154005.thumb.jpg.f2b52b0306e4e5

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