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  • KyraKane

    So, I am at a weird point with Curvage...are you guys out there lol

    Or are  the other models swallowing me whole? lol

    I am here still promise! I am trying to post videos more regularly.

    I just got a tool that will help me with my videos and if you enjoy my clips you are going to LOSE YOUR MINDDDDD

    Image result for gif excited

  • omega-sigma

    First time exploring around here.

  • Goddess shar

    'Cake away' are doing me proud👌🏽




  • reiinapop

    curvy photoshoot today with a really amazing photographer!! <3 Big thanks to everyone who liked and commented on my Curvage Clips, it's not too late to like and leave a comment on each of the 3 to get free access to the photos from the shoot I upload! There will be a special video gift to everyone who has purchased and rated my three clips. So excited! 

    Also I'm almost 153 now.. breakin through this plateau fuck yes! 

  • S77

    Wow, Curvage used 20TB of bandwidth in the last 30 days!

  • Ni Ki

    I often go through my photos, mind you I have thousands!!
    These photos leaped out at me today. They were taken last year but I kinda love them. Mind you this dress is getting too tight for me now. Just like all my bras. It's funny because I get use to a stage of my weight gain, then I gain more and I feel like I have a whole new body!! Sometimes I find it hard to get use to my forever changing body. lol Then on days like today when I look back at the photos and see how small I was. haha Here are two sets of comparison photos. 

    Don't forget I have a Sale in my Curvage Clip Store. McDonald's Pigout is now half price, only $6.99



    comparison 1.png

    comparison 2.png